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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

New Mexico Congressional Campaigns in Great Spirits, Working Hard

We spoke with NM-03 Congressional candidate Ben Ray Lujan before Noon today and he was very upbeat and excited, but still deterrmined to devote every minute to campaigning until the polls close at 7:00 PM tonight. You know how he is -- always on the go, always reaching out, always working to get more votes for the team. Ben Ray made a point to call and wish Mary Ellen a happy birthday. There was actual singing involved. And it wasn't that bad. Can you believe M.E.'s turning 50 on what is arguably the most important Election Day of our lifetimes? She'll always remember it, that's for sure.

We also heard from Michael Huerta of the Harry Teague campaign in NM-02. No surprise, it looks and feels like a tight race down there and Harry and company are using every last minute to contact more voters. Things seem to be running smoothly at the polling places down South, and campaign staffers and volunteers are in constant motion around the district. Hopes are high. 

Just a few minutes ago we got a chance for a few words with NM-01 Congressional candidate Martin Heinrich, who was in a car traveling to his next stop while juggling two or three calls and no doubt checking his watch. Martin said things seem to be going smoothly at the polling places -- good news. Although he said they're optimistic about a big turnout for Democrats, he wanted us to urge our readers to call everyone they know to make sure they get out and vote.

We also spoke with Heinrich campaign manager Jon Blair just a moment ago and he said they sent out some huge canvassing groups today. There were 125 volunteers in the morning canvass at the main campaign office alone, plus more at their five satellite offices and additional folks working with the Udall and Obama teams. There have been groups of 50 volunteers working the phones most of the day, while Martin travels all over the district, shaking hands and winning more votes.

Last Minute Help Needed at Heinrich Campaign
There are still some Heinrich supporters who haven't yet voted, and Martin stressed they want to leave no vote uncast. If you have time, the Heinrich campaign still needs phone banking help at the main office on 4105 Silver SE, as well as at their satellite offices. If you can help, call the campaign at (505) 244-0022 and find out where you're needed most. This could be the closest race of the three, and we need Martin to head to Congress come January. He's the real deal.

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