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Monday, August 22, 2011

Democrat Danny Maki Announces Candidacy for District 3 PRC Seat

DannymakiCr On Saturday, August 20th, Democrat Danny Maki announced his campaign for the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission in District 3, in northern New Mexico. Maki held three announcement events on Saturday within District 3 -- at the Cowboy Kitchen in Mora, at the Elks Lodge in Santa Fe and at the home of Roy Soto and Rita Longino in Corrales.

“I was raised to fight for what you believe in and stand up for what’s right. The rate increases for utilities and insurance mean we’ll be paying more at a time when we have a lot less in our pockets," Maki said in a statement released by his campaign. "That’s wrong and somebody has to stand up and be the voice for the people of New Mexico. The opportunity to put the public back in the Public Regulation Commission motivated me to for run for the Public Regulation Commission seat in District 3."

That seat is currently held by Democrat Jerome Block Jr., who has been under pressure to resign due to allegations of impropriety. Block has so far indicated he does not intend to resign his office. The Democratic primary is set for June 5, 2012. If Block resigns or is impeached, Republican Gov. Susana Martinez would appoint someone serve in his seat for the rest of his term.

A press release from his campaign said that Maki grew up in Santa Fe and is a lifelong working class Democrat. He began volunteering for Democratic campaigns since before he could drive or vote, served for three years as the Director of Boards and Commissions for the State of New Mexico and worked for Congressman Ben Ray Lujan both in-state and in Washington, D.C. He also worked as a baggage handler, and then ran his family’s small sporting goods business. Maki said he will work on issues important to the people of the district and the state like job creation, accountable government and consumer protection.

“New Mexico has a once in a lifetime opportunity to create renewable energy that can drive the state and national economy. I’ll use my experience to help the Commission bring together our elected officials in Santa Fe and Washington to upgrade our transmission line infrastructure, diversify our energy portfolio and incentivize local energy companies to develop wind, solar, and geo-thermal energy resources. If we act now we can create at least 20,000, recession proof long-term jobs for New Mexicans. New Mexico must not lose this opportunity,” said Maki. “That’s the kind of vision, leadership and results I’ll bring to the Public Regulation Commission.”

Maki recently left the office of Congressman Ben Ray Lujan and is currently the Director of Development at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Santa Fe. You can read more about Maki's experience and background on his campaign website.

"I know the District--I know the issues--I'm ready for the challenge," Maki said. "Let's put the public back in the Public Regulation Commission!"

Danny Maki is the son of Walter "Butch" Maki, a registered lobbyist and long-time former aide to ex-Gov. Bill Richardson.

Other Candidates
So far, four other candidates have indicated their interest in running for the District 3 seat in the Democratic primary -- Santa Fe County Clerk Valerie Espinoza, Democratic Party activist Martin Suazo of Las Vegas NM, Santa Fe mortgage banker Brad Gallegos and Santa Fe County Commissioner Virginia Vigil. Rick Lass may be another possibility. He ran as a Green Party candidate against Block Jr. in 2008, but is now a registered Democrat. Lass hasn't yet made a decision on the 2012 race.

No Republican candidates for the post have yet emerged. About 57% of the registered voters in District 3 are Democrats, while only 26% are Republicans and 17% are independent or belong to other parties. 

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Glad to see a quality candidate in this race!

Posted by: concerneddemocrat | Aug 22, 2011 2:43:49 PM

Go Danny Go !

Posted by: Memba | Aug 22, 2011 5:06:36 PM

seems unqualified considering New Mexico's present condition and his ties and length of service to the state.

Posted by: Matthew Gurule | Aug 22, 2011 7:02:38 PM

I am obviously a biased supporter of Danny Maki.

His length of service and ties to the state - Danny has been helping (good) candidates run for office since before he could walk. His ties to this state run generations. He has family all over NM who have kids and grandchildren who will be the beneficiary of 1. A state that has come in dead last in the race to solve our energy problems or 2. A state that has done everything possible to be THE leader in renewable energy that can be achieved in a sustainable way. Danny spent many years of his adult life helping others at the expense of his own interests (namely college) - he got that taken care of though, in DC, and is one of a handful of educated/experienced people who actually want to come back to New Mexico and do good for the people. Give him a chance...don't compare him to his father. I think we will all be very satisied with the job he will do for us.

Posted by: Go Danny! | Aug 23, 2011 8:48:37 AM

Well he seems like he has enough experience politically to be an aid in DC, but not enough to put forth policies that enable New Mexican families to be independent without putting up any more red tape on regulations that already dwarfing existing business interests. He is also running against some tough competition. After doing some research I concluded that his father’s company was involved with embezzlement and racketeering. I am trying not to base my decision on the fact of his father’s affiliations but these facts are hard to swallow. I am currently undecided.

Posted by: Christina Gonzalez | Aug 23, 2011 3:38:46 PM

Maki's dad is the biggest, best-connected lobbyist in the state. My question is: who is going to be funding this democratic party insider's campaign? I would guess it will be the special interests who have benefitted from Butch Maki's lobbying and connections to corrupt politicians. My second question is: if elected, who will Maki be representing? I would guess it will be the same special interests mentioned above. I hope people won't vote for the same old-guard, corrupt democrats who have brought us the likes of Jerome Block.

Posted by: Jackson Cordova | Aug 23, 2011 4:22:21 PM

Figured it would resort t smears so I know it is an intentional tactic by a competing campaign. That is Politics so all is fair but try and realize the hypocrisy...bring on the opposition and we can have a substantive debate re who is qualified to do this job.

Posted by: Go Danny! | Aug 23, 2011 6:42:35 PM

No, I am sorry but I am not running for Public regulations commission in this election. The reason is the fact that I'm college student at UNM, and it might interfere with my studies and career path. We are just New Mexican citizens voicing our opinions. If you can't handle the heat then stay out of the kitchen.

Posted by: Christina Gonzalez | Aug 24, 2011 3:48:04 PM

Please stay in school and focus on learning about NM Government and politics so that you can properly identify the elected office of which you speak. And learn a bit of grammar.

Posted by: Rose Sena | Aug 25, 2011 8:58:19 AM