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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Guest Blog on Voting for Romero in ABQ Mayoral Election: Why it Matters

This is a group guest blog submitted by the individual politicos listed at the end of the post.

We need a progressive change at City Hall. That’s why we need Richard Romero for mayor.

The legacy of the past eight years can be captured in a few words that say so much about the values that have held sway in the mayor’s office during this critical time in our history: ABQPAC. Fighting the minimum wage increase. Blocking ethics reforms. Tax giveaways to SunCal. Unplanned and unfettered sprawl in a time of finite water resources.

That is why we are compelled to write today.

There is a progressive alternative. We know both Democratic candidates. We trust Richard Romero. He has the stature, the character and the values to lead Albuquerque in the right direction.

And his campaign has demonstrated it has what it takes to bring home the prize and secure a sustainable future. The recent Journal poll now makes it clear that Richard has the momentum to win this race.

What a breath of fresh air he will be!

Let’s review his record:

  • As a State Senator he fought to increase minimum wage.
  • He carried the collective bargaining bill allowing state workers to organize.
  • He’s an education reformer who has championed our public schools and supported innovative charter schools.
  • Serving on the board of Public Campaign, he was in the forefront, helping to lead the fight to pass clean elections public financing reform in Albuquerque.

We are proud progressives and long-time supporters of Democracy for New Mexico and the incredible work that Barb and her colleagues have done for our cause. Nevertheless, on this matter of vital importance and urgency, we disagree strongly with Barbara's personal endorsement in the mayor’s race that was posted on this blog. We asked for the opportunity to do this guest post to make it crystal clear that Barbara does not speak for us on this issue.

We stand with Richard Romero, a longtime fighter for progressive issues who we can count on. He’s what Albuquerque needs.

City Councilor Debbie O’Malley
City Councilor Rey Garduñdo
City Councilor Michael Cadigan
Representative Mimi Stewart
Representative Danice Picraux
Representative Eleanor Chavez
Sen. Dede Feldman
Sen. Eric Griego
Sen. Cisco McSorley
Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino
Sen. Tim Keller
Judy Espinoza, former NM Sec. of the Environment and candidate for Mayor

This is a group guest blog from the people listed above. If you'd like to submit a piece for consideration as a guest blog, contact me by clicking on the Email Me link on the upper left-hand corner of the page.

BW Note: Just to be clear, my earlier post about my decision to vote for Marty Chavez was a personal statement by me. As most people know, the DFNM blog is an independent entity written and managed by me. The blog is not to be confused with the DFA-DFNM Meetup group which only issues formal endorsements based on the vote of our active members. I've had this statement posted for many moons at the About Democracy for New Mexico link at the upper left-hand corner of the page.

To see previous DFNM coverage of the 2009 Albuquerque Mayoral race, please visit our archive.

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Great post. I trust this group of local progressives more than our esteemed former DNC Chairman. Howard needs to stick to national issues where he knows what the reality is.

Posted by: RealDem | Sep 30, 2009 3:03:45 PM

Where can we fight for progressives if not at the local level, in a city that permits run-off voting?

Posted by: Loralee | Sep 30, 2009 3:36:41 PM

I voted early for Richard Romero.

Posted by: David O'Malley | Sep 30, 2009 3:38:52 PM

This is a list of Romero Republicans. Domestic Partnership died in the Senate. This is a list of every Senator he supported and their vote.

Domestic Partnership SB 12
Diane Duran(R) $500 NO
John Ryan (R) $1600 NO
Kent Cravens(R) $950 NO
Mark Boitano(R) $300 NO
Rod Adair(R) $500 NO
Sander Rue(R) $200 NO
Steve Neville(R) $500 NO
Stuart Ingle(R) $500 NO

Romero gave $5,050 to Republican Senators who voted against our Civil Rights.

Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Sep 30, 2009 3:42:09 PM

I respect those who signed this letter but I think they are doing some wishful thinking. I wish too that Romero could win but I have strong doubts and have had them for some time. It will be a hard choice for me.

Posted by: ProgDem | Sep 30, 2009 3:42:24 PM

Civil rights are bigger the GLBT rights. Marty has cracked down on the homeless, young people, immigrants, not to mention his out of control APD roughing up several citizens. He called progressive activist at the Southwest Organizing Project "terrorists."

Richard may have made contributions on behalf of his lobbying clients, however Marty ENDORSED and worked on behalf of Republican city councilors who were running against Democratic progressive candidates: 2005 his staff and team funded and coordinated Republican Sally Mayer's re-election against progressive activist Marian Dickinson. Also in 2005, he endorsed, funded and helped run Republican Tina Cummins' re-election against progressive Democrat Chris Catechis. Marty ENDORSED Pete Domenici for re-election - the man who helped get David Iglesias fired for not investigating bogus voter fraud claims against progressive activists.

If you believe Marty is a real Democrat, much less a real progressive, you are either one of his spin doctors, or your have not followed his long conservative career.

Posted by: RealDem | Sep 30, 2009 3:52:06 PM

Do you care about choice? If a person votes no on stem cell research, they will not support woman's health. Romero gave money to these Republicans that do not support choice.

Berry knows where he stands. He says, "I am the only pro life mayoral candidate"
Stem Cell Research SB 77
Richard R.J.Berry(R) $200 NO
Tom Anderson(R) $200 NO
Bill Rehm (R) $750 NO
Diane Duran (R) $500 NO
Dennis Roch (R) $100 NO
Gloria Vaughn (R) $500 NO
Janice Arnold Jones(R)$200 NO
Keith Gardner (R) $700 NO
Larry Larronaga(R) $100 NO
Mark Boitano (R) $300 NO
Richard R.J.Berry(R) $1,200 NO
Sander Rue(R) $200 NO

Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Sep 30, 2009 3:53:29 PM

I hate to tell you "RealDem" but LGBTQ rights (NOT "gay rights") ARE CIVIL RIGHTS. It shows you have little understanding of the LGBTQ community or issues. I guess it's not surprising because Romero is equally as uninformed on that. My vote goes to Marty. I know he understands from personal experience.

Posted by: Its LGBTQ | Sep 30, 2009 4:10:22 PM

So as a lobbyist for UNM he gave money to Republicans. He has also been one of the state's biggest advocates for public financing. Marty opposed it and then decided it might be to his benefit to use it for re-election. Marty fought against an independent city inspector general, then claimed credit for it passing over his objections the other night on TV. He fought the Planned Growth Strategy and helped water it down and then reluctantly signed it. Now he says he championed it. He said he thought his officers acted appropriately when the beat and gassed progressive activists at a UNM anti-war demonstration.

Richard gave money to anti-choice, anti-gay Republicans. Richard is pro-choice and pro-gay rights. Just like Marty. On almost every other progressive issue, Marty is as conservative as Berry. Richard is the real progressive in this race. Don't be fooled by cheap imitations.

Posted by: RealDem | Sep 30, 2009 4:11:11 PM

Now lets look at CVNM ratings for the Romero Republicans. They have an average rating of 28% from CVNM.

Kent Cravens (R) $950 0%
Stuart Ingle (R)$500 11%
Mark Boitano (R) $300 13%
Rod Adair (R) $500 13%
Steve Neville (R) $500 17%
Diane Duran (R) $500 22%
Steve Komadina(R) $900 33%
Diane Snyder (R) $1,200 43%
Joseph Carraro (R) $500 43%
John Ryan (R) $1,600 57%
Jane Powdrell Culbert(R) $1,400 11%
Justine Fox-Young(R) $850 11%
Teresa Zanetti (R)$750 22%
Brian Moore(R)$500 25%
Eric Youngberg(R) $1,750 25%
Jimmie Hall(R) $1,350 25%
Larry Larronaga(R) $100 25%
Nora Espinoza(R) $500 25%
Tom Anderson (R) $200 25%
Bill Rehm(R) $750 30%
Dan Foley(R)$1,000 30%
Keith Gardner (R)$700 33%
Gloria Vaughn(R)$500 36%
Janice Arnold Jones(R)$200 56%
Richard R.J.Berry(R)$1,200 57%

This information would be on a Romero mailer if Chavez donated to the same state elected officials.

People who do not see the hypocrisy in this remind me of the Republicans that demand balanced budgets after Bush left DC.

Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Sep 30, 2009 4:14:44 PM

It's LGBTQ -

As a gay man I also care about a candidate's position on the environment, labor, ethics, affordable housing and choice. So Marty is good on LGBTQ issues? So is Richard. On almost everything else Marty is moderate to conservative. Richard is the clear progressive in this race. But if your issue is all that matters then screw the conservation, labor, good government and social advocates. Most of them are with Richard.

Posted by: GayandProud | Sep 30, 2009 4:18:48 PM


I admire the courage of your original post, if nothing else it got people finally thinking/talking about this election.
You know where I stand, I must admit that I had thoughts similar to yours - probably not as well articulated- this past weekend when driving through Barelas and around the South Valley.

Best to you and ME

Posted by: Claus | Sep 30, 2009 4:19:45 PM

I wonder if the following state elected official would consider Albuquerque a sanctuary city??? I am sure these Republicans would encourage the use of race baiting to win an election. All received money from Romero, a progressive.

Rep. Bill Rehm (R) $750
Rep. Brian Moore (R) $500
Rep. Dan Foley (R) $1,000
Senator Diane Snyder (R) $1,200
Senator Diane Duran (R) $500
Rep. Dennis Roch (R) $100
Rep. Eric Youngberg (R) $1,750
Rep. Gloria Vaughn (R) $500
Rep. Jane Powdrell Culbert (R) $1,400
Rep. Janice Arnold Jones (R) $200
Rep. Jimmie Hall (R) $1,350
Senator John Ryan (R) $1,600
Senator Joseph Carraro (R) $500
Rep. Justine Fox-Young (R) $850
Rep. Keith Gardner (R) $700
Senator Kent Cravens (R) $950
Rep. Larry Larronaga (R) $100
Senator Mark Boitano (R) $300
Rep. Nora Espinoza (R) $500
Rep. Richard R.J. Berry (R) $1,200
Senator Rod Adair (R) $500
Senator Sander Rue (R) $200
Senator Steve Komadina (R) $900
Senator Steve Neville (R) $500
Senator Stuart Ingle (R) $500
Rep. Terry Marquardt (R) $1,000
Rep. Teresa Zanetti (R) $750
Rep. Tom Anderson - $200

Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Sep 30, 2009 4:26:07 PM

Concerned Progressive -

Who do you work for? So your basic argument is that as a lobbyist Richard gave money to a bunch of Republicans who are terrible on progressive issues. Fair point.

Does it matter that when it came to championing choice, gay marriage, or the environment, Marty was nowhere to be found? Richard stood up for all those issues as a state senator.

The difference is Richard made contributions to Republicans on behalf of his clients (UNM, Isleta Pueblo, etc.) Marty used money from city contractors, city department directors, and big developers to pay for dinners, phones, tickets and trips for his wife and friends.

Posted by: JustJames | Sep 30, 2009 4:27:37 PM

To the person that is posting all the dollar amounts: You are obviously a Marty staffer.

You should try and be a little more discreet.

The fact is, 9 or 10, or however many progressive democrats that represent Albuquerque in one way or another have just submitted their endorsement for Richard Romero. Get over it.

Posted by: natalie | Sep 30, 2009 4:27:56 PM

Well said Natalie. I'm also not on anyone's payroll.

Posted by: JustJames | Sep 30, 2009 4:29:38 PM

Romero helped Republicans in swing districts. Romero gave $6,456 to 6 Republicans that held seats that Democrats now hold. The average donation to a Republican was $666, but the average donation to vulnerable Republicans was $1,075.

I can understand a lobbyist giving money to a safe Republican, but I do not understand why he gives more money to vulnerable Republicans.

Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Sep 30, 2009 4:36:28 PM

I am not a staffer, I do not even like the mayor. I just do not respect LOBBYISTS that pays everyone so they can line their pockets.

What do you think will happen to the North Golf Course if a UNM lobbyist moves into the mayor's office? What do you think will happen to the neighborhoods south of UNM if a UNM lobbyist is elected.

UNM is paying for Armijo and Romero. If they both win, my neighborhood will be destroyed.


Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Sep 30, 2009 4:46:28 PM

I am sorry "Concerned Progressive"--but I don't buy it.

Anyone with the time to do the research you have done, and the knowledge to spin it the way you have has got to be on the Mayor's staff.

We can all tell what is going on here, don't kid yourself.

Posted by: natalie | Sep 30, 2009 4:54:36 PM

look what I just came across:


Now he is claiming he is an independent?

Posted by: thomas | Sep 30, 2009 5:15:14 PM

Okay folks, I usually allow pretty free-wheeling comments here and don't require you to use your real name but this is getting a little out of hand.

I can tell from certain data that some people are posting under 3 or more names for the same person, and I can tell who some of them are. Also, as a couple people said this is getting pretty nasty and personal not just on this thread but others.

I'd prefer if people at least used the same pseudonym when they post on the same thread. Even better would be to use your real name but I don't require it. Most of all, please try to keep your comments civil and issue-oriented. I think Albuquerque folks have had just about enough of gotcha and name calling and crazy spin, no matter who they support in this race.

Posted by: barb | Sep 30, 2009 5:24:25 PM

My friend just called to tell me he got a mailer from the NRA, encouraging him to go vote for Marty, and touting their endorsement of him.


I respect you, and the work you have done for us in the GLBT community, but how can you, as a self-proclaimed progressive, endorse a candidate that has been endorsed by the NRA?

Posted by: NRA? | Sep 30, 2009 5:27:45 PM

JustJames-I wonder how Richard Romero stuck up for "gay marriage" while he was in the Senate when the issue never came up. Don't call it "gay marriage" either. We want marriage equality where our committed relationships are treated the same way in the legal system as others who get married. We don't want some special form of "gay marriage." I can't believe how off base some of these comments are on LGBTQ issues. Wow.

Posted by: Its LGBTQ | Sep 30, 2009 5:30:00 PM

This is directed to "NRA?" who is also commenting as a list of other pseudonyms on here, of different gender as well. I suggest you start using one pseudonym or your real name or I will reveal on here the other names you are using. You detract from the conversation by doing this.

Posted by: barb | Sep 30, 2009 5:35:34 PM

My apologies Barb.

Posted by: Reggie Tenenbaum | Sep 30, 2009 5:44:16 PM

I am a person who does research for a living and I am tired of UNM. Look at the faculty vote last year.

UNM lists the North Course as land that could be developed. UNM does not care about the community and I do not trust UNM. Romero gives money to Republicans to push the UNM agenda and the community is excluded from the discussion.

Romero has never taken a position on the North Course. If he is willing to protect our community, he should send a press release that explains his position.

Romero, will you protect the North Course if you are elected?

Romero, will you protect the North Course if you are not elected?

Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Sep 30, 2009 6:24:49 PM

Concerned Progressive has put up some interesting data. This is data which has been behind the light of the public eye, so far this campaign. I find it very hypocritical that Richard and his supporters here are trying to act as pure as the driven snow. The fact that Richard gave to republican candidates money from his congressional race is bad, real bad, the pot calling the kettle black comes to mind.

How can you all come to terms with that?

And I also think it bears pointing out that Sen. Jerry Ortiz y Pino voted in favor of Suncal TIDDS. Oh well another devil!

In my opinion what this all shows is how dirty politics is. Is there anyone ethical? I tell you when I heard Richard did these contributions, and I heard months ago, I shut down to him. Giving money to these people who are so against everything we are working for, and who hate gays. These Republican politicians' oppression of gays most likely caused another young gay person who was humiliated, harrassed and hated enough to kill themsleves, and some hate filled person just got the ok to beat a fag up or a dyke up.

Sorry Richard there is no way. I was very disappointed by this and thought, oh well - another slime politician. I still cannot believe this is what people in your stature do, call me naive but it SUCKS. There is no way we can call ourselves a progressive if we give money to these oppressors. Frankly I find it real hurtful that all the signers feel that these monies given to these republicans is ok. Worse yet who do you contribute to? Who is really on our side anymore?

Richard has run an extremely negative campaign, it is really very unflattering Richard, and disappointing. All you have done is go after Marty. That cannot be someone's total campaign. I have heard so little vision. Really no vision that could take that dark cloud away from the republicans you have helped to keep in office.

Finally, it must be said that if Richard Romero does come in on one of the top two spots on 10/6, and if there is a run off; you can rest assured this blog and myself will work hard to get you in. Different then what your supporters are saying. I hear anything but Marty to often.

If it comes down to Chavez and Berry will you support Marty, will you ask your supporters to get behind Marty? Again it truly sucks that some of your supporters have drummed up and have enough hate in their heart for Marty that they would not show up to vote. Or some of your supporters have said they would vote for Berry to keep Marty out. It deeply saddens me this devisive path, and the end result would be Turn the City over to a Republican.

Posted by: Mary Ellen | Sep 30, 2009 6:41:13 PM

All of you sicken me. Not because you lie, which there are abundant examples on this thread, but because you believe. You actually believe your guy is the guy. Romero is a scummy politician who will do and say whatever is necessary to get elected and so is Chavez. For that matter, so is Berry.

Get over the rhetoric and choose the scum bag you find least offensive or you believe will do a modicum of good. For me it was Chavez. Stop believing and use some pragmatism.

Posted by: William Nie | Sep 30, 2009 6:53:45 PM

I'm shocked and disappointed that Romero gave money to some of the worst Republicans in the legislature. Maybe the worst is he gave it in recent election cycles where the money helped bad candidates fend off challengers. I don't care if this is how lobbying works. Romero should not have been a part of it if that's how it works. Seeing how much money he gave RJ Berry makes me wonder if he really wants Berry to win.

Posted by: Voter in alb | Sep 30, 2009 7:20:54 PM

I did a little research, please visit this website provided to us by the Secretary of State before you start making statements about Richard Romero.


Search for Richard Romero, and look at the money he gave, it is no where near the money "Concerned Progressive" is posting on this thread. And the money he gives to Democrats overwhelming outnumbers the money he gave to Republicans.

I hope you double check his numbers because "concerned progressive" doesn't seem to provide any proof, and could be lying.

Posted by: Reggie Tenenbaum | Sep 30, 2009 7:51:03 PM

OK "Concerned Progressive," please give me a moment to speak up here. I work for UNM, in fact I work in communications for UNM's main campus. Given that, I feel have to preface my statement with "this is my view and opinion and does not reflect UNM, the State of New Mexico, my family, friends, pets, the letter F or the number 42," else you try to link what I say to the university.

To my knowledge, UNM doesn't have anything to do with this election, and trying to drag the university into this fight smacks of dirty pool. Everyone at UNM has their own opinion about the election and will vote how they see fit.

As for the North Golf Course, all there is to say is: please read this month's UNM Today.

Now all that said, I'm interviewing Professor Tim Krebs tomorrow for UNM Live and the topic is the recent Journal poll. Do y'all have any questions you'd like me to ask?

Posted by: Benson | Sep 30, 2009 7:58:25 PM

You didn't address the fact that Romero lobbied for UNM and could take UNM's side with certain issues. The question isn't whether UNM is doing anything in this election.

Posted by: Voter in alb | Sep 30, 2009 8:25:19 PM

@Voter You're right. And whether or not Romero's going to take anyone's side a red herring question. Because there was an insinuation (to me at least) that UNM is somehow going to exert some kind of influence on Mr. Romero.

I'm not Richard Romero. I've never met the man and I don't know what his takes are on many of the issues, regardless of whether these issues are UNM related or not. And I can't speak for him. But I'm assuming that he's not going to work as a lobbyist should he win.

And please explain to me what these certain issues are that you are concerned about. I know about the North Golf Course, but what other concerns do you have? (as an aside: seriously, that's one reason I'm at UNM.)

Posted by: Benson | Sep 30, 2009 8:37:15 PM

If UNM employs lobbyist, than they have something to do with this election. Names like Sanchez, Koch, Harris, Saavedra…run the university. They all have political backgrounds and they run UNM like a political entity not an institution of higher learning. UNM employs lobbyist in an attempt to influence elected officials, so they have inserted the institution into the political process.

When UNM seeks dollars from the state, they compete with the city. When UNM wants to make changes to campus that impact local neighborhoods, they impact the city. Marty has stood beside my neighborhood when they wanted to develop the North Course. I do not know if Romero will support UNM or us. I have doubts about Romero, because he helped fund the campaigns of Republicans so he could lobby for UNM.

Ask Krebs, will UNM remove the golf course from its master plan?

Ask Krebs, will UNM stop development that will negatively impact Martinez Town?

Ask Krebs, will UNM invest in multimodal transportation options instead of building a parking structure on University?

Ask Krebs, will UNM include adjacent neighborhoods in their decision making process?

Ask Krebs, will UNM include faculty or students in the process? The faculty rep and the student rep walked out of the last regent meeting.

If Romero is willing to give money to Republicans so he can lobby for an organization that cares nothing for the community, he does not need to be our mayor.

Romero read about the vote of no confidence, and he still gave money to Republicans so he could collect a paycheck from UNM.

Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Sep 30, 2009 9:53:41 PM

Ummm, "Concerned Progressive," Krebs really doesn't have anything to do with the Master Plan. And as I'm sure you know, UNM has been taking comments on the Master Plan and has been meeting with groups for a while on the Master Plan.

UNM competes with the city for money? Well, if you want to take that macro of a look at it, I guess you could say that every institution competes with Albuquerque, as do other towns and rural areas. Yes, UNM does have lobbyists. As does New Mexico State, New Mexico Tech (their president is a registered lobbyist), KSFR radio, the Center for Civic Policy, Common Cause, and a myriad more.

As for the multimodal plan you'd like, there is talk in the Master Plan about the potential light rail system ABQ is looking into. I'd love to see more mass transit in this city, although I think it should be addressed in the form of more buses and transit hubs around town so people outside of the traditional travel corridors can access them. But what would you recommend until this program is in place?

However, as I hope you'd agree with, UNM is one of the most traveled to destinations in the city. Not just by people who live in the nearby neighborhoods, but people from one side of the city to the other, and from all across the state.

Their needs have to be addressed also.

Posted by: Benson | Sep 30, 2009 10:24:21 PM

Look, Richard Romero is clearly the most progressive in this race. That's just all there is to it.

It's killing me that Chavez gets a pass from some of you because Richard himself isn't pure as the driven snow.

There's one thing any progressive in this town knows--Chavez is a vindictive, corrupt, Republican-lite man, who has no compunction whatsoever tearing down people. He's an elite individual who routinely acts in a very racist and very classist manner.

I am not gay or lesbian, and I have no problem acknowledging that I may not understand as well as some folks the side of Marty that makes him obviously so well-liked among the GLBT community. I get that he is a "friend" and has passed some good legislation during his tenure.

But what I don't like is what seems to me a tendency to tear Richard down in this area as though its necessary in order to bolster Marty.

There seems to be some notion that political groups are monolithic, that if one is "progressive" there is a single set of values or beliefs we all hold. That's not the case, obviously. We've all got different viewpoints.

Barb made an endorsement of Marty, one that I'd venture broke with the vast majority of the group she clearly belongs to--the left.

Frankly, I've made such breaks myself before. Like Barb I'm sure, I know who I am and don't need anyone's validation in this regard.

The left in this city does not support Marty Chavez. Period.

But at the end of the day I suspect we'll all still be supportive of Barb.

I think we should "do no harm," likewise, when it comes to Richard Romero. If you want to go with Marty, go ahead. To do so because you think he's the one most likely to keep Berry under 40 is perfectly valid reasoning.

But don't rationalize yourself into knots in doing so to the point of tearing Romero down.

Posted by: Anonymous | Sep 30, 2009 10:32:02 PM

There is a concerted Fear/Uncertainty/Doubt campaign coming from Marty against his opponents. It has been very openly against Berry, and a whisper campaign against Romero (such as the "Concerned Progressive" making things up on behalf of Chavez). Perhaps it is a whisper campaign in hopes of pretending that Romero doesn't exist.

But I get anti-Berry ads on gmail, facebook, and elsewhere, and I'm impressed. It appears that Chavez may well realize that he's doing such a bad job that a republican stands a chance of replacing him.

You know what? George W. Bush wasn't such a bad president because he was a republican, he was a bad president because he did a bad job as president. I'm sorry, Chavez isn't a good mayor because he's a "democrat" and we're supposed to tow the line as democrats (Howard Dean anyone?). Chavez is running the risk of losing because he's a corrupt, self-interested liar. His smear campaigns against anyone who opposes him (remember that Tom Udall guy? Oh I guess he's too much of a leftist) show clearly his character - he's a scared corrupt public official, desperate not to be unemployed.

Well, I'm a progressive, and I say anyone but Marty Chavez for mayor. After 8 years of George W. Bush, I know what a corrupt, dishonest leader can do, and I'm not interested in more of that. Vote Romero -- the only Democrat in the race.

Posted by: Six | Oct 1, 2009 12:14:35 AM

That is the problem. Krebs has nothing to do the master plan. UNM has nothing to do with the election. Romero has nothing to do with Republicans.

Progressives should ask UNM to include the community in decisions. We all support UNM through our taxes and UNM pays lobbyist with our money.

Those lobbyist then pay right wing Republicans money to buy votes for UNM. Our tax dollars are being used by Romero to elect Republicans.

Political contributions made to Romero for a congressional run were given to the, "only pro life mayoral candidate" and to the the, "only pro traditional marriage candidate."

Romero cannot be trusted. You asked for questions and I gave them to you. Ask Schmidly or Koch my questions.


Posted by: Concerned Progressive | Oct 1, 2009 8:00:23 AM

Marty Chavez did / is, blah, blah, blah, and that Romero guy did / is, blah, blah, blah, then there is Berry he did / is, blah, blah, blah. Point is that nobody is perfect, Chavez IS CORRUPT and ethically challenged, Berry represents a Party and Ideology that I could NEVER support, I am voting for Romero, he more closely represents what I want to see in a Mayor, warts and all.

Posted by: VP | Oct 1, 2009 8:26:55 AM

These threads of wild comments are interesting in a sick way. I look at the names and don't see many who are familiar. I've never seen them commenting on posts about issues, that takes thought. The comments are more like catcalls at a football game. My team, no my team. They're like the campaigns being all cheerleading or negative and no in depth thought.

Who is talking about the questions raised in Barb's original post? Can Romero win? Are we wasting our votes on a candidate who has run a mean and ineffective campaign? Are we in danger of getting a bigoted Republican as mayor?

Instead we get the canned talking points about Romero and Chavez repeated over and over. I'm shocked at the lack of serious analysis in the comments. I guess I'm naive.

Posted by: Observer | Oct 1, 2009 9:07:16 AM

So, the original post was based on a poll done of about 400 voters. Two percent (the amount between Romero and Chavez) is 8-9 people.

There is a margin of error (5%) in the poll of 18-22 people.

To posit that Berry will pick up 9% of the vote to reach to 40% threshold to no run-off is zero.

So if you think that Romero cannot get into a run-off with Berry (assuming the poll has substance), vote for the Mayor at whatever cost to the true progressive outcome.

If you would like to bank on a true progressive (whatever the "tone" of the likely first stage of a two vote outcome), vote for Romero. He is ethical and will be a progressive mayor.

Do you think the wedge issue on "immigrants" will bring people back the second time to keep Berry off of the 11th Floor? I'm betting there will be a big backlash when that issue becomes more important in the 2nd round.

If I were hedging my bets, I would go for Romero this time. There will be plenty of voters (some who are not "in" on this round) when Berry runs on "no sanctuary" again.

Posted by: bg | Oct 1, 2009 10:06:25 AM

I'd like to point out that fear-based politics is a predominantly Rethuglican tactic. Here's the truth - Either Democrat will beat Berry in a runoff. Berry is an extreme right-winger; he appeals to those folks who are deathly afraid of those scary brown people. He's trying to activate his Rethuglican base. However, that strategy won't work in a two-way race because it alienates independents and business-oriented Republicans who are Marty's base.

Berry can only win outright if he gets 40% of the vote on Tuesday. Voting for Marty instead of Richard Romero won't have any effect on whether Berry gets 40% on Oct. 6. That's right: voting for Richard Romero will have no effect whatsoever on Berry's numbers. He'll either get 40% of the vote (which I sincerely doubt), or he won't. I suggest that people vote for the candidate they prefer in this race, not because they're afraid of that nutty Rethuglican, RJ Berry.

Posted by: Proud Democrat | Oct 1, 2009 10:17:13 AM

I don't know which Democrat I'll vote for but Proud Democrat's comment made me giggle. The Romero campaign has used fear-based language the whole time.

I like what bg is saying. Good to see a comment on the chances that's coherent. The question is whether Marty's supporters would vote for Romero in a runoff and vice versa. If they don't Berry may pull it off. Vote for who you want but vote for the Democrat in any runoff. Right?

Posted by: URL | Oct 1, 2009 11:25:19 AM

Can someone please post a PDF of the alleged mailing from the NRA? and was the recipient an NRA member or not? would be very helpful to go beyond a rumor. thx

Posted by: mountaingirl | Oct 1, 2009 1:10:17 PM

URL: Right.

Posted by: Anonymous | Oct 1, 2009 5:40:48 PM