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Thursday, October 09, 2008

McCain: No Honor, No Ethics, No Conscience, No Courage

Hannity & Van Susteren interview McCain-Palin

Okay, we can admire the way McCain endured his time as a POW. Many people do brave and honorable things in their youthful years, only to fall victim to their darker natures later in life. McCain is obviously one of those people. The campaign he and Palin are now running is not only dishonest and designed to appeal to the very worst inclinations of the GOP base, it's entirely disingenuous.

McCain knows very well that there's nothing at all sinister about Obama serving on two philanthropic boards -- funded by the foundation of Reagan friend and loyal conservative Walter Annenberg -- with Bill Ayers. Why isn't he calling the Annenberg family "terrorists"? Why isn't he worried about the many Republicans who also served on those boards with Ayers? Does he believe that the current Mayor Richard Daley of Chicago is also a "terrorist"? After all, he has occasionally worked with Ayers. How about all the prominent, long-time and highly respected supporters of Obama? Don't they get how dangerous he has been, out there teaching constitutional law at the University of Chicago, serving in the Illinois State Senate and making his mark on the U.S. Senate?

Midwest Voices has a piece by George Harris that uses satire to point out the absurdity of the claims being slimed around by Grouchy and the Wicked Witch of the North. It's funny as hell. Unfortunately, the kind of hatred and mob mentality that's being deliberately stirred by the GOP isn't funny in the least. Especially at a time when our financial system is collapsing and people are fearful, suffering and flabbergasted at what's happening and what's about to befall them -- courtesy of the GOP Deregulators Inc.

This is politics at its very worst and I think it's high time that John McCain ceases to be introduced and praised as a hero to admire. He's nothing more than an unprincipled, desperate scumbag now, fermenting in his frustrated ambition and lashing out with angry, demented accusations against his rival. The undynamic duo were interviewed by both Hannity and Van Susteren about the horrors of Obama on Fox (see video above). I think they're some of the most despicable displays of pompous, phony outrage and outright lies I ever seen by national political figures, and I've witnessed many of them in my years of following politics from Nixon on.

Whatever he was before, McCain is no longer a hero. He's a man so possessed by venality, ego and arrogance that he's prepared to do or say anything -- anything -- to try and slither his way into the White House. If people don't see this man for what he is now, their senses must be bewitched. He and Palin have become nothing more than hatemongers. Even worse, they're purposeful hatemongers, peddling obvious distortions and lies to manipulate the worst in human nature. Both of them should be publicly shamed, not admired, or even tolerated. They've both crossed the line and are, to use Palin's word, unrepentent.

I'd love to see McCain muster up the nerve to make these accusations and insinuations to Obama's face. I fear, however, that he lacks even a shred of the courage he once displayed. He's spent.

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Dropping bombs on people hardly makes for a hero, McCain served his country and did his Military job, for that he deserves respect but that's where it ends. He has been running a campaign of lies, distortions and gutter politics. The last few days its shifted from gutter to cesspool and on into the realm of hate speech and despicable outright racism. I have NO respect for the man or his unqualified not ready for prime time VP choice. I totally agree, "No Honor, No Ethics, No Conscience, No Courage".

Posted by: VP | Oct 9, 2008 9:34:22 PM