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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Health Care Vote: Pearce Snubs Struggling NM families by Voting for Obamacare Repeal

The Supreme Court has ruled that Obamacare is constitutional, but today Congressman Steve Pearce refused to move on and told struggling families in New Mexico that politics trumps their health care when he voted to repeal the landmark health-reform law.

By voting for repeal, Pearce indicated he clearly agrees with allowing insurance companies deny families coverage because of preexisting conditions. His vote also means he opposes providing small businesses tax credits to buy insurance; and that he supports throwing thousands of our senior citizens back into the prescription-drug donut hole.

“It shouldn’t come as any surprise.” said Frank Cole, Communications Director for Protect Your Care New Mexico. “Representative Pearce has historically put the interests of the insurance industry above the health needs of his own constituency.”

Nearly one in four New Mexicans lives without insurance. It is estimated that hundreds die every year from health conditions which could have been prevented had those suffering had proper medical coverage. But without insurance, many avoid the doctor until it’s too late.

Steve Pearce would have you believe that the law is bad for New Mexico. But here are the facts:

  • Obamacare gives 320,000 seniors access to free preventive services under Medicare and relief to 20,000 more who fall into the donut hole.
  • 11,000 young adults are now on their parent’s plan until they’re 26.
  • It makes it illegal for providers to place lifetime limits on coverage or drop coverage due to an illness for the 900,000 New Mexicans with private insurance.
  • And it begins to provide insurance for those without it by expanding Medicaid and creating health insurance exchanges, making private insurance more affordable and easier to shop for.

That’s just a few of the benefits Pearce would like to see disappear.

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The Republicans are determined to "punish" America because we chose Barack Obama as our president. They will continue to throw temper tantrums until the voting public wises up and throws them out. Get rid of Pearce, vote for Evelyn Madrid Erhard! If you don't live in CD2, send her a donation! Her website is http://www.evelynforcongress.com/.

Posted by: Ellen Wedum | Jul 12, 2012 5:56:04 AM

I live in CD2, over the years Congressman Pearce has done little if nothing for this district. No surprise on his vote, it's one of the worst in Congress when it boils down to tax paying constituents vs. special interest $$.

Posted by: autie | Jul 13, 2012 3:42:37 PM