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Friday, June 25, 2010

NM Alliance for Retired Americans Issues Statement Critical of America Speaks Town Halls

This afternoon, the NM Alliance for Retired Americans released a statement critical of the America Speaks "town halls" that will be held in 20 cities tomorrow, including in Albuquerque (must register) at the downtown Convention Center. They join a growing backlash against the allegedly nonpartisan, grassroots events from MoveOn, as well as progressive voices on FireDogLake, Huffington Post (here and here) and right here on the DFNM blog. According to the NM ARA:

As income and wealth inequality hits record highs in the US since the Great Depression, Seniors in New Mexico are concerned that the national forums on the US debt, known as America Speaks -- which are backed by a billionaire enemy of public programs, the Pete Peterson Foundation -- will scapegoat Social Security instead of targeting the dangerous tax breaks, unfunded wars and rising health care costs as the real enemy to our national economic heatlh.

"Social Security isn't the problem; it -- and progressive taxation -- is actually the solution to economic security, especially in NM, where our communities rely on its promise to working class families who fund it with their hard earned incomes," said Barbara Pardo, NM Alliance for Retired Americans President and AFSCME Retiree. "The America Speaks folks have it exactly wrong," Pardo said after reading the America Speaks background materials that fail to consider a Public Option, like Medicare for All, to remedy our skyrocketing healthcare costs that contribute heavily to the national debt.

"New Mexico can't afford any attacks on public programs in these hard times, and Social Security is the People's retirement fund in a Wall Street world. Pete Peterson should pay fair taxes if he cares about the national debt; don't come after our efficient and successful programs that Seniors have paid into and need," Pardo added. "Social Security and Medicare serve hundreds of thousands of New Mexicans of all ages each day at 1-3% administrative costs," she continued. 

NM ARA member and retired Social Security worker, Roy Aragon, reminds us of the federal program's success, saying, "Social Security's administration fees are less than 1%...no Wall Street banker can do that with your private retirement account!"

The NM ARA demands that cuts to our national debt start with our problems, not with our national solutions, like Social Security and Medicare. America Speaks staff are slated to present a report to President Obama's Fiscal Commission, and Alliance members will be actively engaged in making sure that document isn't biased against the public programs that have made America great.

Please join the NM Alliance at 9:00 AM tomorrow (Saturday, June 26) at the Albuquerque Convention Center for a rally for our public programs and press conference. Some Alliance members will participate in the America Speaks event afterward to try to counter the spin and lies about our national debt.

If you can't attend tomorrow's America Speaks event in person to fight back against their cut "entitlements" mindset, you can visit their national website to watch a webcast and participate in live blogging from 9:30 AM to 4:00 PM Mountain time. Express yourself. 

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Evidently we cannot trust town hall meetings to assess the temperament of the populace. They are blatantly rigged with unlimited corporate dollars. What a big money driven boondoggle they have become. Forget them.

Posted by: qofdisks | Jun 27, 2010 8:29:22 PM