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Friday, March 26, 2010

Watch the Video: Comedy Cutups Udall & Luján Plug Think BIG Farmington

Watch larger version

Wow, top-notch performances by New Mexico's Senator Tom Udall and Rep. Ben Ray Luján. Yes, it's a spoof, but its message is a serious one -- Think BIG Farmington is a great candidate to become a Google test site for ultra-high speed broadband Internet. Turns out Minnesota Sen. Al Franken submitted a video to advocate for Duluth's chances to be a test site. Yeah, it's funny. He used to be a famous comedian. But I think you'll agree that the Udall-Lujan comedy team is no slouch in the Google giggles department (ouch).

Both Udall and Luján have appealed to Google CEO Eric Schmidt in support of Think BIG Farmington’s collaborative effort to win participation in the company’s experiment. You can read about it here and here. The Google Fiber for Communities is an experiment to test new ways to make broadband Internet connections faster and more accessible in municipalities around America. Farmington seems perfectly suited to be a test site -- it's the economic hub for a huge part of the Four Corners area, including a big swath of the Navajo Nation, where communication tools today are often weak or nonexistent. Let's hope Google agrees.

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