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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lt. Gov. Candidate Lawrence Rael Condemns Arizona Immigration Law

LawrenceRael110 Lawrence Rael, Democratic candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released the following statement today regarding the new Arizona immigration law:

“Most have heard of the new Arizona law that, in practice, will likely lead to racial profiling and the harassment of innocent people. I join Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish and others in condemning this law in the strongest possible terms.

The problem with this legislation is that it does nothing to resolve the immigration issue. Instead, it makes things worse, and could potentially divide our neighborhoods against the law enforcement we rely on. This law jeopardizes the trust inherent in effective public safety, and creates a climate of hostility and fear. One important lesson that I learned from working with the Albuquerque Police Department for over a decade is that you absolutely cannot lose the trust of the people you are trying to protect. This isn’t what good government does.

Clearly a sovereign nation needs to secure and control its borders. However, it is also clear that we need comprehensive immigration reform that effectively addresses this issue. The Arizona law is simply bad legislation, short-sighted and reactionary. It has absolutely no positive impact on finding long-term solutions for our immigration challenges.

If anything, the Arizona law underscores the need for us to address this problem at the federal level, with a goal of finding policy that will be fair to all. I pledge to work respectfully with our friends and neighbors to bring the best possible resolution to this complex issue.”

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