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Saturday, December 10, 2011

US Attorney Alerts FBI to Martinez Expo Deal

The following is from Progress New Mexico:

The scandal that surrounds Governor Martinez's efforts to award a sweetheart lease deal at the State Fair to one of her biggest political contributors is not going away.

You might have missed it, but a small news brief in this morning's Santa Fe New Mexican noted a big development in the case:

"U.S. Attorney Kenneth Gonzales this week told a liberal political action committee that he'll forward its request for an FBI investigation of last month's controversial award of a 25-year lease for the State Fair racetrack to political contributors of Gov. Susana Martinez..."

Susana Martinez campaigned on a promise to end what she called "pay-to-play" in New Mexico politics, but with her first big chance, she failed to deliver.

By all accounts, the process to renegotiate a 25-year lease at Expo New Mexico was engineered to ensure that a wealthy political donor would win out in a secretive process outside of public review. 

But, don't take our word for it.  Here are just a few headlines from local news after the deal was exposed:

Downs Deal Smells of Money, Albuquerque Journal

Expo Status Quo Doesn't Serve Public, Albuquerque Journal

        Gov. Ally Says She Pushed Downs Deal , KRQE-TV

You can read the full time line and our take on the proceedings on our blog at ProgressNewMexico.org

Today's news is big news, and we need you to help spread the word: New Mexicans won't stand for "pay-to-play" deals and back-room gambles with our money!

Lastly, watch this video:
The State of Unfair Affairs at the State Fair


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This is another example of how politicians make decisions without informing any one. Somehow they always find a loop hole through which they can make their deals and even if they get caught like you have proven nobody touches them.

Posted by: Albuquerque Lawyer | Dec 12, 2011 2:29:26 PM