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Friday, February 16, 2007

BREAKING: NM Senate Rules Committee Passes Bush-Cheney Impeachment Resolution

Senate Joint Resolution 5, the legislation urging impeachment of Bush and Cheney, was passed this morning in the NM Senate Rules Committee with only Democrats present, all of whom voted for the resolution! The meeting room was packed to the gills, with a huge crowd winding down the hallways outside the hearing. Several hours were spent listening to citizens speak on behalf of the bill, until Committee members were forced to move on to other business.

I find it appalling that every Republican member of the Committee refused to attend and listen to what our citizens have to say about what may well be the most important issues of our era -- the Iraq occupation and the refusal of the President and Vice President to obey the law. I guess they couldn't bear to hear ordinary people speaking truth to power. I guess they believe they only represent the Republicans in their districts, not all the citizens.


Senator Linda M. Lopez, Chair:
Senator John Grubesic, Vice Chair; one of bill's sponsors:
Senator Ben D. Altamirano:
Senator Dede Feldman:
Senator Cisco McSorley:

And don't forget the resolution's other ORIGINAL SPONSOR, Senator Gerald Ortiz y Pino:


Job well done also goes out to Leland Lehrman of Mother Media and ALL the citizen lobbyists, callers and emailers! We have much more to do, but this is a very hopeful start. The resolution has to pass through the Senate Public Affairs and Senate Judiciary Committees before it can be debated on the Senate Floor, but I think even getting this far in Bush's America is a real accomplishment and an act of courage by the legislators involved.

The first person to testify at the hearing was progressive activist and retired District Judge Anne Kass of Albuquerque. She had this to say in her eloquent prepared statement, representing what so many of us are feeling these days:

One of the sources of America's moral authority in the world is its professed commitment to an ideal known as the Rule of Law.

    The Rule of Law includes the principle that no man is above the law.

    The Rule of Law also includes the principle that crimes must be prosecuted.

If the Rule of Law is to be anything more than an empty slogan, then all American citizens, but especially legislative bodies such as this, where both laws and the consequences for breaking laws are established, must demand, when there is compelling evidence that criminal acts have been committed, that there be a formal, official investigation and prosecution.

Confidence that crimes will be prosecuted is essential to the existence of civilized society. If the New Mexico Legislature hopes to retain its moral authority to continue to write laws and set consequences when the laws are broken -- if, for example, the New Mexico Legislature wishes to be able to speak with moral authority when it declares that anyone who drives while intoxicated must be held accountable and experience severe consequences, then the New Mexico Legislature must insist that there be a formal and official investigation and prosecution to test the compelling evidence that exists that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney have committed grave crimes ... crimes which have resulted in the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi people.

That there is compelling evidence of crimes having been committed is unquestionable. The evidence that Mr. Bush and Mr. Cheney lied about the existence of weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to take our nation to war is overwhelming. What greater crime could there be than initiating an unjustified, unnecessary war?  AND, there is compelling evidence of still other serious crimes.

The United States House of Representatives has to date failed to meet its duty to enforce the principle that crimes must be prosecuted. Its failure is a  source of shame, and if it persists, it will lose its moral authority to call for, or even speak to, law and order, let alone accountability, regarding it's responsibilities as a part of the governing body of this nation. It is our hope that a nudge from the New Mexico Legislature, making the statement that it takes its duties to honor and uphold the Rule of Law seriously, and leading by example, will remind the United States House of Representatives that it is responsible, first and foremost, to the people of the United States of America.

That said, let me add that we-the-people are becoming more and more frantic about Congress's failure to stop George W. Bush from doing still more harm to our country. Mr. Bush appears to have no understanding of the concept of checks and balances, of the meaning of the word democracy, or of the principle that in America the government governs only with the consent of the governed. He has made it clear that he intends to ignore both we-the-people and Congress with respect to escalating the occupation of Iraq. It sounds more and more that he also intends to attack Iran, never mind that a clear majority of the citizens of this country oppose it. Congress must act, but it looks to be almost paralyzed. The New Mexico Legislature must show that it is not paralyzed and in so doing help the United States House of Representatives regain its own understanding of the concept of checks and balances, of the meaning of the word democracy, and of the principle of consent of the governed. --statement of Anne Kass, Albuquerque, NM, testifying at February 16, 2007 NM Senate Rules Committee hearing at the Santa Fe Roundhouse on impeachment resolution

To read our archive of posts on the NM impeachment effort, click here.

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I think impeachment or censure is letting these SOB's off too easy. I say fluff up the feather pillows and heat up the black tar!
Bush/Cheney killed a lot more Iraqis then our former ally Saddam did, they used Chemical WMD in Iraq, the torture, the secret police and prisons, ignoring 9/11 warnings, Osama, Anthrax, Corruption, War Profits, Oil Profits, AIPAC spies, PNAC, A New pearl harbor, what a mess. Anyone who lies to start a war of conquest and loses will eventually hit the rocky shores of public discontent, but this American generation is so wasted!!

Posted by: Post American | Feb 16, 2007 1:15:43 PM

Congratulations to all who took part in clearing this first hurdle - Dem legislators, all the activists, ordinary citizen lobbyists, Leland Lehrman (main organizer of effort) and everyone who helped get the word out, including this blog. Onward to the Senate Public Affairs Committee!

Posted by: Old Dem | Feb 16, 2007 1:35:00 PM

Powerful statement by Anne Kass. She speaks for me!

Posted by: Red or Green | Feb 16, 2007 1:48:52 PM

And it was a real high energy yet serious affair. The Democrats and the people were so sincere and articulate. I kept pinching myself.

Posted by: I Was There | Feb 16, 2007 2:29:51 PM

"I think impeachment or censure is letting these SOB's off too easy." Your right but remember that even after Bu$h/Cheney are out of office they can still face criminal prosecution for their crimes.

Posted by: VP | Feb 16, 2007 7:07:23 PM

I want to add my thanks to all the legislators and people who helped create and work on this. There is a long way to go but we are doing what we can to keep the horrors of this war in the public mind.

I notice the Alb. Journal had little coverage of this story and what they did print today wasn't accurate. What a rag.

Posted by: I Vote | Feb 17, 2007 9:27:41 AM

I was so moved by the action yesterday in the Rules Committee. For once I didn't get to speak. I didn't need to, it had all been said and said very well. We made history yesterday, but it is all for nothing unless we follow it through.

Please come again and again so every committee will see the same support for our constitution! What are we as a nation if we don't take time off of work or whatever we had planned so we can stand up and make our government accountable to our rule of law?

Thanks to everybody who was there and to all who make it happen!

Terry Riley

Posted by: Terry Riley | Feb 17, 2007 11:36:55 AM

Heartfelt thanks to the above Senators!

Posted by: Elisabeth Price | Feb 17, 2007 10:58:40 PM

TO: Publisher, "In My Opinion" Newsletter
Alexandria, VA 22314

FROM: Larry W. Bryant
3518 Martha Custis Drive
Alexandria, VA 22302

DATE: February 17, 2007

== Alexandria's Impeachment Role ==

By Larry W. Bryant

As a parting shot for True Democracy, just before she departed office
in December 2006, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney introduced an
impeachment resolution in the U. S. House of Representatives. Since
then, not one other member of the House -- not even John Conyers --
has bothered to inject new life into that long-overdue proposal.
These grown men and women now facing the retaliatory wrath of the
Bush-Cheney junta are so cowed into submission that their ostrichlike
stance does nothing to conceal their impotence.

Lately, various local governing bodies -- from Vermont to California
-- have begun introducing impeachment resolutions, attesting to the
late House speaker Tip O'Neill's maxim that "all politics is local."

We Alexandrians likewise have an impeachment role -- if only we would
accept it: we can (and should) demand that our city council display
the bravery and commitment to public service now so lacking in the
halls of Congress. Step up to the plate of self-governance, ladies
and gentlemen; take a focused, powerful swing at making history.
Cynthia McKinney's resolution provides you the course by which you
can pattern the council's very own impeachment resolution. By thus
helping correct the illicit and unwise course charted by the
Bush-Cheney-led Ship of State, the council can achieve a positive,
rather than a negative, place in history.

To help my fellow citizens cheer the council along this path of
accountability, I, as a member of the Washington Area Impeachment
Fund ( http://www.waifllc.org ), am offering free yard signs
(message: IMPEACH HIM) to those who promise to give them a good
home. Please contact me at: 703-931-3341; e-mail:
overtci@cavtel.net .

Parkfairfax Resident
http://www.bushbusiness.com and
Save email to disk as a text file

Posted by: Larry W. Bryant | Feb 18, 2007 6:43:19 PM

After reading of below, you may consider convening a Grand Jury also.

1. The procedures which the House of Representatives follow in the impeachment process are governed by three sources: the Constitution, Thomas Jefferson's Manual on Parliamentary Practice and Rules of the House of Representatives, and actual House impeachment precedents.
Article I, Section 2, Paragraph 5 states that "[t]he House of Representatives shall have the sole power of impeachment." Article I, Section 3, Paragraph 6 states that "[t]he Senate shall have the sole power to try all impeachments." Article II, Section 4 states that "[t]he President, Vice President and all civil officers of the United States shall be removed from office on impeachment for, and conviction of, treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors."
Under this system, the substantive law governing impeachment is fixed by the Constitution. The only charges that will sustain an impeachment conviction are ones that prove the commission of treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors." It has been established, however, by the Nixon impeachment precedent that the constitutional standard does not require proof of criminal conduct. Rather, "high crimes and misdemeanors" are "constitutional wrongs that subvert the structure of government or undermine the integrity of office... and the Constitution itself..." House Rep. 93-1305, pp. 6-7 (93d Cong., 2d Sess. 1974)
If impeachment charges are brought, they must be proved to the satisfaction of two thirds of the Senate members who sit in judgment on charges brought by the House of Representatives. The House, then, has the constitutional duty to prosecute.
According to Section 2026 ofthe 1974 House Judiciary Committee print on lMPEACHMENT: Selected Materials on Impeachment Procedures (p. 57), the House acts as "grand inquest of the nation and as accusers, becom[ing] suitors for penal justice at the bar" of the Senate. In order for the House to perform its duty, it must conduct an investigation to determine if there is evidence to support whatever charges come to its attention and if that evidence supports a conclusion that the person or persons charged have committed an impeachable offense.
Prior to the House investigations charges must first be made. Normally such charges are made by a House member who introduces a resolution impeaching a named civil officer and calling for an investigation or inquiry. Such action is governed generally by Jefferson's Manual and previous House practices.
According to Section 603 of Jefferson's Manual, "there are various methods of setting an impeachment in motion": 1) By charges made on the floor by a member of the House; 2) By charges preferred by a memorial filed by a House member; 3) By charges contained in a Resolution introduced by a House member; 4) By a message from the President; 5) By charges transmitted by a State legislature, or a grand jury; 5) By facts developed and reported by an investigating committee of the House.
According to Section 604 of the Manual, "[a] direct proposition to impeach is a question of high privilege in the House and at once supersedes business otherwise in order under the rules governing the order of business." It does not lose its privilege just because "a similar proposition has been made at a previous time during the same session of Congress." On the other hand, "a resolution simply proposing an investigation, even though impeachment may be a possible consequence, is not privileged." Where, however, "a resolution of investigation positively proposes impeachment or suggests that end, it has been admitted as of privilege."
The evidence supporting an impeachment resolution or a memorial suggesting an impeachment investigation may be based upon a variety of sources, including "common fame." (Section 304) "Common fame" includes information contained in newspaper and other media reports, as well as rumors commonly circulated in the community. The evidence upon which a resolution or memorial is based need not, therefore, be of the kind admissible and sufficient to prove a case in a court of law.
Once an impeachment resolution has been introduced or "charges suggesting impeachment have been made by memorial," the House may order an investigation at once or refer the charges to a Committee for examination and, if the Committee deems it appropriate for an investigation. (Section 605) The Committee may be "a select committee" or a "standing" one. In some instances the Committee has made its "inquiry ex parte," but "in the later practice the sentiment of committees has been in favor of permitting the accused to explain, present witnesses, cross-examine and be represented by counsel." (Section 606)
The purpose of the Committee investigation is to determine if there is sufficient evidence to charge an impeachable offense. If there is, then each "accusation" is to be "exhibited" as an "Article of Impeachment" and, if approved by the full House, "carried to the bar of the Senate" for trial with the House assuming the role of prosecutor. (Section 609)
1. High Constitutional Privilege.
In order to qualify as a resolution or memorial of high constitutional privilege, the House member must contain a "direct" or "positive" proposal to impeach. A mere proposition to investigate conduct of a civil officer does not qualify as a high constitutional privilege even though impeachment may be contemplated as a possibility or even if the resolution or memorial is presented with "a view to impeachment." See IMPEACHMENT: Selected Materials pp. 66-71 (Sections 2045-2052) and pp. 767-69 (Sections 468-69).
A direct or positive proposal to impeach retains its high constitutional privilege even though the resolution or memorial proposing impeachment also contains a resolution that the impeachment matter be referred to an appropriate House Committee for inquiry or investigation. See IMPEACHMENT: Selected Materials pp. 67-69 (Sections 2046-48). At the same time the resolution calling for an investigation or inquiry cannot also request an appropriation for funds to support the investigation or inquiry. Id. at pp. 767-68 (Section 468).
A direct or positive proposal to impeach takes precedence over everything," even over pending business before the House under a unanimous consent agreement. Id. at p. 770 (Section 469). Indeed, impeachment is a question of constitutional privilege which may be presented at any time irrespective of previous action of the House. Id. at 71 (Section 2053).
2. Rights of the House member Presenting a Privileged Impeachment Resolution.
A member submitting a privileged resolution, memorial or motion proposing impeachment is entitled to recognition for one hour in which to debate it. A member recognized to present a privileged resolution may not be taken from the floor by a motion to refer. IMPEACHMENT: Selected Materials p. 769 (Section 468). In order to secure this privilege of debate, however, the proposal must be put in writing and submitted to the Clerk of the House. Id. at pp. 770-71 (Section 470).
Once having submitted an impeachment resolution against a civil officer, then that member's high privilege has expired. Id. at pp. 769-70 (Section 469). This rule apparently does not apply if the member files an amended impeachment resolution containing new charges or other new matters. Id. at 767-69 (Section 468).
3. Disposition of a Privileged Impeachment Resolution.
Even when an impeachment resolution does not contain within it a referral to a committee for inquiry or investigation, it appears to be the normal procedure for such a resolution to be referred to an appropriate committee -- even when the resolution clearly has absolutely no support in the full House. IMPEACHMENT: Selected Materials pp. 769-70 (Section 469).
According to Jerome Zeifman, however, it is possible that such a resolution could be called up for an immediate vote; but that option appears to be within the control of the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader. See Zeifman, Without Honor: The Impeachment of Richard Nixon and the Crimes of Camelot pp. 46-47 (1995). Hence, Congressman Robert Drinan's Resolution impeaching Richard Nixon -- filed on July 31, 1973 when there was absolutely no sentiment for impeachment was referred to the House Judiciary Committee. Later, on October 23 and 24, 1973, when 84 such resolutions were introduced, all were referred to the Judiciary Committee.

Patrick Potter.

Posted by: Patrick Potter | Feb 18, 2007 6:56:21 PM

Anyone want to wager that the MSM will not carry this landmark story? And as a side bet, this impeachment measure will be dismissed. Remember Pelosi's "it's off the table" promise to Bush. While there is cause to optermistic and even celebrate, these murderous, lying, corrupted SOB's will probably get their way again.

Posted by: Tony | Feb 18, 2007 8:10:16 PM

"And as a side bet, this impeachment measure will be dismissed"

And who do you suppose will dismiss it?

These would be the people to hang first...

Posted by: baris | Feb 18, 2007 8:44:28 PM

I suggest,that NM Senate Rules Committee,instead pass a resolution on opening a real investagation into 911--- For starters--no Arab took part. That will put alot of the W. H. @ssholes in jail or lynched.
Why impeach Bush and Chenny only, when the whole Whitehouse is packed with all sorts of vermin?
How far do you guys think that a impeachment will be successful,when all the Democrats supported and liad to get us into invading 2 countries?
Impeach--more like peachie nice treatment--zero punishment.

Posted by: genrikh yagoda | Feb 18, 2007 9:00:43 PM

These patriotic senators will be remembered as HEROES. America is waking up.

Posted by: Ray | Feb 18, 2007 9:23:29 PM

Wonderful news!

Posted by: AdamT | Feb 18, 2007 10:04:06 PM

Impeach him and his co-conspirators for rountinely violating our Constitutional rights.
They violate the 1st Amendment by caging demonstrators and banning books like "America Deceived" from Wikipedia.
They violate the 2nd Amendment by confiscating guns during Katrina.
They violate the 4th Amendment by conducting warrant-less wiretaps.
They violate the 5th and 6th Amendment by suspending habeas corpus.
They violate the 8th Amendment by torturing.
They violate the entire Constitution by starting 2 illegal wars based on lies and on behalf of a foriegn gov't.
Vote for Dr. Ron Paul, 2008.
Support indy media.
Last link (unless Google Books caves to the gov't and drops the title):
America Deceived (book)

Posted by: Warren C | Feb 18, 2007 10:15:06 PM


And this story hasn't even shown up on rawstory.com yet. Forget about the MSM.

Citizen by citizen, state by state.

We'll get the bastards.


Posted by: Jaime Frontero | Feb 18, 2007 10:30:13 PM

Not that petty partisianship would dictate the actions of politicians regarding high-crimes against the USA, but the party breakdown in New Mexico would indicate that if it cannot get done in that state, is will not get done at all. For those that may be curious:
NM Senate-(D) (42/28)
NM House-(D) (24/18)
NM Govenor-(D)

Nonetheless, I would be shocked to see this come to fruition - "political reality" has a strange way of consistantly rearing it's ugly little corporate head.

Posted by: jon | Feb 18, 2007 11:00:28 PM

And we don't need to have them pardoned. Let them go to jail..preferably at their own Guantanamo. Let these folks that consider the Constitution just a scrap of paper and call out that money trumps peace stew in their own hell on earth. It's a new day to deal with a dictator and his cronies

Posted by: Stephen Verchinski | Feb 19, 2007 12:23:42 AM

I hope our fearless leaders have a penchant for tar and feathers.

Posted by: Kimmer | Feb 19, 2007 12:25:41 AM

Wow I really didn't believe people would pull their heads out and do such a thing. Many thanks to all of you in power who were WILLING to step foward to do this. Our country has been very abused by a few people in power that make important decisions for the whole in which many don't agree with. I hope many will open their eyes and agree here. Again, many many thanks.

Posted by: Codee G | Feb 19, 2007 2:39:35 AM

I think I'm moving to New Mexico! Thank you for taking the initiative to voice our opinions and pointing out the facts.

Perhaps other state governments can grow a spine and stand up for their people. I sure hope so, before it's too late.

Posted by: A Concerned Citizen | Feb 19, 2007 6:36:07 AM

Thank you New Mexico, for standing up for what is right.

The US Constitution says "..shall be impeached..." which of course means that if, high crimes HAVE been committed, NOTHING ELSE matters except impeachment --

Thanks for getting it right. We love you for your courage - it is something dearly lacking in the American people these days.

Posted by: James Johnson | Feb 19, 2007 6:43:31 AM

Thank you!!! Makes me wish I lived in the land of Enchanment and Sanity!

Posted by: dorothy | Feb 19, 2007 6:57:04 AM


The repub's who chose to boycott this meeting do not have an answer to the comments in the url above because the bottom line is truth, not propaganda.


Posted by: John McCarthy | Feb 19, 2007 9:00:22 AM

9 - 11 Living In the Matrix

by Peter Zaza

"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act." - George Orwell

Have you seen the movie, "The Matrix"? A computer hacker learns from mysterious rebels about the true nature of his reality, and his role in the war against the controllers of it.

What is the true nature of our reality? Of course everyone's definition is going to be different, but reality and facts are not really subjective, only interpretations. Two months ago, my reality was diametrically opposite to what it is now. I believed what I was told, what the media reported, what I thought I saw happening on 9-11. Now, when I express my opinion, I'm ridiculed, scorned, and labeled as a crackpot. My interpretation of the facts may be different from two months ago, but the reality of events on 9-11 have remained exactly the same as on the day they occurred. I was simply too ignorant of the facts to realize that what I was told by those that I trusted, was a complete lie.

We are all together, and all alike. My evolution of thought is much the same as the next person's. When I first heard about the 9-11 truth movement, I shrugged it off and said, "that's crazy, you're paranoid and delusional", or "there are always going to be some crazy conspiracy theories". Thank goodness my friend persisted and weeks later mentioned it again. This time, I opted to honour his integrity and respect his intelligence enough to take some time and do some research.

After five years of believing in something as fact, and having no other information to the contrary - it took me just one hour to see the real truth about this issue. There was an epiphany; a huge light went on inside my head, and suddenly so many things finally made sense about this tragedy. Especially the subsequent events dependent upon it, for 9-11 truly is the lynch-pin for the justification of so many atrocities perpetrated by its architects.

Heuristic logic and basic cognitive reasoning depend on elemental constructs of accepted thought and a fundamental understanding of physical laws, which can't be abrogated by such buffoonery as perpetrated by the US government. The buildings obviously came down because they were deliberately imploded, most notably the third one, which wasn't even hit by a plane. (David Copperfield would pay big bucks for that trick!) Why is it obvious? Let's look at this localized event of a plane crashing into the higher floors of such a tall building. One simply cannot rationalize how each floor underneath suddenly explodes into dust, loses all structural integrity, and allows a point in time/space at the top of the structure to fall down to earth at free-fall speeds, just as if there was only air to impede its descent. All those intervening floors suddenly decide to synchronously disintegrate into a total global collapse, and offer no resistance. Reason alone should dictate that those structures could only come down in this fashion by demolition. There simply is no other way to get a building to collapse like that, other than controlled demolition. Now, this point is really the key, like the first micro-second of the Big Bang Theory, so much is riding on this 9-11 catastrophe: the fake war on terror, the war against Afghanistan, the war in Iraq (Enough with the freedom and democracy already, you guys are killing me).

It makes sense, even to a non-engineer like myself, that if we are to believe the official "fire" theory, we would be forced to imagine that the steel be required to weaken under severe, and very long-lasting exposure to a heat source of incredible magnitude, to effect the entire steel frame, with all its heat dissipating potential over such a voluminous area of metal. That steel would get so extremely hot, that it would bend, buckle and sway in a non-symmetrical fashion. Instead, it broke into distinct sections - along with everything else being pulverized - and fell straight down into its own footprint. Add to this the many documented eye-witness testimonies of massive explosions occurring in the substructures and other floors, which could only account for the rivers and pools of molten metal found weeks after the event. This can be reasoned as follows:

Steel melts at X degrees. Fossil fuel fires, such as kerosene jet-fuel, can only obtain maximum temperatures of far less than X in these conditions over this elapsed time period. The fact of the matter is, stated temperature is far too cool to cause evaporation and melting of steel - unless we are to believe that a one-hundred and ten story building could crash down onto some steel, and heat it up to thousands of degrees only by the dynamic of friction alone. Let's think about this - let's try and drop a few steel beams off a tall building, and see if they turn into a molten state after hitting other steel on the ground. Is that what they'd have us believe? I dare say, next time someone tries to tell you a story about how Osama bin Whatsit and a bunch of nimrods with box cutters are to blame, ask them how we end up with molten steel - Tell me the process. While you're at it, ask how the hell did they get a forty-seven story building to fall down beside the ones that were hit by the airplanes? How did the steel in building Seven become so incredibly weakened, as to cause a total, global, synchronously beautiful, he said he was goona pull it, can't you all see that it was a controlled demolition collapse?

So, along our journey we must proceed.

Simply by using our Einstein-like thought experiments, along with physical evidence and eye-witness testimonies, and sometimes relying on critical thinking alone, we can say with utter certainty that these buildings were imploded. We can't rely on examination of ALL the physical evidence, most of which was whisked away by the authorities too quickly, a fact that tends to incriminate them. They can spend years reconstructing a plane crash to try and figure out forensically what happened, but not the US government on 9-11. No way. Not after the biggest, most diabolical, horrendous event of the new century. Just hours after the attacks we had pictures of the guys who did it, and a myth about a guy in a cave who masterminded this grandiose scheme to outwit the entire defense system of the biggest super-power on earth. No black boxes or video tapes released, gag orders issued, destruction and suppression of evidence, manipulation of media, etc. etc. etc.

Would it not seem reasonable to want to explore all potential eventualities and probable causes before coming to a hasty decision regarding the biggest mass-murder in history? Would one not at least consider a demolition theory, instead of sticking with a "official conspiracy theory" that required physical laws of nature to behave like in some bizzaro world. But no - because as soon as we admit that there were explosives, then we MUST admit that it was an inside job - ergo there must be collusion at the highest levels - case closed.

The entire government theory hinges upon there not being any controlled demolition. Unfortunately, anyone who looks at the evidence in an honest, scientific manner could hardly deny it. But still, they must adhere to this ridiculous explanation, and conveniently, anybody who questions it must be a terrorist, or somebody who supports terrorism, and on and on. Yes, my dear people of the United States and the World, it was definitely done by the very ones who have suppressed all the evidence and insisted on this impossible story. Ergo, there is no real war on terror as such, except for the one that the US government is inflicting upon us all. It's a hoax, a sham, and too many people on this planet are either uninformed, misinformed, or just plain dis-informed. Let's talk about Jaylo's new hair style, or Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, or any other such inane drivel that those corporate slaves who call themselves journalists serve up on the idiot box every night.

"Our greatest difficulty at the moment is that our media is totally corrupted - starting with the New York Times - the media belongs to our rulers."

"In the old days when something ghastly went wrong you could count on journalists writing something about it....there are no voices expressing disagreement, " Gore Vidal

I'm ashamed that I spent five years not even questioning 9-11 But once apprised of a few facts, and taking into account the totally shameful behaviour of the media, and the egregious actions of the US government to cover-up and obfuscate the truth, I realize I shouldn't be too hard on myself, or others who also must alter their mental paradigms about our world, no matter how comfortably they fit. We all must shudder at the thought that those entrusted to lead and protect us, could be so twisted as to commit such acts. It's time to wake up and do the right thing. All of us. We must get those psychopaths out of office, and don't bother with the other party, that's just part of the scam, in case you haven't figured it out. Take those trillions of dollars spent on killing people, and put it towards solar power, wind power, or any other kind of power that doesn't destroy our once-beautiful planet, or motivate a part of our society to become so dehumanized, that they could commit such heinous acts, all for profit and control.

The US government is leading its nation down a path to ruin. History does not look kindly towards tyrants who spread terror and perpetrate wars like the Bush administration. I was truly disgusted when it was demonstrated to me how the United States government has sanctioned the dumping of depleted uranium in some of the ammunition used on Iraq. Scores of babies born disfigured, both Iraqi and American, are a grim testament to this horrific practice. Bad enough that they kill and maim them, but to add insult to injury, do they really need to torture them, as well as subject future generations to such a ghastly existence? And why? Oh, right. Halliburton up five points.

I just don't understand how any American can feel good about watching football, going bowling, waving their flags, when their government is committing such atrocities in the so-called name of freedom and democracy. I grieve for the families of those victims in New York; the families of those Afghanis who were just innocently trying to struggle through their lives; the allied soldiers dying in Iraq and their families trying to rationalize why; and the countless thousands of Iraqis who are still being killed, dragged out of their homes and called terrorists, while their wives and children are forced to witness such nightmares. If you are truly cognitive of what has happened, and what is still happening, then there's just no way you can sit around the table with your big fat turkeys, raising a glass and singing, "God Bless America". I must agree with Howard Zinn, "Why not, God bless everyone?".

And all of it predicated on the lie of 9-11.

We are inexorably a part of that lie by continuing our denial of its existence, and that makes us all a party to everything that has been happening as a result. It is incumbent upon the "US" and the rest of "us" to prove what really happened that fateful day. Let's go to court. We've got the likes of Griffin, Ryan, Fetzer, Jones, and countless others who have the expertise and moral integrity on our team. We've got science. We've got the truth. What have they got? A bullshit story any eighth grade science student could refute, and a bunch of experts who don't seem to mind going down in the annals of history as being dreadfully incompetent, however loyal, and completely unwilling to even debate their so-called findings, therefore, a bunch of anals.

And so the fascists are now getting the detention centers ready- those are for you "doubting" Americans you know - because the huge stinking pile of horse manure known as 9-11 isn't going to go away, rather it will just keep getting worse. Like a flood that starts from a few small drops, understanding of the truth will continue to grow and gain strength. They can't hide from truth. Truth is not spin, or what they tell their bootlicking media to cover. Truth doesn't care if they think they can keep on repeating the same lies, over and over, until the world has heard them enough times to believe them.

"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a communist; Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a socialist; Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a trade unionist; Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-- because I was not a Jew; Then they came for me-- and there was no one left to speak out for me." -Pastor Martin Niemöller, 1945

"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident" - Arthur Schopenhauer

Don't be afraid of telling the truth regarding 9-11. Tell everybody you can - shout it out. Let them call you names, let them ridicule. We truly are very much alike, and just as I scorned the first person who told me while I still lived under the yoke of my own ignorance, you will plant the first seeds of doubt and inquiry within others. Over time, this crazy idea will move through its natural evolution into becoming accepted thought.

The operative question being whether we collectively let too much time elapse before those murderous tyrants plunge us further toward apocalyptic extinction.

What are you going to do about 9-11?

"There are none so enslaved as those who falsely believe they are free" - Goethe


100 Professors Added to PatriotsQuestion911.com

A significant new section has been added to the PatriotsQuestion911.com website. It features statements from more than 100 professors who question the official account of 9/11.

In addition to this new section, the website features statements by more than 80 senior military, intelligence, law enforcement, and government officials that question or contradict the official account of 9/11.


9/11 Inside Job: All Evidence, No Theories

5. Don’t believe that our government is capable or that ruthless to murder Americans to justify a war in Iraq? Read about "Operation Northwoods", which shows plans that Lyman Lemnitzer and the Joint Chiefs of Staff drew up in 1962 and approved for what may be the most corrupt plan ever created by the U.S. government. They proposed launching a secret and bloody war of terrorism against their own country in order to trick the American public into supporting an ill-conceived war they intended to launch against Cuba. The plan called for innocent people to be shot on American streets; a commercial plane full of college students to be shot down; a wave of violent terrorism to be launched in Washington, D.C., Miami, and elsewhere. They even contemplated causing U.S. military casualties, writing: "We could blow up a U.S. ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba," and, "casualty lists in U.S. newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation." People would be framed for bombings they did not commit; planes would be hijacked. Using phony evidence, all of it would be blamed on Castro, thus giving Lemnitzer and his cabal the excuse, as well as the public and international backing they needed to launch their war.


Posted by: pw | Feb 19, 2007 9:50:39 AM

Thank GOD that somebody is finally doing something! This mass massacre has to stop. The fact that congress is refusing to do its duty (impeaching Bush, stopping the war) necessitates such action by state congressional bodies. I hope that other states will follow your lead. THANKYOU P.S. Please let me know what I can do.

Posted by: diane geitner | Feb 19, 2007 11:14:26 AM

I just wrote a lengthy letter of commendation for your efforts which for some reason would not go through. I'll try again. Thankyou so much for your efforts. I only hope that other states will follow suit.

Posted by: diane geitner | Feb 19, 2007 11:16:20 AM

I just wanted to say, THANK YOU New Mexico for being strong on this issue in Iraq, while others pretend it doesn't exist. Please keep it up.

Posted by: Cassandra | Feb 19, 2007 12:45:35 PM

It's so very encouraging to know that there are a true patriots alive and well in this country. If there truly is a god in heaven, then bless these brave people who stand in defiance of what is truly a morally bankrupt regime. A hearty HOORAH! to the US Constitution and those willing to defend it.

Posted by: William Woessner | Feb 19, 2007 12:49:52 PM

I've been predicting an Impeachment for years now. It's unimaginable that a Democrat President could have done what Bush's Administration has done and not have any Congress, Republican or Democrat Impeach him by now. I'm appalled to watch Republicans get away with these high crimes after watching a perfectly good President endure a failed impeachment for what was comparatively nothing at all. We should keep in mind that one reason Bush has not been Impeached yet is because America is reluctant to Impeach a war time President. Therefore don't expect Bush to come out from hiding behind his war as long as he can hang on to his office. We might even have to bring this war to a stop first in order to impeach him, and I'm all for that. I also can't image an Impeachment hearing not finding him guilty of many crimes and misdemeanors should we manage to pry the close-minded attention of Congress toward the matter. The facts of the case have been public knowledge for years, and scream for an Impeachment for the sake of the state of our declining union. I do believe we will have an Impeachment although several friends of mine don't agree with me. I've been around long enough to notice one thing, however, and it's that something like an impeachment of George W. Bush will look like it's never going to happen right up till the moment when it happens.

Posted by: Davol | Feb 19, 2007 3:20:49 PM

I applaud these heroes and Patriots of New Mexico. Now I think I will move to NM....to be safe...People must realize one thing, if we continue to allow those in DC their criminal ways....just as we do not allow a Murderer to continue on with his killing, We will not stand a chance to change...and only a physical revolution is what we need. These people in DC will never change...period...until we have the noose around their necks smiling.

Posted by: gregory Brown | Feb 20, 2007 4:46:22 PM

In order for there to be an "impeachment" people, there has to have been a verifiable....what is the word people?.... Thats right! an ELECTION Problem is there is plenty of evidence(if only you would care to look under the bed for the scary monster) that BOTH the selections of 2000 and 2004 were fraudulent. therefore boys and girls, impeachment is out of the question as that inherently implies that the (s)elections were fair. they were not. Fuck "impeachment" what a quaint concept.... grow a brain cell already and THROW THEM OUT!!! Stop making "nice" about it and get real.....before getting real is a crime.

Posted by: Luath | Feb 20, 2007 9:52:43 PM

Thank you for this. I have been afraid of Bush & Co. since before 2000, believe the administration is somehow involved in 9/11 because of evidence removal, coverup and the mysterious hole in the Pentagon and "fall" of building 7, with little address in the 9/11 Commission Report. I just read Elizabeth de la Vega's book," The U.S. vs. George W. Bush et al" where she lays out the indictment for "Conspiracy to Commit Fraud against the United States" under Title 18 section 371 of the US Code.
I brought a copy of this book to my local representitive, Congresswoman Doris Matsui. Perhaps you can do the same with your Congresspeople? After Impeachment, indictment, while finding a way to stop this war.
Keep up the good work,
Dave Lynch
Sacramento, Ca

Posted by: Dave Lynch | Feb 28, 2007 5:29:49 PM

Isn't so hilarious when we were attacked on 9-11 the American public supported Bush and his actions, but as soon as things go sour you can be sure that Americans will find someone else to blame. The American public is just as much to blame as the President. It sort of like football. Even if the coaching was too blame or the scouting report was wrong you can bet the blame will always fall on Quaterback. I'm proud to be an American and support my family and friends in Iraq.

Posted by: Scott LaGrone | May 6, 2007 7:24:48 PM