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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Quote of the Weekend on Blago-Burris-Reid-Obama Mess

As is often the case, digby at Hullabaloo has one of the best snarks I've read about the latest folly of the Senate Dems -- in this case their politically suicidal insistence on stopping the legitimate and legal appointment of Roland Burris to fill Obama's Senate seat. My only quibble is that she doesn't mention Obama's almost certain involvement in shaping Reid's crusade:

The fact is that the Senate Dems have been reacting like shrieking, maiden aunts in a roomful of bats, lurching from one outraged reaction to the next without any kind of due consideration as to the legality or the political ramifications. One wonders where this level of energy and scorn was when the Republicans were making fools of them over and over again.

I assume the Senate Dems feel that they have to assert themselves or risk being seen as weak. They are, as Jane [Hamsher] points out, afraid that John Cornyn will hang Burris around their necks. But unfortunately, they are asserting themselves in a way that simultaneously appears to be petty, unlawful, panicked and potentially even racist. At the very least they are escalating a distracting political circus at a time of great national crisis, which hardly seems like a smart way to start the new Democratic era. I'm all for fighting the good fight, but it would probably be more useful to do it over something that actually matters.

But hey, maybe it's actually good for them to have a big public, interparty hissy fit right now. With enough practice on each other, they might develop enough courage and skill to outmaneuver the Republicans someday.

Read my previous posts here and here about the possible connections between the Blago mess and Richardonson's withdrawal from the Commerce Secretary appointment.

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There's probably a lot more going on just a hissy fit. Think about it. Burris will be an extremely weak candidate in 2010. And who might just decide to run for the seat? Mr. "show me your money" Blagojevich himself. Illinois needs a Senate appointee who has a chance of holding on to the seat on his/her own merits.

Posted by: TnT | Jan 5, 2009 9:33:17 AM

TnT-the point is that Reid doesn't have the legal right to refuse to seat Burris, whether he and the other Democrats would prefer another candidate or not. Obama and the Ds brought this on themselves by not allowing a special election for the seat and now they are whining about the consequences of their actions. This is bad politics anyway you look at it. You can depend on the Ds to always find a way to shoot themselves in the foot on some inane issue. If only Reid and the others were this feisty when votes on things like FISA and the Military Commissions and torture were being considered.

Posted by: Old Dem | Jan 5, 2009 9:43:03 AM

Digby rules!

Posted by: | Jan 5, 2009 9:04:52 PM