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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Sen. Tom Udall Calls for Thorough Review of Patriot Act, Wants Our Input

Recently, without any meaningful debate, Congress voted (House, Senate) to provide a three-month extension on several very controversial provisions of the Patriot Act -- to continue surveillance of business records, individual terrorists as agents of foreign powers and roving wiretaps. In essence, they kicked the can down the road instead of engaging in a serious, indepth analysis of the provisions and the law itself.

Senator Tom Udall (D-NM) voted no on the initial enactment of the Patriot Act, as well as the extensions of various provisions that have been passed since the Act's inception almost 10 years ago, including the latest one. Now Sen. Udall is calling for a thorough review of the law before anything more is done to extend any part of the post-9/11 legislation. Watch the video above to hear his views.

To give him a perspective on how New Mexicans view the Patriot Act, Senator Udall wants to hear our opinions on whether we should extend its reach going forward, and why or why not. Just go to his Facebook page and weigh in with your comments or questions.

For more information on the Patriot Act, visit these pages at the ACLU, Wikipedia, NPR and the Electronic Frontier Foundation, for starters.

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Repeal it NOW!

Posted by: Art Jaquez | Feb 24, 2011 4:27:04 PM

Here's my input...
GET RID OF IT! The whole thing.

Posted by:

REPEAL IT, the only input needed. That said, why bother, recent History suggests that the Senate Dem's will "compromise" again and fold like a cheap lawn chair when the GOP whining starts. Some noise will be made and the Patriot Act will continue to trample all over the Constitution.

The Senate Dem's standard excuse card will be played, "we didn't have the votes" and they'll happily allow the GOP to control the narrative that this will protect us from every bogeyman the right conjures up.

Posted by: VP | Feb 27, 2011 7:38:08 AM

sen tom as usual you are right on
this is a fascist amendment
i know this may be extreme

wisconsin the nazi brothers
are attacking labor unions
our middle class

as hitler will they begin

frankly i am not just concerned
i am frightened for usa folks

while peole in mid east are
demanding their democratic rights
we who used to be an inspiration
for the world's repressed ones
are fighting for our rights
which are being gradually and
sneakly being stripped away
i saw a sign at one of the many

the class struggle continues.....
with respect rev joyce bovee

Posted by: joyce bovee | Feb 27, 2011 11:41:21 AM