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Here are photos we took during the Democratic Party State Central Committee Meeting in Socorro NM the weekend of April 22-24. You'll notice there are no photos of the meeting itself as we were too busy and energized to take pictures during the event.

The signs about Social Security were created and placed around town by the excellent progressive activist group, Socorroans for Democracy. Great job! You see the signs in highly visible locations all over Socorro. We were pleased to get a chance to meet several members of SFC. This is what grassroots activism is all about!

Many of the photos were taken at a general store just up the street from the old Val Verde Hotel. The store's structure is covered with old advertising signs, rusting mining equipment, cattle skulls and other Western totems from the past.

The hotel, which still houses a steakhouse and other businesses, was built in 1915 and was one of the chain of hotels along the Santa Fe railroad, like Albuquerque's now-dismantled Alvarado Hotel.

You'll also see a photo of Bosco, our peach-faced lovebird, in his new traveling cage covered in palm trees. This was Bosco's first extended trip with us and he seemed to enjoy it very much!

(Note: Photo on this page is an old ten cent postcard image of Socorro.)