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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

US Senate Candidate Hector Balderas at DPNM Pre-primary Convention

Above video provided by Balderas for New Mexico

DFNM is starting the Democratic Pre-primary Convention coverage with spotlighting NM State Auditor Hector Balderas. Hector was escorted to the stage with his many supporters. "There were more people on the stage than in all of Wagon Mound" Hector stated to cheers.

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Young and old all proudly championing their candidate. Hector Balderas is a very modest humble public servant. He has worked hard for the state to track down corruption as the State Auditor, and to help the small towns of New Mexico be accurate with their accounting. Hector's speech emphatically states that no wall street bankers have been held accountable for the crash in 2008. And if he was in office that would not be the case. He will stand up for ordinary New Mexicans, and fight for us every day.

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Bald for Balderas

Below is a funny video of Brian Colon showing his commitment to Hector BALDeras. You must check this out! Brian and Hector are like blood brothers but now we can call them BALD brothers.

Last but not least is the raw video shot of the Balderas Campaign; Supporters escorting Hector to the stage, getting set on the stage and Balderas delivering his speech.

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