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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

ICLEI USA Announces Appointment of Martin Chavez as Executive Director

MartinChavez Martin J. Chavez, three-term former mayor of Albuquerque, has been named Executive Director of ICLEI-Local Governments for Sustainability USA, considered the nation’s largest and most successful membership organization for local governments committed to climate protection, sustainability, and clean energy.

A statement announcing the appointment said Chavez will lead the growing national movement of U.S. cities, towns, and counties -- from New York and Los Angeles to Oklahoma City -- that are taking action to combat climate change, save energy, create green jobs, and make their communities better places to live. He will direct ICLEI’s ongoing efforts to empower these local governments with the tools, resources, and expertise necessary to achieve their goals.

“On behalf of the Board of Directors, I could not be more pleased to welcome this experienced, committed, and tireless local government leader to assume the ICLEI Executive Director position,” said Patrick Hays, ICLEI USA President and Board Chairman, and Mayor of North Little Rock, AR. “Mayor Chavez has very a strong record in the environmental, social justice, and economic development arenas alike. His drive and experience are perfectly suited to building ICLEI’s growing membership, serving our 600+ local government members, and working with our partners in federal and state government.”

As we know, Chavez served three terms as mayor of Albuquerque. He was elected to his first term in 1993, and re-elected in 2001 and 2005, leaving office in 2009. ICLEI described Albuquerque as having a “strong mayor” system of government in which the mayor serves as the city’s chief executive officer.

“I’m a strong mayor at heart, and I’m therefore particularly excited to assume executive responsibility for building an organization that I consider so important,” Chavez said in a written statement. “ICLEI has a successful tradition of helping our cities and counties do more and do better -- to create places where we can thrive for generations to come. I look forward to working with fellow local elected officials and professionals nationwide, and of course with the very dedicated ICLEI staff, to achieve measureable impacts in the years ahead.”

ICLIE pointed out that Chavez was hailed as one of the nation’s “greenest” mayors, and said he brings to ICLEI "a deep understanding of and commitment to local environmental, sustainability, and energy issues." Chavez has already served as a member of the ICLEI USA Board of Directors and of the worldwide ICLEI Executive Committee. He also served as a Trustee of the United States Conference of Mayors (USCM), chaired the Urban Water Council, and was co-chair of USCM’s Climate Change Task Force.

ICLEI's announcement said that Chavez will serve during a period of unprecedented membership growth, as more local governments seek help to lower their greenhouse gas emissions, plan for unavoidable climate impacts, save energy and taxpayer dollars, create green jobs, and develop plans to improve long-term sustainability and quality of life for their communities. "Chavez’s experience on the front lines of these issues in Albuquerque make him ideally suited to helping other mayors and local government staff achieve their goals," according to ICLEI.

Jeb Brugmann, ICLEI’s founding Secretary General and recently the interim Executive Director of ICLEI USA, added that, “Mayor Chavez brings a strong sense of mission to ICLEI that will be embraced by ICLEI’s community of path breakers in our field. He assumes the position at a critical time, when ICLEI is poised to establish a full system of standards, tools, educational services, consulting and software partnerships, and regional service offices to achieve ambitious improvements in local energy and water efficiency, resilience, and livability.”

Chavez will formally join ICLEI on March 1, as the organization celebrates its 20th year as the leading organization of its kind.

ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability USA is a membership association of local governments in the United States committed to advancing climate protection and sustainable development. For more information visit www.icleiusa.org.

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