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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

First Day to VOTE in 2012 Election

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Today, October 9, 2012 is the first day to VOTE in this very important 2012 election.

There are two very different directions being proposed to take the Country right now. From the Federal level to the State level of governing. People are angry, dissolutioned, not trusting of our government.

Your vote countsNow is the time for us, all of us United States Citizens to let our voice be heard. GO VOTE! Read, watch, and listen about the candidates and the issues, make your own decision and then GO VOTE!

To find out more information regarding voting in your New Mexico County please follow this link to the Secretary of State website.

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I voted yesterday at the Clerk's annex. Obviously for all the Democrats, but also on the ballot questions, bonds, and constitutional amendments. Go educate yourself on those at the League of Women Voters' website: http://www.lwvcnm.org/elections/ Links to all the races, ballot questions, and so forth are on the left side of the page. Please educate youself on these issues before you vote, and remember to vote all the way down the ballot. As most of us already know, we do not have the "straight party" option this year.

Bonds - I voted for all of the state bonds, and for all of the county bonds except the road bonds, of which half is slated for the Paseo del Norte I-25 interchange. Briefly, I know a new interchange is necessary, but I disapprove of the funding mechanism! IMHO, an interchange between an interstate highway and a state highway should be funded by the state and Federal governments, not by the county and city through gross receipts and property taxes.

I voted against the AMAFCA bonds, which mostly fund sprawl. If developers were forced to pay their share of costs for flood control, they would do much more infill development. Of course these bonds will pass; they always do. I mean, who is against flood control?

I voted for increasing the minimum wage, and against the city portion of the Paseo bonds.

Constitutional Amendments:
I voted for all of them except amendment 4, which would remove the Insurance division from oversight by the PRC. While the PRC has its' problems, I'd rather have oversight of the Insurance commission by an elected board, rather than by the Executive branch, where it would be subject to more cronyism. If I have an unresolved insurance problem, I can call my PRC Commissioner rather than the Governor's office. Who do you think will be more responsive to my needs? Not the Governatrix, I assure you.

I did vote to increase professionalism on the PRC by increasing standards for PRC commissioners. I don't think a college degree is to much to ask for in a utility and insurance regulator.

I also voted for Amendment 5, which would establish an independent Public Defender department. Currently it is under control of the executive branch, which is a clear conflict of interest in my view.

Posted by: Proud Democrat | Oct 10, 2012 6:06:19 PM