Big Wins Review at High Roller Casinos in New Mexico

High rollers are ambitious players, who enjoy taking risks and place large bets. Indeed, in gambling the rule, the more you bet — the more you get, works perfectly. However, you must also apply the right strategy to reach your goal. Casinos in New Mexico provide whales with the best offers, such as unique games, encouragements, tournaments, and an excellent customer service. In our guide, we will share with you information about amusements with the biggest payouts that will help you to become a successful gambler.

High-Stake Slots

Casino high rollers usually do not like choosing slots because of some misconceptions that exist. Unlike penny fruit machines, high-stake ones have much more expended limits for your minimum and maximum bets.

Moreover, you are free to decide how much you are going to bet — a few coins or $1,000 per spin. Your comfort and entertainment are the biggest priority.

Jackpots at High Rollers Casinos in New Mexico

Land-Based Vs. Online Slots

New Mexico has more than 20 land-based wagering houses on its territory, so you will definitely have lots of opportunities for finding your winning luck. High roller slots are usually located in a separate section. Generally, land-based institutions set larger betting limits than the online ones. Also, if you have established good relationships with the casino, you can get special limits as the regular customer.

On the other hand, online virtual rooms usually offer higher payout percentages to its clients. They also keep whales' funds and personal information secure. Bonuses and promotions are not an unusual thing to get because you are always exposed to plenty of options.

The Biggest Win Ever

If you still do not believe that slots can actually bring you some good cash, those success stories will prove you're wrong. In 2015, Mega Moolah fan Jonathan Heywood managed to earn the largest payout in online slot's history — €13,213,838 (€17,879,645).

A Mega Fortune winner from Helsinki took home a whopping jackpot of €17,861,813 in 2013. An anonymous gambler from Sweden broke the records of Hall of Gods winning €7,788,882 in April 2015.

An Arabian Night fan from Finland has managed to win a €8,635,872 prize in one casual evening. This top-5 rate is closed by Anon, a player from Britain, who have earned $8,211,861 playing Beach Life. Everything is possible with the right strategy and the readiness to take risks.

Big Wins Review at New Mexico Casinos for Whales

New Mexico Lottery

The lottery of New Mexico was established in 1996 by the local government. Since it is a member of Multi-State Lottery Association, it can offer you various draws and scratch off games. Remember that you must be at least 18 to be eligible to take part in draws.

The largest prize in state's history was won on September 28, 2007, and was almost $102.9 million in cash value. You can find your luck in many attractive games, such as Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Pick 3 and others. Currently, the jackpots offered are $202 million, $140 million and $8,100,000, so do not miss that chance.

Blackjack Lucky Beggars

Even though casinos appreciate the amount of efforts high rollers to build their career, sometimes they are not quite ready to give out such large amounts. If a whale wins, he/she can take home a couple of million dollars at once! Because of that, Don Johnson, a blackjack fan from New Jersey, had a not very pleasant situation to deal with. He got banned from many casinos just because he managed to win $5,800,000 in less than 12 hours.

Another gambler Adnan Khashoggi has earned €5,000,000 in one of the evenings. Betting rooms understand that winning such large sums is a real possibility, and therefore they try to avoid awarding the same people more than once.