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Thursday, October 23, 2008

DPNM: Calling All Volunteers

From the DPNM: Pssssst. Have you heard about one of the Democratic Party of New Mexico's secret weapons that will help us secure victory in November? It's our predictive dialer and we are one of the only state parties to have one in our possession.  
How does it work you ask?  It's all automated. As volunteers make calls the system is cueing up another live voter so there is no dialing, leaving messages or mistakes. This program is also completely computerized so all the records are instantly recorded. Our system is so efficient we have been able to dramatically increase our outreach to voters who don't know about our Democratic candidates.
Click here to sign up for a evening and see how efficient our predictive dialer is for yourself. 


With 13 days left, we know the Republicans will pull out all the stops against Barack Obama and our Democratic candidates. There's nothing the Rove Republicans won't do with their backs to the wall and power slipping out of their hands. They have proven time and again they will stoop so low with the most vicious lies and attacks. In fact, you may have received one of their nasty robocalls absurdly claiming Obama is a terrorist. 

Republicans know they can't win this campaign based on the issues, so they stoop to lies instead. Let's fight fire with fire and make our own calls to set the record straight about how Barack Obama, Tom Udall, Martin Heinrich, Ben Ray Luján, and Harry Teague will fight for working families like yours and mine. 

I know your time is valuable and it's a lot to ask.  I know how hard you've been working already to make sure we turn our state from red to blue.  But, it's going to get rough out there for our candidates in these final days.  That makes everything we do to help Barack Obama, Joe Biden and all our Democratic candidates win that much more important. 

Thanks for all you do.  Now let's work together to get our country back on track. 

Brian S. Colón, DPNM Chairman

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i did this one night....you really have to be on your toes.
i think i will volunteer right now. maybe we should have some democracy for NM volunteers go hold down these phones one night??? any one game??

Posted by: mary ellen | Oct 23, 2008 12:05:04 PM