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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

NM Domestic Partnership Bill Passes Senate Judiciary; Headed to Senate Floor Thursday

UPDATE 3.15.07: The Senate debate on this bill has been postponed until sometime after 11:00 AM on Friday, March 16.
From Equality New Mexico:
By a vote of 5-1, HB 603, the Domestic Rights and Responsibilities Act, passed out of Senate Judiciary last night. Over 50 people showed up to support HB 603. The opposition only had about 8 people in the room. 

Rep. Mimi Stewart presented the bill. Sen. Cisco McSorley, Chair of Senate Judiciary, asked how many people were there to oppose the bill, and asked them if they wanted to testify. One man, who most of the opposition seemed to believe was their best spokesperson, spoke in opposition. His statement claimed that if they passed HB 603, it would lead to people marrying children, relatives, and sheep.  The testimony was over. 

Sen. McSorley asked how many people were there to support the Bill. Our 50+ people raised their hands, but offered no testimony. The committee went immediately into the vote. Voting in favor of HB 603 were Senators McSorley, Grubesic, Martinez, M. Sanchez and Lopez. Sen. Adair opposed the Bill.  Senators Rainaldi, Cravens, Harden and Payne were not in the room.

HB 603 will be heard tomorrow, March 15th on the Senate Floor. This is our last hurdle. If the Bill passes tomorrow, the Governor will sign it, and Domestic Partners will have rights in New Mexico.

We need to pack the Senate Gallery!  The Senators all need to see how many people are there to support this legislation. 

There is no way to predict when this Bill will be heard. The Senate will go into session at 10:00 AM, and will most likely remain in session all day and late into the night. The Senate does not follow their agenda, so tomorrow will likely be a very long day.

We have one more obstacle to overcome. In an attempt to kill this legislation, it is likely that our opposition will try to amend this bill on the floor. We cannot allow HB603 to be amended in any way. 

We have only one day left, so please, if you live in any of the targeted Senator’s Districts listed below, contact your Senator by phone and by clicking the link below and ask them to support HB603 as is and to vote against any amendments which would change or delay this Bill.

  • Sen. Ben Altamirano – 505.986.4733
  • Sen. Sue Wilson Beffort – 505.986-4395
  • Sen. Carlos Cisneros – 505.986-4863
  • Sen. Mary Jane Garcia – 505.986.4726
  • Sen. Phil Griego – 505.986.4861
  • Sen. Timothy Jennings – 505.986.4362
  • Sen. Linda Lopez – 505.986.4737
  • Sen. Lynda Lovejoy – 505.986.4859
  • Sen. Richard Martinez – 505.986.4389
  • Sen. Cynthia Nava – 505.986.4834
  • Sen. Mary Kay Papen - 505.986.4270
  • Sen. Lidio Rainaldi – 505.986.4310
  • Sen. Shannon Robinson – 505.986.4856
  • Sen. Nancy Rodriguez - 505.986.4264
  • Sen. John Ryan – 505.986.4373
  • Sen. Bernadette Sanchez – 505.986.4267
  • Sen. Michael Sanchez – 505.986.4727
  • Sen. John Arthur Smith – 505.986.4363
  • Sen. Diane Snyder – 505.986.4375
  • Sen. James Taylor – 505.986.4862
  • Sen. David Ulibarri – 505.986.4265

If you don't know who your Senator is, click here and search by zip code.

Editor's Note: Let's see if our Senators are as concerned about human civil rights as they are about the health and welfare of roosters during this Session. We can only hope.

To check on the final outcome of this bill, visit our archive of GLBT posts.

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I am hoping and praying that this bill passes in New Mexico. I am currently living in South Dakota with my partner of 2 years. We are going to be relocating to New Mexico in the next 2 months as my partner has accepted a Medical Residency Position in Albuquerque. Good Luck and I wish I was there to support your efforts

Posted by: David Eisenbraun | Mar 16, 2007 8:30:33 AM

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