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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

House District 30 Race - The People of HD30 Deserve Better

Guest blog by Mary Ellen Broderick candidate for State House of Representatives District 30.IMAG0317crop
The race for State House District 30 made a huge leap into the nasty, negative campaign category on Tuesday, two weeks prior to election day.

Representative Nate Gentry has decided to go all out on attacking me personally. Now nearly every single day, Rep. Gentry is sending his constituents negative mailers against Broderick claiming everything from my supposed support for child killers to hypocrisy over something that never happened. Gentry even mailed out a link to a two year old spoof video.

Meanwhile the good people of House District 30 remain in difficult economic times, worried about education, their lives hanging in the balance as their Representative Nate Gentry pulls out every tired smear tactic in the GOP playbook.

What about the issues Representative Gentry? Do you really believe that negative, personal attacks will help local small business owners create jobs? The video made two years ago is a parody of Glenn Beck speaking at his huge rally in Washington DC on August 28, 2010. Rep. Gentry and his allies must have spent hours, if not days, digging thru 2000+ videos stored on this blog's youtube channel. Rep. Gentry and his allies then took the video and re-uploaded it on their own under a no-name account.

Below is a link to the Glenn Beck speech Broderick is parodying, go 44 seconds in.

Isn't it time to stop the politics of personal destruction? Don't our constituents deserve better?

This is exactly why I entered the race. Because too much is at stake in this election to gloss over the issues and focus only on personal smear campaigns.

Representative Gentry, I have never attacked you. Period. But I do think the voters deserve to know about your record – which has been damaging to middle-class families, small businesses, veterans and seniors. Those aren't attacks, they are the facts.

I love this state, and I know that Rep. Gentry does as well. However, we have very different ideas of how to embrace our future. Those are the differences we need to discuss.

I entered this challenging race for House District 30 proud and determined to speak up for people and give voice to the concerns and frustrations that everyday New Mexican families have with the direction of state. The politics of character assassination is a distraction from what really matters in this race.

Please also view this short clip of Representative Gentry, In the video below Mr. Gentry says he will not make personal attacks. This was one day before the “Hoodie” mailer dropped and just days before he circulated a link to the spoof video. You decide whether those are personal attacks – I'm out to knock on more doors, meet more people and bring my POSITIVE vision for the future of New Mexico to the people of District 30. Let's get to work!

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"I apologize for the ugly things I sent you in the mail; they're not 'personal attacks'. They are what my twisted worldview sees as 'facts'." /snark??

I wonder what the neighborhood association folks think of Nate Gentry now?? You should ask them, MEB. They can be quite influential.

Posted by: Proud Democrat | Oct 25, 2012 1:28:13 PM

Harry Teague learned to his dismay that a candidate cannot have a sense of humor. He joked several years ago that he would give up his collection of guns if he was given the keys to the (Hobbs?) armory. That was repeatedly used against him by Tinsley, as I recall.

Posted by: Ellen Wedum | Oct 27, 2012 10:59:27 AM

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