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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Democratic Legislative Leaders Demand Immediate Return of GOP Funds Accepted by Dem House Candidate Matthew Archuleta

MatthewArchuleta120 Key New Mexico Democratic legislative leaders today demanded an apology from Matthew Archuleta (right), who is challenging incumbent Rep. Eleanor Chavez in the District 13 Democratic primary. Archuleta recently accepted a $4,000 contribution from New Mexico Turn Around PAC, created by Republican Party Chairman Harvey Yates. The Treasurer of New Mexico Turn Around PAC is Republican Party Executive Director Ryan Cangiolosi. The campaign of State Representative Eleanor Chavez says Archuleta used these funds to try and smear her in the primary race.

“Any Democrat who receives money from the state Republican Party should give those funds to a charity immediately,” Speaker of the House Ben Lujan said in a statement released today.

Rep. Mimi Stewart, Chair of the Health and Government Affairs Committee, added that, “The Republican Party has fought healthcare reform, ethics legislation and environmental protection. Matthew Archuleta has no business accepting a contribution from them and doing their bidding."

A statement from House Majority Leader Ken Martinez said, “This is a Democratic primary race, and as Democrats, we stand for very different things than Republicans. I think it is improper for a Republican PAC to insert itself in a Democratic primary race, and even more disappointing that a Democratic candidate would take those funds and use them in a negative campaign against a fellow Democrat.”

“I hope Mr. Archuleta apologizes to the voters for doing the business of the Republican Party. If I were a voter in the district I would be wary of voting for a Democrat who is really a Republican,” House Appropriations Chair Kiki Saavedra stated.

The New Mexico Turn Around PAC  states, “NMTA supports the transfer of control of the New Mexico State House to Republican control.” Why do Matthew Archuleta and two other Democratic primary candidates who got campaign cash from NMTA -- Michael Atler and Barbara Casey -- think it was appropriate to take money from a right-wing organization dedicated to taking legislative seats away from Democrats?

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It is so good to see that all three candidates managed to retain their seats in spite of the $16,000 of Republican money spent to hurt them.

Terry Riley

Posted by: Terry Riley | Jun 2, 2010 10:23:18 AM