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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

'Birther' Madness Breaks Out in Steve Pearce's Brain at Los Lunas Town Hall

We already know that NM-02 congressional candidate Steve Pearce feels entirely comfortable in a blatant and insulting manner about rival Harry Teague's personal life and business, as well as refusing to admit he has publicly supported the as we know it. We already know that Pearce is the recipient of the largest stash of from oil and gas giants among the candidates for U.S. House -- except for one. So we know that Pearce and his campaign are willing to do and say anything to try and get a leg up in this race with no shame and little, if any, honor. 

But it hasn't been clear, until now, that Steve Pearce is a part of the so-called 'birther' movement -- and he ain't ashamed to flog that dead horse myth in public.

Check out the video above from today's HuffPo story about Pearce's statements expressing his doubts about President Barack Obama's place of birth -- while helping to spread rumors that have been revealed to be pure bull pucky many moons ago. The so-called "birther" movement -- put forth by elements of the tea party, professional right-wing spinners and others -- seems to have been moved to the back burner in most places but, here in New Mexico, Pearce seems dead set on keeping it alive.

At the Sept. 30 event in Los Lunas, New Mexico, a woman stood up and asked Pearce if he would "be agreeable to subpoenaing and making him [Obama] show a birth certificate." "Because if he is not eligible, because of everything he signed, every bill he signed, every executive order, his czars, our whole government, everything we're doing is invalid and unconstitutional and illegal," she said, adding, "I just want to know what is your position on Barack Obama if he is in fact a Kenyan-born, Indonesian Muslim. What is your position on all of this?"

In his response, Pearce said that were still "significant questions" surrounding the birther issue.

Here's the back and forth between the woman in the audience and Pearce:

PEARCE: You bet. Let's take it backwards first. My position is that Barack Obama raised the most significant questions himself. He said, after he came to the U.S., that he traveled to Pakistan. Now at the point that he traveled to Pakistan it was not legal to go there with a U.S. passport. And so he, himself, raised the greatest questions. I think that those questions need to be asked.

Now, then, my question would be to you all at what importance, what importance? You can typically fight two or three major battles in a year, major, and for me, if we don't get our economy going, nothing else works. ... I'm content to let the courts handle that and it's my understanding the Supreme Court is actually looking at this question because I think it's an important question. But I absolutely believe that Barack Obama raises the most significant questions himself.

Q: But if the Senate is involved, you will definitely be there on the front lines --

PEARCE: Yes, no, I don't mind being in the fight but I don't think it should be our consummate fight.

Q: Oh, no, not the consummate fight, but if it comes up --

PEARCE: Yes, and I don't, don't have a problem expressing my opinions or expressing a vote, either one.

Well, as the HuffPo story spells out, Pearce is off his rocker on this stuff, or he's just pretending to be to try and get the off-kilter questioner's vote:

In 2008, Obama mentioned a trip to Pakistan he took when he was 20 years old, which he hadn't written about his books. Skeptics of Obama's citizenship speculated that he went there with an Indonesian passport while his mother was married to an Indonesian man because Americans weren't allowed to travel to Pakistan at the time. As FactCheck.org reported, however, "[T]hat claim is quite false. There was no such ban. Americans traveled there without incident, as shown by a travel piece that appeared in the New York Times in 1981, dated June 14. Barbara Crossette, an assistant news editor of the Times, told her mostly American readers they could travel to Lahore, Pakistan, by air, rail or road, adding: 'Tourists can obtain a free, 30-day visa (necessary for Americans) at border crossings and airports.'" Pearce's campaign did not return The Huffington Post's request for comment. Additionally, the Supreme Court is not considering a birther case. Birthers Orly Taitz and Phil Berg have tried to bring high-profile lawsuits questioning Obama's citizenship, but they have been rejected each time.

For the life of me, I can't understand how any reasonable New Mexican could vote for the likes of Steve "Pack O'Lies" Pearce. "Craven" and "without scruples" don't begin to describe the almost pathological approach to campaigning being pursued by Pearce. Get the word out on who Pearce really is, and what he's willing to do and say to try to attract votes no matter what. We can't have this guy walking the halls of Congress again, pretending to represent the people.

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Mr. Pearce is as mad as the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland.

However as Shakespeare says: “There’s method in his madness.” He wants Tea Party support. His campaign is sheer lunacy!

Posted by: Hemingway | Oct 6, 2010 3:22:57 PM

If he only had a conscience. Why is it that so many Republicans who like to talk about family values are scheming, greedy liars with no qualms about sticking the knife in people and doing anything it takes to win offices or pile up more money?

Posted by: Randy | Oct 6, 2010 4:48:51 PM

I guess Mr. Pearce is trying to appeal to the Frontline Aryans group and Birther organization. I guess every vote counts for Mr. Pearce!



Posted by: Hemingway | Oct 7, 2010 11:50:10 AM

Those birther articles are something else. How can anyone take Pearce seriously as a candidate? He stunk when he held the seat and was almost never seen in the district. He brought home no jobs and did nothing for veterans or struggling working families. He made a crusade of fighting meth labs long after the problem had been minimized. Now this.

Maybe pod people have come down and replaced humans in many areas of the country and they are voting as programmed for crazy wingnuts like Pearce, S. Matinez, Angle and O'Donnell (I am not a wtich). I can't see any other reason to do so.

Posted by: Reynaldo | Oct 7, 2010 12:50:53 PM

I'm sorry for him. I would never vote for Mr. Pearce. He is not for the whole of New Mexico.

Posted by: Loretta Sanchez | Oct 8, 2010 5:25:36 PM

This past week the political ads the Republican Party has put out is nothing but junk. Diane Denish is her own person. Bill Richardson has his own conscience, Diane should not have to pay for his mistakes. Diane, is a smart business woman, compationate to New Mexican's and has a running mate that is the cream of the crop. He has a conscience, compassion and very smart. I think if you really read between the lines New Mexico should do very well in picking the Denish/Colon ticket.

Posted by: Loretta Sanchez | Oct 8, 2010 5:30:24 PM