Friday, November 09, 2012

Is Paul Pacheco "homo-phob​ic"? Let's have a conversati​on...

Guest Blog from Mary Ellen Capek:

Below are copies of posts from Paul Pacheco's FB page.  Several people alerted me to these.  When I tried to "comment" in response, they removed my first comment then "blocked" me.  So I'm including their posts at the end of this email, assuming that whoever has been forwarding my Marci Blaze emails to the Pachecos will send this along as well (thanks for fostering dialogue, whoever you are).  Like so many Republicans living in what has just been exposed as an alternate universe this election season, their ignorance and hypocrisy are breathtaking.  Pacheco's flyers attacking Marci have been relentless and nasty, not to mention inaccurate.  My several emails in support of Marci have been mild in comparison.

BUT...  to my point of Paul's being "homo-phobic," I want to offer a conversation.  One of the last flyers I saw attacking Marci pitched Pacheco as a "family values" candidate: that's CODE for "NO WAY are we going to let gays marry much less have equal rights."  Right, Paul?  You'd never vote to allow families like mine to marry in NM.  Not even vote for domestic partnerships to give my family the same benefits yours gets, right, Paul?  (My partner and I actually got married in Canada in 2003, celebrated our 25th anniversary this August, but neither our partnership nor our marriage is recognized in NM.  Yet.)  I betcha you wouldn't vote for legislation that would recognize my rights to determine care for my wife in the hospital.  Or help pass laws that would assure that she, not the government, inherits my estate, right?

So I'm calling you out, saying, hey there, YOU, sir, are indeed "homo-phobic."  This is 2012.  We just had a watershed election.  Marriage equality passed in three more states (Maine, Maryland, Washington) and Minnesota voted AGAINST enshrining hatred in their state constitution.  So, you know what, CODE doesn't work like it used to.  Based on the mailings that went out supporting your campaign, I'm calling you out: you're homophobic.  BUT if you want to sit down over coffee, I'd be more than willing to continue this conversation in person.  And if I'm too nasty for you, based on the "shocking language and disgusting emails" Tami claims I've sent, I'd be happy to set you up with other gay or lesbian families to meet and talk with.  They might also be your constituents.  No more nasty emails, no more nasty flyers, no more "code."  How about having a conversation?

Yesterday's Posts from People for Paul Pacheco's Facebook Page:

Paul Pacheco: To everyone who has supported us during this trying time, I want to thank each and everyone of you. We won't know for a couple days until the recount is final. My opponents supporters are still sending nasty emails, the lastest one today accusing me of being homo-phobic. I can't tell you how weary I am of their constant, relentless lies about my character and I am hopeful that this will be over soon. Thanks again and we will keep you updated, your thoughts and prayers have kept us going!

Tami De-Nio Pacheco: I love you! I'm sorry you've had to go through all this nastiness. Maybe I'll put together all of MaryEllen Capek's emails and let the world know who she really is. From dirty language to ugliness unrivaled, she has really has shown who they really are. I was shocked at the language and disgusting emails she sent throughout the campaign and continues to today. Very sad...

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Friday, November 02, 2012

Mary Ellen Broderick Votes in Dead Heat House District 30 Race

November 2, 2012, Today, Friday, I voted. One US citizen of the many millions of citizens who will vote in this 2012 election cycle. I voted for myself for State Represenatative District 30 and I voted for Barak Obama for President. Now if someone told me back in 2008, when I last voted for Barack Obama that I would be on the same democratic ticket with him in 2012 I would say you were crazy. But here it is, my ballot, one of thousands to be cast in the House District 30 race.

IMAG0345   IMAG0340

Above is my proud ballot voting for Mary Ellen Broderick as well as other very caring people that are running for office: Martin Heinrich for Senate, Michelle Lujan Grisham for Congress, Chief Judge Barbara Vigil for Supreme Court and others. The other pic is myself early this morning on a corner trying to get more exposure and that one more vote.

HD 30 Dead Heat Race to the finish!

Come help us win over this weekend.

On Saturday Nov. 3rd we are having a GOTV kick off from my house here in the NE Heights.  Our special guest motivator will be our next Congresswoman Michelle Lujan Grisham!

Following are details regarding the GOTV HD30 event:

Date: November 3rd, Saturday
Time: Starts at 11:00 go until sun down
Lunch: Will be provided prior to canvassing and calling efforts
Where: 8522 Flower Place NE Abq., NM 87112

Volunteers needed to pitch in for the following tasks:

  • Phone Banking (Bring your Laptop please and cell phone)
  • Door canvassing (Comfy shoes)

Thank you for all your help so far, let's finish this with a great GOTV!
Please RSVP to Peter Moulson 417-9139, email:


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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Politics at it's Worst" Guest Blog by Charlotte Rode State Fair Commissioner

Governor Martinez often uses the phrase “this is politics at its worst” when faced with opposition. As a conservative Republican, I happen to agree with her. Let me give you a few examples of how ‘politics’ is interfering with ‘good government’ in New Mexico.

During the 2010 election cycle most of us were ready for a new era in Santa Fe. Bill Richardson’s demeaning vocabulary and strong-arm tactics were wearing thin. Big campaign donors whose money bought them relevance, appointments and power were costing us millions. His appointees were forced to sign resignation letters in advance to ensure they performed as rubber stamps, advancing his agenda and rewarding friends. Despite campaigning on a promise of transparency and against corruption, the Martinez administration has us feeling like little changed in the two years since her election.

The vulgar, demeaning language used by Keith Gardner in a recording to describe his and the Governor’s feelings about Senator Jennings goes beyond any form of decency. The only reason I can imagine a close friend secretly recording your conversation would be a lack of trust. Keith is the Governor’s Chief of Staff. His job, and hers, is to hold the public trust. As quoted in an article, the Senator believes this attack was a result of his opposition to the Down’s Racino contract. In the same obscenity-laced conversation, Keith offers the Expo management position to his friend, even though hiring management at Expo is, by statute, the responsibility of the State Fair Commission. The Governor’s office has doled out all five senior management positions at Expo at an annual expense of nearly $400k and saw to it that Larry Kennedy became the Commission Chair. Mr. Kennedy is the only commissioner denied confirmation by the NM State Senate.

Martinez’s handler, Jay McCleskey stated in the Albuquerque Journal that “moving the governor’s agenda forward trumps everything” – the ends justifies the means. Does it trump ethics? In identical language, I was told the role of the State Fair Commission was to move the Governor’s agenda forward and if I disagree then I should do the right and respectable thing and resign. Where does that leave our State? If an appointed official witnesses corruption, they should resign instead of speaking out? Tom Tinnin, a well-respected Republican, served for 16 years on the State Board of Finance under four governors. He resigned over concerns with the Downs contract and said before Martinez, he “never had a governor ask him to compromise his integrity, on any level”.

They kept the RFP secret and now they’re doing the same with the enforcement of the new 25-year lease, shielding big money donors from public accountability. A year after the Downs won the award, they have yet to make significant progress towards completion. The new contract is not being upheld. They have not obtained a performance bond, shown evidence of financing or paid their utilities. The State Fair Commission is nowhere to be found. Chairman Kennedy is playing ‘hide the ball’ and hasn’t convened a meeting since June, unilaterally running the commission and completely disregarding state law. They are still operating in secret. In the past year I have been denied nearly every document I’ve requested, even after submitting a formal public records request.

Our state and our country are in desperate need of great leaders, not great politicians. Great leaders are not necessarily liked, they’re respected and effective. We have tremendous human resources in NM, let’s try engaging the talent and expertise of all who represent our diverse electorate, allowing each community to decide for themselves who best represents their needs. This all-or-nothing, seek-and-destroy mentality will not reform our state. Principled leaders will.

Charlotte Rode, State Fair Commissioner

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

House District 30 Race - The People of HD30 Deserve Better

Guest blog by Mary Ellen Broderick candidate for State House of Representatives District 30.IMAG0317crop
The race for State House District 30 made a huge leap into the nasty, negative campaign category on Tuesday, two weeks prior to election day.

Representative Nate Gentry has decided to go all out on attacking me personally. Now nearly every single day, Rep. Gentry is sending his constituents negative mailers against Broderick claiming everything from my supposed support for child killers to hypocrisy over something that never happened. Gentry even mailed out a link to a two year old spoof video.

Meanwhile the good people of House District 30 remain in difficult economic times, worried about education, their lives hanging in the balance as their Representative Nate Gentry pulls out every tired smear tactic in the GOP playbook.

What about the issues Representative Gentry? Do you really believe that negative, personal attacks will help local small business owners create jobs? The video made two years ago is a parody of Glenn Beck speaking at his huge rally in Washington DC on August 28, 2010. Rep. Gentry and his allies must have spent hours, if not days, digging thru 2000+ videos stored on this blog's youtube channel. Rep. Gentry and his allies then took the video and re-uploaded it on their own under a no-name account.

Below is a link to the Glenn Beck speech Broderick is parodying, go 44 seconds in.

Isn't it time to stop the politics of personal destruction? Don't our constituents deserve better?

This is exactly why I entered the race. Because too much is at stake in this election to gloss over the issues and focus only on personal smear campaigns.

Representative Gentry, I have never attacked you. Period. But I do think the voters deserve to know about your record – which has been damaging to middle-class families, small businesses, veterans and seniors. Those aren't attacks, they are the facts.

I love this state, and I know that Rep. Gentry does as well. However, we have very different ideas of how to embrace our future. Those are the differences we need to discuss.

I entered this challenging race for House District 30 proud and determined to speak up for people and give voice to the concerns and frustrations that everyday New Mexican families have with the direction of state. The politics of character assassination is a distraction from what really matters in this race.

Please also view this short clip of Representative Gentry, In the video below Mr. Gentry says he will not make personal attacks. This was one day before the “Hoodie” mailer dropped and just days before he circulated a link to the spoof video. You decide whether those are personal attacks – I'm out to knock on more doors, meet more people and bring my POSITIVE vision for the future of New Mexico to the people of District 30. Let's get to work!

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Friday, October 19, 2012

Represenative Nate Gentry Tells Constituents "No Negative Attacks will come from him."

NM State Representative Nate Gentry told his constituents he would be doing no negative attacks, just the facts will be put out in his name. This Rep. Gentry said just hours before a negative flier from Rep Gentry attacking his opponent was received in his constituents mailboxes.

Below is a short video of Representative Nate Gentry stating he will not be doing any personal negative attacks, he will just be stating the facts. All candidates got a chance to speak at the Loma del Rey Neighborhood Association meeting on Wednesday evening at 7:00.

Rep. Gentry must have forgotten that he had put in the mail that same day a personal negative attack of his opponent, Mary Ellen Broderick. See below Hoodie front, and Hoodie back.

Hoodie front 001
Hoodie back 001

As Rep. Nate Gentry says in his statement at the neighborhood association, he is only sending out facts. The flier sent out to his constituents states that Mary Ellen Broderick sides with child killers! Facts, really Rep. Gentry, only facts you will send out?  

It is a fact that Mary Ellen Broderick does support the current law of NM which does not allow the Death Penalty. The repeal of the NM Death Penalty law was fought for many years in the Roundhouse. The death penalty was repealed on March 18, 2009, no more eye for an eye as the way we govern, no more outrageous expenses born by the people of NM for this law.

Barbara Wold followed this topic and wrote about it on many occasions within this DFNM blog, her post regarding the signing of the new law abolishing the death penalty and instituting life without parole can be see here.

Other facts regarding the repeal of the death penalty and House District 30: both of the most recent Republican and Democratic representatives of District 30 voted in favor of replacing the death penalty with life without parole. Neither of them received negative comments from their constituents. 67% of New Mexicans supported the repeal. New Mexicans believe that the millions wasted on having the law on the books should be spent on preventing violence against children, promoting public safety and compensating victims, while keeping dangerous murderers locked up for life. Read the following link for other meaningful information regarding the Repeal of the Death Penalty.

Hoodie Vote Project

Furthermore, it is telling Republican Representative Nate Gentry is using the Hoodie image on the front of this peice. What are the underlying fear tactics being messaged with that simple Hoodie image. Think about the Trayvon Martin killing this spring; a young black man was killed by someone protecting his neighborhood. The man saw someone who should not be in his neighborhood with a hoodie on and dark skinned and confronted him and killed him. Trayvon was carrying skittles and a soft drink.

None of these images go unseen and unrecognized for the fear mongering racist imaging they are meant to display.

Young americans are tired of the fear tactics and racists behavior of the fear mongers. A group called Hoodie Vote was started with a mission of getting young people fed up to vote.

Below is a great video of an activist at Netroots Nation 2012 explaining the Hoodie Vote project.

In summary let's use this fear-mongering message from NM Representative Nate Gentry to GOTV for New Mexico.

Go volunteer for a campaign, Rep. Nate Gentry's opponent Democrat Mary Ellen Broderick needs help on the ground, door to door, meeting the voters, tell them who Mary Ellen really is. Mary Ellen does not side with the child killers! Nothing could be further from the truth. Let's stand up together with volunteer action to say no to these divisive attacks.

We need jobs, we need excellent education, we do not need more fear-mongering

Please sign up to volunteer at Elect Mary Ellen HD30 website or call 417-9139.

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10/20: Emily Kane with Special Guest Sonia Manzano at Early Vote OFA Rally

Kane fr 001

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We'll All Be Seniors One Day; Guest Blog by Marci Blaze Candidate for HD 23

MarciblazeGuest blog by Marci Blaze Candidate for House District 30.

In order to honor New Mexico’s senior citizens for their lifetime of contributions, I will work hard in the Legislature to ensure their safety, good health, financial security and self-determination.

According the New Mexico Department of Aging and Long Term Services, our state will rank fourth in the nation by 2030 in the percentage of the population over the age of 65. New Mexico currently ranks second in food insecurity and third in hunger, with 13.2% of the 60+ population living at or below poverty level. Of the adult abuse, neglect and exploitation cases in the state, 65% involve people over the age of 55. Of the thousands of New Mexican families composed of grandparents raising their grandchildren, 31% live in poverty.

Essential programs of the New Mexico Department of Aging and Long Term Services cannot not be subject to budget cuts and it may, in fact, become necessary to expand these programs given our growing population of seniors.

As your Representative, I will work tirelessly to ensure that senior citizens have access to adequate meals, recreation centers, public transportation options like Senior Ride, utility relief, legal advice and protection from neglect, abuse and exploitation. Age discrimination in employment must also be combatted by strengthening equal employment laws. We must continue to shore up Medicaid funds for seniors, make available respite care and home services when necessary, and ensure that communications with seniors can be arranged in non-English languages such as Spanish, Dine and Pueblo dialects. I want to see isolated seniors be able to keep their beloved pets by helping NMDALT partner with non-profit organizations that can assist seniors with pet food, exercise and veterinary care.

New Mexico’s senior citizens have worked hard, paid taxes, made innumerable sacrifices for their families and communities and are determined to maintain their independence, dignity and productivity. We owe them no less than to ensure their future is a bright one.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Three Two One


The clock is running out on this election and it's GO TIME on keeping New Mexico BLUE!

We have 2583 doors to knock before Election Day and NEED YOUR HELP to make sure that voters all across District 30 know that I will always represent their interests, not the special interests.

Click here to sign up and volunteer today!

The choice could not be more clear. In the Roundhouse, I will fight for local small businesses by ending the unfair tax breaks out of state corporations currently enjoy and stand up for New Mexican children by fully funding early childhood education.

But I cannot do these things without your help. Click to sign up and volunteer right now.

Thank you for your support and all you do to keep New Mexico BLUE,

Mary Ellen

P.S. With just 25 days left in this election I need your help more than ever to win this election. Join me by visiting

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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Conservation Voters New Mexico Endorses Slate of Pro-Conservation Candidates for General Election

Press release from CVNM:

Photo above from CVNM website.

Conservation Voters New Mexico (CVNM) continues its efforts to build a political voice for conservation by endorsing pro-environment candidates who will work to protect the natural heritage and way of life that New Mexicans cherish. CVNM has endorsed a slate of 32 state legislative candidates for the November 6, 2012 general election.

CVNM endorses candidates based on their conservation records and responses to a questionnaire on topics including environmental health, quality of life, energy, water, land use, transportation, wildlife and wilderness.

“New Mexican voters have made it clear that they want to protect the air, water, land and way of life
that sustains us all,” said Sandy Buffett, Executive Director of CVNM. “We have an opportunity to elect state legislators who will work hard to represent the environmental values of their constituents.”

CVNM’s legislative endorsements* for New Mexico’s general election are as follows:

Senate District 10:  Joseph Carraro
Senate District 14:  Michael Padilla
Senate District 15:  Daniel Ivey-Soto
Senate District 17:  Sen. Timothy Keller
Senate District 18:  Bill Tallman
Senate District 29:  Sen. Michael Sanchez
Senate District 31:  Joseph Cervantes
Senate District 36: Sen. Mary Jane Garcia
Senate District 37:  William Soules

House District 8:  Frank Otero
House District 13:  Patricia Roybal Caballero
House District 14: Rep. Miguel Garcia
House District 15:  Emily Kane
House District 18:  Rep. Gail Chasey
House District 23:  Marci Blaze
House District 24:  Elizabeth Thomson
House District 25:  Christine Trujillo
House District 26:  Georgene Louis
House District 30:  Maryellen Broderick
House District 33:  Bill McCamley
House District 35:  Jeff Steinborn
House District 36:  Phillip Archuleta
House District 37:  Joanne Ferrary
House District 38:  Terry Fortenberry
House District 39:  Rep. Rodolpho “Rudy” Martinez
House District 43:  Stephanie Garcia Richard
House District 48:  Rep. Luciano “Lucky” Varela
House District 50:  Stephen Easley
House District 52:  Doreen Gallegos
House District 53:  Nate Cote
House District 58:  Pablo Martinez
House District 68:  Eloise Gift

*CVNM does not endorse in uncontested races. For more information on our endorsement process, please visit  Conservation Voters New Mexico, a nonpartisan, non-profit 501(c)(4) organization, works to protect New Mexico's natural environment and our cherished way of life. Our mission is to make sensible conservation policies a top priority for elected officials, political candidates, and voters across the state.

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Thursday, October 04, 2012

Democracy for America Endorses Mary Ellen Broderick for New Mexico House District 30

The picture above features Jim Dean, Mary Ellen Broderick and Martin Heinrich, was taken October 1st, 2012 at a campaign event by Annie Olson.

Burlington, VT – Today Democracy for America (DFA) endorsed Mary Ellen Broderick for New Mexico House District 30.

"Mary Ellen is a lifelong activist with a spirit for change,” Jim Dean, Chair of DFA, explained to NM voters while canvassing with Mary Ellen this weekend. “She not only believes that things will improve in New Mexico, but she will fight for what’s right, what’s fair, and be a strong advocate for her community. Real, progressive change happens at the local level. It manifests itself more quickly because ordinary people see what matters to their community and what will help make things better. That’s why we’re urging folks in New Mexico’s 30th District to support Mary Ellen.”

Mary Ellen Broderick has been a leading progressive activist in New Mexico since she co-founded the Democracy for New Mexico blog and meet-up group in 2004. Broderick believes that healthcare is a fundamental right – not a privilege for just those that can afford it – and she will see that healthcare reform is fully implemented in the state because it not only provides desperately needed services, but also provides thousands of new health-related jobs. Mary Ellen will also embrace New Mexico’s unique leadership towards a green-energy economy by investing in new sustainable sources of clean energy and putting her foot down to hold polluters accountable.

“I am extremely grateful for the DFA endorsement. Democracy for America believes in people powered progress, not corporate funded campaigns,” said Mary Ellen Broderick. “This is exactly what my campaign for NM House District 30 is about – people power. We’re grassroots at every level. I never thought I would be running for State Office, but the time has come for average everyday citizens to take back our government.”

Mary Ellen is running against first-term Republican Nate Gentry. Since taking office, Gentry has inexcusably missed 94 votes, making him among the most absent members of the New Mexico Roundhouse.

ABOUT DEMOCRACY FOR AMERICA: Democracy for America is the people-powered Democratic Political Action Committee. With over one million members nationwide, DFA is a grassroots powerhouse working to change our country and the Democratic Party from the bottom-up.

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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Pacheco's Past – Mismanagement, Bankruptcy & Breach of Contract

Photo above from ISPAC follow this link to read more character information about Mr. Pacheco. Paul Pacheco is the republican candidate for House District 23, the Democratic candidate is Marci Blaze.

Press release below is from the DPNM:

Voters Deserve Truth, Not Lies From the McClesky Smear Machine

Right-wing candidate for the NM House of Representatives, Paul Pacheco, (House District 23) has been the beneficiary of waves of negative attack mailers against his opponent. Using tactics straight out of the Jay McClesky playbook, Pacheco's special interest backers are misleading voters and covering up the truth because they know Pacheco can't win on his record.

BANKRUPTCY: In 2005 Paul Pacheco filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy after accruing over $400,000 in liabilities, including more than $141,000 in credit card debt between nineteen credit card accounts. (US District Court for the District of NM 7-05-10027)

MISMANAGEMENT: According to the Albuquerque Journal, the bankruptcy was related to Pacheco’s ownership of Blades Sports Arena in Rio Rancho, where he wrote bad checks and failed to pay employees over $5,000. After the power was cut off to the facility in May 2004, Pacheco brought in a generator to power the facility, only to have the facility shut down by the fire marshal due to safety concerns. (ABQ Journal article “City Wants Blades Owner on Carpet” 5/27/04)

BREACH OF CONTRACT: Pacheco’s mismanagement continued in 2008 after the Los Ranchos Planning and Zoning Commission unanimously revoked a home occupation permit for Pacheco’s business, Desert Oasis Recovery, a substance abuse treatment center. The permit allowed individuals to operate the business from home. Desert Oasis was subsequently sued in Albuquerque District Court for breach of contract and fraudulent misrepresentation. (Dawn Branch, et al. v. Desert Oasis Recovery, LLC, Case Number D-202-CV-201205068)

The TRUTH is, Paul Pacheco simply can't be trusted to Represent New Mexico families.

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Tonight: Women Are Watching

If you do not have plans to watch the Presidential debate somewhere this evening; then consider this invite and watch with these strong democratic women candidates and allies for NM State House of Representatives:

You’re Invited to Join:  Women Are Watching 

Senator Eric Griego, Representative Bill O’Neill, Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins, Caroline Buerkle, Martha Burk, Reverend Jim Collie, Eloise Gift, Michael Hart, Donna Tillman, Christine Trujillo

for an evening in support of

Mary Ellen Broderick  Candidate for State House | New Mexico’s 30th House District

Marci Blaze Candidate for State House | New Mexico’s 23rd House District

Emily Kane Candidate for State House | New Mexico’s 15th House District

Elizabeth Thomson Candidate for State House | New Mexico’s 24th House District

Wednesday, October 3rd | 6:00pm – 9:00pm

6:00pm – Reception
7:00pm – Presidential Debate Watch

at The Home of Traci & Michael Cadigan
2705 Bosque Del Sol Ln NW | Albuquerque

Requested Contribution:
Host: $1,000 | Champion: $500 | Friend: $100 | Guest: $25

Kindly RSVP to Keep NM Blue PAC at or (505) 890-4967

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