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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Thank You Rep. Mary Helen Garcia

Bigots imagesThank you Rep. Mary Helen Garcia for being a bigot today. Because you and Rep. Rodella voted NO to HJR 3 I as a gay woman do not have to wait longer to have my love life voted on this year. It is always a torturous time when a bill that is so meaningful is hanging in time. What will they vote, at each turn, we people who believe in full equality wait and wonder what will they (you) vote. This year the Consumer and Public Affairs Committee, the first committee to hear the HJR3 passed the bill, the second committee to hear the bill - House Voters & Elections Committee- they killed it. So now I do not have to stress about this particular bill that means so much to me. It is kind of like your team in the Olympics that you have trained with and worked with loosing in the second match. Only it is every year, and your own teammates fail you.

ProgressNow has a good write up about this bills death today. All the contact information is there for the haters that killed the bill.

A sincere Thank You to Rep. Egolf for Introducing HJR3 - MARRIAGE CERTIFICATES & CEREMONIES, CA.  It would be great to have some of Rep Garcia's close allies and better yet her constituents to call her out on this negative vote. And for the Native American community and Rodella's constituents to call Rep. Rodella out on this negative vote. Why? Why do you continue to vote against your neighbors, your friends, your family?

There is a petition here asking for Democrat Rep. Mary Helen Garcia to resign from the Democratic Party of New Mexico. I urge you to go sign it.

On March 26, the Supreme Court is going to hear the case that every American is guaranteed the freedom to marry. A great website to follow this historic case for equality is the American Foundation for Equal Rights. Maybe Rep. Mary Helen Garcia can follow the high court proceedings and learn a thing or two. You bet I am nervous about the results of this case in the Supreme Court.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

DFA-DFNM Meetup Group to Close, DFNM Blog NOT Closing

Just a little clarification. Recently an email was sent out stating the DFA-DFNM Meetup Group was closing. Yes it is closing, there will be no more DFNM meetups. No more yelling and laughing at the UU church or at the Page One. No more debates, gosh we had some good ones too. Time moves on, I am in Massachusetts now and the expense of keeping the meetup was not possible for me any longer.

However, this website is still up. I do not plan on closing this site, there is lots and lots of valuable info on this blog. Although I have not had time to post I plan on posting at least some soon.

I am watching all the goings on in the Land of Enchantment and miss not being there helping. But alas the King John Arthur Smith ardent non willingness to jump start the NM economy has me frustrated. Here is Johnny holding fast to the rainy day fund, wake up Smith it is raining. People are having to leave the state because there are no jobs. Get construction jobs going! Use the rainy day fund for a NM WPA program for 2013.

I know, I know, even if some creative rainy day fund use was passed by some miracle in the Leg., Martinez would veto it. But geez really again this year nothing?

My question is when is enough enough? Will the rainy day fund be tapped when a public building falls down due to negligence of the legislature of no funding for repairs?

Imagine the elected officials, who work for us, imagine if the first bill they voted for each session was the State Budget including the capital outlay. Yep vote on the state budget and Capital outlay prior to their own feed bill. Stop the games people lives and families depend on it.

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