Games Varieties at High Rollers Casinos in New Mexico

Gambling in the U.S is an all-time favorite entertainment that spreads beyond the borders of Arizona and California. Casinos are recognized by more than 40 states, where even high rollers with the most demanding taste may find entertainments they like.

Betting houses for whales in New Mexico have prepared a lot of good offers. In addition to excellent game options, clients can enjoy endless promotions and high-quality service. We will gladly share high rollers casino review of the most outstanding amusements and their main features.

Table and Card Games

Table and card games are definitely something that comes to our mind right away when we hear the word 'casinos'. These amusements became an integral part of the whole movement. When they first appeared in the 18th century, there were not many choices at all, but now the situation improved drastically.

The best delights that suit your needs can be reached out in just a few clicks. Your only limitations are maximum and minimum levels of your bets, which are determined by the table limit. However, there can be amusements with no limit at all, where you are allowed to bet whatever sum you wish.

Games at High Rollers Casinos in New Mexico


High limit games are favored by many whales because they provide an excellent opportunity to win some good cash. Roulette is definitely one of them, and stakes can be set around $1,000 to $200,000.

However, double up is not a perfect strategy to use in this case. Try gradually increasing your bets by $100, $300 till you encounter $1,000. This method allows you to plan your future steps and get real benefits in the meantime. The house edge of roulette is 2.7%.


You will definitely enjoy playing blackjack. If you set your stakes starting with $1,000, you will be able to achieve your goal very soon. Optimize for a short term win, do not think of complicated methods. Doubling down is your best bet for many card games.


Even hundreds of years ago, this game was a hobby of many wealthy people in France. A pretty low house edge of around 1.24% looks attractive too. The rules are easy to remember: the cards are dealt from a shoe of 6 or 8 decks to the 'banker' hand and a 'player' hand. In the beginning, you are required to place a bet either on the banker hand, on a player hand, or on a tie.

Slot Machines

Casinos in New Mexico offer a huge variety of slots, which are always a good alternative to classical amusements. You can either download a game or play instantly. Usually, high rollers avoid slots because of their large house edge, but still, there are some high-quality amusements that will give you everything you've ever wished for.

For example, 50 Lions, Avalon, Beach Life, or Sun Tide would be cool options. In the majority of slots for big spenders, the max bet does not exceed $500. However, you can win 100 times more!

High Rollers Play Games at New Mexico Casinos


If you tried out online gambling before, you have probably heard of craps. Craps is another amusement enjoyed by so many high rollers. The house edge of this game for pass/come is 1.41%, which makes it even more convenient. You will be also offered zero-edge bets as you go until the end of a round. This delight can be easily found in multiple casinos around the globe, including New Mexico.

Whales Tournaments

Whales who enjoy the spirit of competition can participate in various tournaments organized specifically for VIP members. You can get a VIP membership right when a competition takes place, but any bets made prior to that decision will not affect your outcome.

Buy-ins for high rollers are very attractive: $25,000, $50,000, or even $100,000! Prize pools for the first 5-8 places are separated. For example, on one of such events the first-place winner earned around $1,500,000, the second - $1,200,000, and the third - $1,000,000. Tickets to other events, all paid trips, and gadgets are given out as prizes during such championships too.