Best 5 New Mexico Land-Based Casinos for High Rollers

The United States has plenty of gambling websites to wager your funds at. Although everyone believes that the gambling capital of America is Las Vegas, located in Nevada. We're sure that there are other states to try your luck. We suggest that you consider New Mexico as a place full of casinos with luxurious services aside from betting establishments.

Currently, the state facilitates 28 gaming houses across the territory of different cities. Yet, our task is to do the best to direct you to the exact places. Thus, we've prepared a guide on top five casinos in New Mexico designed to satisfy all your requests and go all out.

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Best 5 New Mexico Land-Based Casinos for Big Spenders

Sandia Casino in Albuquerque

Originally conceived as a casino, this place offers far more things than just gambling. At the opening moment, it was the very first Indian land-based operator across the whole state. Since 1994, however, Sandia has undergone significant alterations as the construction of the hotel in 2005, a parking lot with 1,700 spots and a golf course added in 2014.

Moreover, visitors are welcome to listen to favorite singers in its amphitheater, eat at multiple restaurants or even get married. The resort also obtained numerous rewards (best city view, spa, concert series and others) and considered to be the best site of Albuquerque in 2016.

Therefore, the gaming area is what it should be proud of. Those who come here to wager must know that he/she will find 2,200 slots along with 52 table games! All these services take the enormous 170,000 sq. feet. We hope you're old enough to try such amenities yourself, because the legal age to play at this venue is 21 years.

Casino Apache for High Rollers in Ruidoso

Fancy skiing and betting a couple of thousand dollars after a while? Then, Inn of the Mountain Gods, that is a resort, holding a casino, waits for you. It stands on the Carizzo Canyon Road in Ruidoso. You'll easily get to this city by plane, as the airport is only 8 km. away.

Thus, you'll appear in a paradise with a wide range of entertainments. Horse riding, golf, fishing, billiards, walking tours and other amusements are at your service. But, we assume that the biggest goal of your visit is gambling. Well, besides blackjack, bingo and slots, it suggests taking in its poker rooms with the buy-ins of $1,000 and higher and multi-thousand reward pools. The games on offer are Hold'em and Omaha High/Low.

Looking for bonuses? Come in! The administration will gladly give you 2,5K bucks in Free Spirit Play/Spirit Bet. You've definitely got a chance to win, as there are winners with $2,500 (Mark H.) and $20,000 (Connie S.) as well. If you're more of a tournament player, meet the 7th annual event with a prize of $100,000! The ticket costs 550 bucks, allowing 200 individuals to participate.

Top 5 Land-Based Casinos for Whales in New Mexico

Sky City Casino in San Fidel of New Mexico

It's another spot to feel the hospitality of New Mexico. We invite you to San Fidel to settle in Sky City Hotel & Casino. It's a perfect staycation for people residing in Albuquerque and for off-shore tourists as well. The 24/7 casino is to propose its clients 640+ slot machines and a handful of low denomination names.

It also offers Vegas-style craps, bingo, blackjack, roulette (14 table games total). If you prefer poker, this establishment calls in to experience a famous live version. There's also 3 Card Poker Progressive with a side bet to be eligible to win a $1,000+ pot.

Besides, the venue is full of lavish promotions: free play, exclusive suggestions, gratis gifts. Therefore, it conducts pokie tournaments, enabling to receive a ticket to a national event that takes place in Las Vegas with $1,000,000 main reward. Moreover, Sky City winners took as much as 50K dollars and sumptuous cars. Don't wanna spend betting all night? - Visit the museum, Club 102 or a restaurant.

Dancing Eagle Casino in Casa Blanca

Well, there's another gaming establishment worth your visiting - Dancing Eagle Casino. It has live events and wonderful entertainments happening every day. Wanna stay for several days? Check its RV park, see the Travel Center and buy something in the marketplace.

Perhaps, you get slightly disappointed, but wait - these aren't the only sites to have fun. Dancing Eagle also has a floor with over six hundred slots that suit every taste! Be sure to gain huge winnings as much as the one from the website's list ($18,000).

Or, take your time in its Bingo Room with the awards up to one thousand dollars. If you want to experience exactly all the merits - join the Player's Club to receive even more bonuses that are great by the way. There are cashback promos, gratis entries, email offers and a trailer giveaway that costs $14K!

Northern Edge Navajo Casino in Fruitland

And, the last top member of our list is an operator from Fruitland. The institution claims to provide the hottest games, and we believe that statement, because it suggests to come and see 750+ spinning machines.

You must get even more thrilled, as there are 175 winners already. Otherwise, get loose with a Roulette, Mini Baccarat, Spanish 21, Craps, Fortune Pai Gow, Blackjack & Ultimate Texas Hold'em. Keep in mind that you accumulate points while wagering.

Bet more, enter the Player's Club and obtain cards (pictured with a cougar, bear and eagle) that enable you to get redeemable bonuses. Tournaments, free plays, money prizes and other promotions are there for you. You can also dine, hear the live music and buy a T-shirt in the gift shop to remember such a pleasant vacation place.