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Friday, March 01, 2013

Sequestration Day = Citizen's Screwed, Elected Officials Safe - Time to say NO

Websters Dictionary Definition of Sequestration:

In law, a writ approving a law-requirement authority to arrest the property of a respondent so as to uphold a judgment or to protect the property until the point that a judgment is rendered. In some thoughtful law wards, challenged property might be saved with an outsider until the point when it is resolved to whom it legitimately has a place.


Image above from the BiPartisan Policy Center

Sign this petition https://signon.org/sign/recall-the-dc-535 and like this FB page. 

If the Sequester kicks in, it is because the Congress has demonstrated a persistent inability to do its job as set forth in the Constitution. Therefore they should be recalled as a body.

However, as recall elections of federally-elected officials are not permitted, we the undersigned declare this Congress and its members illegitimate, and state our intention to remove every member from office, regardless of party affiliation, in the next election.

Do your job. Or go home.

Also Go LIKE this FB page:


To the people who are looking for jobs this sequestration is very real. The economy is extremely fragile. This is already having effects. It is unbelievable to have this acually going to occur, mostly this affects the poor and elderly.

The solution in my humble opinion, elect women up and down the ticket. No more men in office til they can play fair with others.

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Thanks, M E for keeping the page open. Mickey and I look forward to your cogent remarks. And YES... Let's put more QUALIFIED women into office.
I was lucky to watch Michelle Lujan Grisham make her "Maiden Speech" in Congress several weeks ago. You Get'm Gal!"

Posted by: Judy | Mar 4, 2013 12:01:06 PM

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Posted by: Mediation lawyer in Los Angeles | Mar 18, 2013 12:33:25 AM

It's amazing that those whining the loudest about a 2% cut in the federal bloated budget are those that caused this to happen! Democrats have owned the budget process for almort 5 years now and have failed to submit one that reduces the deficit and that can be approved. This knee jerk reaction at least forces a totally insignificant reduction. And, remember your fearless leader authorized this because he couldn't come up with a reasonable budget that actually reduced spending. It's not the Fed's money, it's ours!

Posted by: Kitt45 | Mar 18, 2013 11:03:15 PM