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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Gov. Bill Richardson Signs New Conceal Carry Law But Orders Additional Safeguards

Governor Bill Richardson today signed SB 40, a bill sponsored by Sen. George Munoz (D-Gallup) that removes the ban on concealed carry licensees from bringing their weapons into New Mexico restaurants with beer and wine licenses. However, Governor Richardson said he is ordering additional safeguards to address public safety concerns surrounding the bill.

“My decision to sign this bill came after much contemplation and thought. I heard strong opinions from both those for and against the bill,” Governor Richardson said in a written statement. “As the Governor of a western state, I know well the deep feelings that come with such a measure, but I also understand those feelings and beliefs must be tempered by the enactment of certain safeguards.”

SB 40 passed the NM Senate by a vote of 27-15 and the NM House by a margin of 54-12.

Under current New Mexico statute and regulation, there is no clear and explicit prohibition on the consumption of alcohol while carrying a concealed weapon. Governor Richardson announced that he is directing the New Mexico Department of Public Safety to revise its regulations to make it clear that consumption of alcohol while carrying a concealed weapon is prohibited. He's also encouraging the legislature to consider legislation that would make such a prohibition unequivocal in state statue.

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