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Friday, May 30, 2008

SD 17: Shannon Robinson Hits New Low with Campaign Mailers; Gets Contributions from Vested Interests

Srobinson1New Mexico's primary cycle certainly has had its share of negative campaigning, but the latest low-life moves by Dem incumbent Shannon Robinson (right) -- who's running to keep his State Senate seat in Albuquerque District 17 -- may well be the filthiest campaign tactics used so far this year. I'd call them Rovian in nature, but Robinson's hits are far worse because they're aimed at a candidate in his own Party. And they're outright lies. And he needs to be called on it.

Robinson is facing a hard-charging challenge from Tim Keller, a smart, articulate and progressive reform candidate who's earned endorsements from some of the most respected and ethical Dems in town, as well as scads of organizations and neighborhood leaders (see this post.) It must really be getting to Robinson, who's used to running unopposed and unchallenged on his ethical breeches and his favors to the powers that be. I'm sure he can't believe what's happening and he's responding in the worst possible way -- by trying to slime Keller with outrageously distorted mailings in the last days before the primary. Obviously, Robinson's feeling really desperate. Panicked. Ready to do or say almost anything to try and gain an edge.

Robinson Equates Keller with GOP, Bush
Get this: a recent direct mail piece distributed by Robinson's campaign has this to say about Keller:

"Tim Keller was recruited by the REPUBLICAN Party, his campaign funded by the REPUBLICAN Party, and if elected he will vote with the REPUBLICAN Party."

Another Robinson mailer equates Tim Keller with George Bush, and shows their photos side by side to underline the claim. I'm not kidding you. Hey Shannon, it's you who gets support from donors that usually support Bush and other Republicans.


Keller's Strong Support from Dems, Progressives, Unions
Maybe someone should tell Democratic-to-the core folks like Rey Garduno, Jerry Ortiz y Pino and Richard Romero that they've -- gasp -- heartily endorsed a candidate who's a stealth Republican! Evidently Keller has also managed to fool progressive and labor groups like the Albuquerque Teachers Federation; the National Educational Association, New Mexico; New Mexico Professional Firefighters Association; Conservation Voters New Mexico; ACORN, New Mexico; the Hispano Round Table de Nuevo México; New Mexico Progressive Action; Albuquerque Area Firefighters Local 244; the Sierra Club; and DFA-Democracy for New Mexico -- all of which have endorsed Tim Keller. Click for even more loyal Dems who are supporting Keller.

Who's the Real Democrat?
Judging by the corporate special interests donating to Robinson's campaign, I'd have to say it's NOT Shannon Robinson. Shannon more closely resembles one of those bought-off change fighters we've come across all too often of late in Democratic politics -- a DINO -- Democrat in Name Only. How else to explain donations to Robinson like these:

Nearly $8,000 from oil and gas Interests—in the last 15 days!

$500 BP North America Employee
$1,000 ConocoPhillips Company
$600 Devon Energy Corporation
$600 Giant Industries
$500 Phelps Dodge
$750 Samson

Other suspect donations have come from:

$1500 from Insurance groups
$600 Anheuser-Busch Cos
$500 National Rifle Association
$500 Reynolds American (Tobacco)
$1000 Corrections Corp. of America (private prisons)

Are these entities that normally support progressive Democrats? Yet they're supporting Shannon Robinson with donations considered large in a State Senate race. What does that tell you? It seems clear that monied interests that almost always work against any candidate with a progressive, Democratic agenda are supporting none other than Shannon Robinson in this race. Shame on Shannon.

Yeah, But How Does Robinson Vote?
Not surprisingly, Shannon Robinson's voting record reflects his buddy-buddy relationships with his big donors, who are against the very things that real Dems believe in. Check out this Keller mailer that spells out Robinson's DINO-ness by examining his actions. Robinson's record shows him protecting the health care industry, being involved in activities to fight a raise in the minimum wage, opposing ethics reform, protecting oil and gas interests and pushing the privatization of education. Maybe it's Robinson who's shifted over to the dark side of the aisle ....

Last Chance to Help
Let's do what we can to help Tim Keller -- the real deal -- win this race and get rid of another outed DINO Dem. Visit Keller's website or email tk@timkellerfornewmexico.com to volunteer some time or donate some money. Tim's got a terrific chance to win this seat, but only if The People help him do it.

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Seems Robinson borrowed some tricks, expanding them slightly, from Don Wiviott's playbook.

Posted by: Honest John | May 31, 2008 8:01:21 AM

Honest John - you meant to say like Shendo's tactics didn't you? Shendo is the one who used sleazy gay baiting tactics in the race.

Posted by: Josie | May 31, 2008 8:03:43 AM

Josie - nope. I meant what I said. Robinson isn't "gay baiting". He's smearing with lies and misleading innuendo, just like Wiviott. But maybe you haven't seen Wiviott's negative divisive old politics TV ads and mailers paid for with the near $1.5 million he's put in to buy a congressional seat.

Posted by: Honest John | May 31, 2008 8:05:28 AM

Honest John: What Shendo did was attempt to smear Lujan. Period. Both Wiviott and Lujan have been running smear campaigns too. It's just that Wiviott has the money to do it in ads while Lujan's campaign is doing it with whisper campaigns. Haven't you heard any of that?

I think all three campaigns have been run like crap up there. Candidates need to stop listening to their "advisors," "consultants" and "strategists" who convince them that the only way to win is to go extremely negative. That's convention wisdom that no longer applies. People highly dislike negative ads and campaigning which is one reason Obama is doing so well this year.

Posted by: Josie | May 31, 2008 8:06:58 AM

Josie, sorry you're wrong again. Wiviott is running the smear campaign most like Robinson's. Shendo made one highly inappropriate reprehensible unforgivable comment. Wiviott, who is incapable of talking issues because he knows nothing, has *repeatedly* attacked a fellow Democrat in TV ads and mailers with lies and misleading innuendo.

Posted by: Honest John | May 31, 2008 8:08:43 AM

I don't understand why the Governor gave Shannon Robinson's campaign $5000, an amount he only gave a few other candidates. Shannon votes against the issues the Governor says he cares about, and gets arrested a lot. I wonder what he told the Gov. about the threat from Tim. In penance, he should give the same amount to Tim's campaign.

Posted by: Michelle Meaders | May 31, 2008 8:10:22 AM

hey honest john.

Robinson implying Tim Keller is backed by Republicans is pretty high on the scum scale you must admit. I do not think anything wiviott has said has come close to that out right lie.

Personally I think if wiviott did win cd3 he would be a fantastic representative. I think he is running for office because he cares about the country, new mexico and maybe even the planet.

And before you go ape shit on that comment...Ben Ray is the same in my opinion....he would be a fantastic representative for cd3... for all the same reasons. In my opinion shannon robinson can not come close to these two individuals integrity.

Posted by: mary ellen | May 31, 2008 8:15:32 AM

Richardson has made a number of questionable campaign donations and endorsements. Not only Robinson but the crooked James Tayor and Rep. Silva. Then there's the weak and uneducated Harry Teague who will be creamed in a debate with the republican winner if he wins the primary. It makes one wonder how much the governmor really is behind clean energy and ethics reform when he's backing an oil man and legislators who were against ethics reform.

Posted by: Old Dem | May 31, 2008 11:39:51 AM

I can understand Robinson's donation from the NRA, after all he did push and was able to get passed the Conceal Carry Law. I don't know if this means anything but.... Why does Keller REFUSE to answer questions about which items he will support if elected on the 2008 Political Courage Test by Project Vote Smart???

Posted by: VP | Jun 1, 2008 8:52:59 AM

Because almost all candidates this year around the country aren't bothering to deal with Vote Smart? I think they have lost most of their luster and not sure why.

Posted by: roadrunner | Jun 1, 2008 11:32:27 AM