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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Heather Wilson Votes for Rightwing Gay Marriage Ploy

Standing in the shadows of love...

NM Rep. Heather Wilson has again shown what she's really made of. She voted on the side of right-wingers who believe it's critical to go on the record against gay marriage once again, even though it's a "time of war" and more important issues languish on the sidelines. As expected, the call for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage was defeated in the House by a margin of 236-187, but provided another opportunity for grandstanding by "conservatives." Talk about priorities. And whatever happened to the core Republican belief in state's rights and their opposition to the federal government pushing its way into people lives?

Wilson has worked hard to create an "independent" facade to fool voters into thinking she's just a polite, cloth coat, 1950s style moderate Republican. However, politically expedient votes like this one demonstrate how phony her independent pose really is.

Wilson apparently had no qualms about participating in a dog and pony show designed to appeal to the lowest common denomenator within the Republican base. We get you Heather. You're on the side of extremist conservatives like Dan Burton (IN), Marilyn Musgrave (CO), Richard Pombo (CA), Dana Rohrabacher (CA), James Sensenbrenner (WI), Jeff Sessions (AL), Tom Tancredo (CO) and our own Steve Pearce (NM). On the other hand, the genuinely moderate and independent members of Congress from your Party voted against this transparent attempt to make political hay and stir up the howlers.

A similar bill was defeated recently in the Senate and there was never any real hope of passage in either House of Congress. Republicans went ahead with the charade anyway, on direct orders from Bush-Rove. With all the horror stories erupting each day related to their failed foreign and domestic policies, I guess they have to offer some sort of red meat to the pond scum at the bottom of their voting bloc. Heather was right there dishing it out along with the others, falling in line to please the president and his political advisor. Independent my ass.

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The Senate amendment bill was voted down, so no matter what the House did, their bill couldn't move forward, which means that the House basically wasted their time and the tax payers money with this nonsense. So tell me again how hard your working for your constituents Heather!!!

Posted by: VP | Jul 19, 2006 12:07:12 PM

Congresswoman Wilson serves on the influential Energy and Commerce Committee, which has the jurisdiction over issues important to the 1st District including energy, public health, telecommunications and hazardous materials.

Posted by: Luciano | Jul 19, 2006 2:08:25 PM

Hey Luciano:
All I have to say is SO WHAT!

The topic is hating Gays, and she does. I am tired of being a lower class of citizen.

I am in a committed relationship and the thought of some horror at a hospital room, or not collecting each others social security is very real. And very unfair.

I do not care about the marriage...I want a civil legal document.
To bad hate is so alive and well in this country and that heather fosters it.

The next gay bashing she can smile about and know she has a hand in it.
keep it up heather...

Posted by: meb | Jul 19, 2006 2:22:14 PM

Luciano, you're not getting the message. She consistently votes agains ordinary people and for large corporations, which brings out whole state down. What has she done to improve healthcare? Personally I don't want somebody on the Energy and Commerce committee who cozies up to all the rich lobbyists and forgets about what the people need back home.

But as meb said, that's beside the point. Wilson voted to permanently cut the possibility of our citizens who happen to be gay to get their full civil rights. She doesn't have to like gay people -- but any member of Congress should be supportive of equal rights under the law for all.

Instead she votes for an idiotic bill with no change of passing to do what? Make homophobes happy?

Posted by: Old Dem | Jul 19, 2006 2:54:10 PM

I keep hearing stories that both Heather and her husband are closet gays. So maybe that is why she votes this way. I don't mean to be mean. I don't take any offense at gays but there so many in the Republican party who are afraid to be who they really are and end up bagging gays.

Posted by: The Gossip | Jul 19, 2006 3:47:10 PM

I always wondered what was in that Albuquerque Police Incident Report that Wilson had removed when she was at Children, Youth and Families. It supposedly had "potentially embarassing allegations leveled against Wilson's husband, Jay Hone." You can see the video buried on the NM Democrats website.

Also, regarding Luciano's comments, great, she's on the energy committee. And, she votes for all the big oil subsidies and crap like the energy bill! I guess we should be glad she's on the energy committee so that she can pay off all her big oil contributors!

Posted by: Gossiper 2 | Jul 19, 2006 4:05:16 PM

Luciano: So SHE's responsible for $3.00+ gasoline?

I hadn't thought much about that 'butch' haircut.....but?

Posted by: PlacitasRoy | Jul 19, 2006 6:53:35 PM

Leather Heather's a closet case all the way. I've heard too many stories from too many people who don't line not to believe that. The problem is she's a hypocrite, not that she's gay of course.

Posted by: Rumor Mill | Jul 22, 2006 10:09:16 AM

Tar and Feather Wilson

Posted by: Post American | Sep 21, 2006 8:59:13 AM

I totally get Heather Wilson and her kind of venon-spitting Republicans, because I live in hell itself, Texas. What I really want to understand is why Governor Richardson is so against gay-marriage. I agree that civil unions are the most important, but if even Richardson can say in the same statement he supports the civil rights of gay people and yet say he is for the DOMA and agaisnt gay people ever marrying in the country, extremely hypocritical. Either you are or you aren't. Don't let him not answer this question, keep it on the front burner, for I don't care to support people who ultimately want my vote but don't support me. These are fake liberals, and I dislike them more than conservatives.

Posted by: Terry Harris | Jan 21, 2007 11:07:12 AM