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Monday, October 05, 2009

(Updated) Guest Blog: ABQ City Councilor Harris Feels Being Pious a Qualification

Update: Gwyneth Doland at NMI has an enlightening http://healthcarpool.blogspot.com/> reporting a response by Don Harris to the discussion about his hit piece directed against David Barbour on the basis of religion.
This is a guest blog by Cornelia "Nili "Lange, MD, who serves as a Democratic Ward Chair in Ward 28B in Albuquerque.

The last time I read the City Charter, I did not see any requirement of religiosity to be an Albuquerque City Councilor. Yet, Mr. Don Harris, District 9 City Councilor, in a mail piece I received last Thursday, set religious affiliation as a preferred qualification for a City Councilor; implying that his opponent is an atheist. Click to see the direct mail piece (pdf). Is he trying to lead us lambs of District 9 to the choice of a pious leader? Is Mr. Harris telling us lambs of District 9 that we should indicate our religious affiliation or lack of it to assist his judgment of us?

The two campaigns for City Councilor in District 9 had already presented two very different and clear choices before this piece arrived in our mail boxes. Sadly, with numerous glowing endorsements in his back pocket, Mr. Harris decided to pull this stunt. Our District 9 Councilor’s innate ability to drum up conflict in the past has resulted in one costly recall election for Albuquerque voters.

I suggest that Mr. Harris revisit the Bible lesson of what a real religious leader said regarding casting the first stone in the story of Mary Magdalene. I suggest that he revisit the Golden Rule. I also suggest that Mr. Harris get used to having an opponent in every election. His juvenile behavior will drive future political opponents to run against him from the diverse constituency which he is supposed to serve.

This is a guest blog by Cornelia “Nili” Lange, MD, who can be reached at cwlange@aol.com. The candidates for City Councilor in District 9 are incumbent Don Harris and challenger David V. Barbour.

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