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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stephen Jones Reports: Las Cruces Residents Weigh In On Health Reform (with Photos)

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This is a post by contributing writer, Stephen Jones, who is a progressive political activist and a resident of Las Cruces, New Mexico. He IS our Southern NM Bureau.

Several dozen Las Cruces residents rallied both for and against the health reform bill pending in Congress outside Congressman Harry Teague’s local field office on Wednesday morning. The St. Patrick’s Day rally was led by Las Cruces members of Organizing for America (OFA). A candlelight march is planned for later this evening.

While the majority who gathered at Water St. and Griggs Ave. in downtown Las Cruces favored the pending bill, local Tea Party activists, some waving Confederate flags, also rallied at the same location. Despite the contentious differences of opinion, the competing groups often co-mingled and debated one another on the sidewalks near Teague’s office.

Members of Teague’s staff met individually and in small groups and heard directly from constituents on the issue, and jotted down statements and opinions on the bill to pass along to the Congressman, who is currently in Washington. The office also accepted petitions and written statements. Teague’s staffers told concerned voters that “the Congressman is weighing the amendments offered to the current bill” before deciding his final vote on the legislation, but assured them that he “remains committed to holding the line on costs.”

The candlelight vigil will meet at the Las Cruces Downtown Post Office at E. Las Cruces Ave and N. Church St. 7:00 p.m. and proceed to Teague’s Office several blocks away at 135 W. Griggs Ave.

In an email to supporters, OFA said there's a good chance that Congressman Teague will reveal how he will vote on the health insurance reform bill on Thursday.

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Here are some pictures taken at the candle light vigil in downtown las cruces.

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