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Monday, June 16, 2008

Pitch In to Create a True Blue New Mexico

New Mexico FBIHOP and the Democracy for New Mexico blog are re-launching the True Blue New Mexico campaign today -- this time with the Democratic candidates for all the federal races.

You can donate at the True Blue New Mexico ActBlue fundraising page, where you'll find the full slate of Democratic candidates New Mexicans can vote for come November.

This year, voters around New Mexico and across the country have voted for change in record numbers, and not just for presidential candidate Barack Obama but for more local races as well. Progressive candidates already shocked incumbents in state Senate and House primaries earlier this month.

This Is Our Moment
In 2008, New Mexicans have a chance for a true change -- a golden opportunity to make a True Blue New Mexico. There are more Democrats than Republicans registered in the state, and Democrats control both the state Senate and House. Yet in federal offices, Republicans hold a 3-2 advantage, including a 2-1 advantage in the House. This year, that can change -- and change dramatically.

When Sen. Pete Domenici decided to retire due to medical problems, it created a scramble for his seat that eventually enveloped the entire House delegation. All three representatives decided to run for the Senate seat. Candidates for their now-open House seats popped up everywhere.

After the dust settled, Democrats were left with five great candidates for federal office: Sen. Barack Obama in the Presidential race, Rep. Tom Udall in the Senate race, Martin Heinrich in the 1st Congressional District, Harry Teague in the 2nd Congressional District and Ben Ray Lujan in the 3rd Congressional District.

Watch for Candidate Guest Posts This Week
Throughout week, these candidates (except Obama) will be letting you know on both Democracy for New Mexico and New Mexico FBIHOP why they deserve your vote and your donations. Tuesday, Martin Heinrich will write on both blogs, followed by Harry Teague on Wednesday, Ben Ray Lujan on Thursday and culminating with Tom Udall on Friday.

Why Now?
But why now? The simple answer is EMILY -- Early Money is Like Yeast, and as the old saying goes, it helps to raise the dough. Please donate now. Every early dollar helps. Money donated on October 20th, just a couple weeks before the election, is not as valuable as money sent now. Money sent now can be used to hire staffers, it can be used to raise more money -- it is incredibly valuable to candidates.

Some of these candidates will be in extremely close races -- but with your help, they can make a True Blue New Mexico for years to come.

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