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Friday, February 26, 2010

Governor Bill Richardson and Robert Redford Announce “Milagro at Los Luceros” Initiative

Mr. Redford has written an open letter to the people of New Mexico. Click to read it (pdf).

Click for a description of Milagro at Los Luceros 2010-2011 Programming (pdf).

This is fabulous news for Native American and Hispanic filmmakers, writers and actors, as well as New Mexico's artistic community generally, and all New Mexicans. Governor Bill Richardson and acclaimed filmmaker and environmental advocate Robert Redford today announced the details of a unique collaboration called “Milagro at Los Luceros.” Programs will begin this spring and will include a series of labs, workshops, and discussions. The focus will be on creating and expanding training programs in film, arts, and the environment.

“It’s extraordinary for a person the caliber of Robert Redford to collaborate with state government to create a new kind of initiative that will address film and film arts as they relate to jobs and jobs training,” said Governor Richardson in a statement released today. “It’s a great gift from Robert Redford to the state of New Mexico.”

“I have always wanted to explore new ways to enable underrepresented voices -- Native American and Hispanic in particular -- to tell their own stories in their own ways on their own turf,” said Mr. Redford. “I also believe in arts as an economic driver, and I look forward to helping a new generation of storytellers prove that with me and with the state of New Mexico.”

Today’s announcement is the next step in a process which began last May, when the Governor and Mr. Redford first announced the project which will be headquartered at historic Los Luceros in Northern New Mexico.

The collaboration includes Mr. Redford, the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs, and the New Mexico Film Office, which is part of the state’s Economic Development Department.

The name “Milagro at Los Luceros” refers to “The Milagro Beanfield War,” the 1988 film directed by Mr. Redford and shot on location in Truchas, New Mexico.

Los Luceros lies northeast of the town of Alcalde, New Mexico, and was added to the National Registry of Historic Places in 1983. The New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs purchased and operates the 148-acre property and is preserving its historic nature and integrity for the purpose of cultural, artistic, environmental, and educational activities.

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Richardson’s Environmental Crisis: To Lead or to Follow

(see original blog post)

Most environmental/wildlife conservationists have been very disappointed with Interior Secretary Salazar's record in defending wildlife, which has been pro-ranching and anti-wildlife. Now we will find out where Governor Richardson stands on these issues as the age old battle between growth and environment comes to a head in New Mexico.

Governor Richardson has a unique opportunity to seal his environmental record of Green initiatives and animal advocacy. Wildlife and Wild Horse advocates are watching to see if Richardson will lead the nation on the wild horse and wildlife corridor issues or will he gallop after Secretary Salazar, who some have come to call the Slaughter Czar, for his pro-ranching anti-wildlife policies.

Richardson has a historic opportunity to preserve both New Mexico and the nation’s wild horse heritage by supporting the creation of a Wild Horse State Park at the northern end of Sandia Mountain. By doing so, the Governor would not only protect the wild horses (a valuable natural and tourism asset for clean green rural economic development), but also the Canada-to-Mexico Wildlife Corridor which the State Park would be a part of.

Unfortunately, the wild horse park and wild life corridor appear to conflict with Richardson’s “Smart” Growth Plans for the Albuquerque area and its planned Northeast Highway. This highway could be sited on the BLM property on which the Placitas wild horses, mountain lions, bob cats, wild turkeys, ferrets, roam. In addition, eliminating the wild horses on the BLM makes way for New Mexico’s plan to give these public lands to the Land Grants and other special interests.

Rather than protect and preserve these horses and their habitat for all, Governor Richardson, like Senator Harry Reid in Nevada, may instead opt for a Green façade and attempt to co-opt wild horse advocates by creating a seemingly benign Wild Horse adoption center, which would support the Department of Interior Secretary Salazar’s Plan to rid the West of its free roaming mustangs rather than advocate for Wild Horses living free on Western public lands.

Is Richardson going to support the antithesis of “Green” and “Smart” by promoting development without renewable water sources, by promoting a Smart Growth Plan whose highways close a noose around the Sandia Mountains? This would make Sandia essentially a dead Mountain for key species like Mountain Lions with no migration route off the Mountain.

Wildlife and Wild Horse Advocates are counting on Richardson to Lead on these issues by standing strong with his commitments by Memorandum of understanding to the Wildlife Corridor from Canada-to-Mexico, and to his commitment to the Wild Horses of New Mexico and Placitas for which he has previously signed a State bill to protect, and for which there have been three State Memorials passed unanimously at the NM State Legislature also covering Federal and Tribal lands in New Mexico.

Posted by: Wild Horse Observers Association | Feb 27, 2010 5:41:44 PM

where is money for black and white americans

Posted by: dick hurtz | Mar 3, 2010 10:09:05 AM

Redford's Sundance Institute already supports African-American and Anglo filmmakers

Posted by: Eddie | Mar 3, 2010 10:29:45 AM