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Thursday, September 04, 2008

NM Nonprofits File Motion to Dismiss Lawsuit by Shannon Robinson et al.

Today, several local nonprofit organizations, including the Center for Civic Policy, filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought by Senators Shannon Robinson and James Taylor and Representative Dan Silva. Attorneys representing the Center for Civic Policy, New Mexico Youth Organized, Southwest Organizing Project and New Energy Economy filed the dismissal request in Second Judicial District Court.

Matt Brix, Policy Director for the Center for Civic Policy, stated," We've maintained all along that the claims made by Senators Robinson and Taylor and Representative Silva are patently false. Their lawsuit is an attempt to muzzle nonprofits from publicizing the voting records of elected officials. In these times of overwhelming special interest money and influence, New Mexicans need this information more than ever."

Click to see a copy of the Motion to Dismiss.

The lawsuit has been viewed by most fair-minded parties as frivolous, poorly written and documented and motivated by sour grapes on the part of the three incumbent legislators who were soundly beaten in the June 3rd Democratic Primary. The powerfully entrenched don't like it when reformers beat them fair and square so they often cast about for ways to try to discredit those who defeated them -- no matter how misguided and dishonest. I can't see how any judge worth his or her salt could take the suit seriously and grant what the plaintiffs are asking for in terms of overturning the results of the primary.

Background: Click here and here. The second link contains a list of links to previous posts on the lawsuit and the related matter of Attorney General Gary King's opinion on the legality of voter education efforts by the nonprofits.

I'll have more soon on AG King's opinion -- kept out of the public eye so far -- that prompted the letter to New Mexico Youth Organized and Southwest Organizing Project by Secretary of State Mary Herrera informing them they need to file as PACs. Keep an eye out.

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What makes this so pathetic is it seems to be DEM on DEM cannibalism.

Posted by: qofdisks | Sep 4, 2008 5:03:00 PM

Dems in name only gofdisks.
That is why their voting records were being told to their constituents.
Shannon taking money for his pet project - rugby.
Why- that was the albq. journal writing about that cronyism.
All three of them were blockers for any legislation for healthcare, ethics reform, and many other things. The worry is with the AG and SOS taking their side makes you wonder how deep the gross pus infection runs in the dem party.
And who is telling them what to do??? In my opinion the powers that be dont like the boat rockin.

Posted by: mary ellen | Sep 4, 2008 6:13:51 PM

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