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Democracy for New Mexico is an independent blog that reports and publishes commentary on local and national politics, progressive issues and candidates, grassroots activism and local events with the goal of increasing citizen participation in progressive politics.

The blog also functions as an information clearinghouse for progressive candidates, organizations and causes.

Separately, the DFA-DFNM Meetup is a group that works to inform and empower ordinary citizens to take effective and creative political action to further progressive goals. The Meetup is loosely affiliated with Democracy for America, founded orginally by Howard Dean, and evolved out of the Dean for America Meetup group in Albuquerque.

DFA-DFNM Meetups in Albuquerque are held on the first Tuesday of the month. Visit to sign up for the Meetup listserve and join the Albuquerque DFA-DFNM Meetup group.

Disclaimer: This blog is owned, managed and, unless otherwise noted, written by Barbara Wold. Opinions expressed are entirely her own and may or may not represent the opinions of members of the DFA-Democracy for New Mexico Meetup group, which is an independent entity, or anyone else.

Stephen Jones is a contributing writer for the blog and his opinions are also his own.

M.E. Broderick contributes photos and videos, as noted.