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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Campaign Fundraiser for Rep. Mimi Stewart Set for 9/18

MstewartMimi Stewart, one of our most effective and forward-thinking Representatives in the New Mexico Legislature, is up for reelection -- and has a Republican challenger this election cycle. Needless to say, we have to do everything in our power to make sure that Mimi keeps her seat in House District 21 so she can continue to champion causes that promote the welfare of women, regular working and middle class families and children. One way to do that is to attend next week's campaign benefit reception.

Click for a FLYER (pdf) and pass it on to friends, colleagues and neighbors who might be interested in attending. If you can't attend in person, you can donate to Mimi's campaign online at ActBlue or volunteer with her campaign by emailing k_zamarin@yahoo.com.

Please Join Us
for a Reception with
Rep. Mimi Stewart
In Support of Mimi’s Re-Election Campaign
Hosted by:
Richard Romero ◆Drew Setter ◆Mike Puelle ◆Sue Griffith ◆David Barber ◆Ricardo Barros ◆Maurice Bonal ◆Rep. Gail Chasey ◆Gary Kilpatrick ◆Randy Marshall ◆Fred Ocheskey ◆Luke Otero ◆Sonia Phillips ◆Rep. Danice Picraux ◆Sam Ray ◆Joe Thompson ◆Albuquerque Teachers Federation ◆NEA-NM ◆Joe & Daisy Kupfer ◆Dan Weaks & Marla Shoats ◆Qwest NM ◆Speaker Ben Lujan ◆Virtue Najjar & Brown P.C. ◆Senator Cisco McSorley ◆Marc Saavedra
Thursday ◆ September 18 ◆ 2008
5:30–7:00 PM
At The Home of
Margie Lockwood & Richard Romero
907 Silver SW • Albuquerque
Appetizers & Drinks Provided
Suggested Contribution: $50

If you cannot attend, please send your contribution to People for Mimi Stewart / 313 Moon St NE / Albuquerque NM 87123. RSVP to Kim Zamarin at k_zamarin@yahoo.com

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