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Thursday, May 29, 2008

NM-02: Local Firefighters Endorse McCamley

MccamleySome candidates depend on endorsements from insider politicos interested in preserving the status quo. Others, like Bill McCamley, are most pleased to get endorsed by locals who have an intimate knowledge of the needs of their district, direct experience working with them and a hunger for positive change. Today Congressional candidate and Doña Ana County Commissioner Bill McCamley announced that he had received the endorsements of two International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) Locals: Las Cruces Professional Fire Fighters Local 2362 and the Deming Fire Fighters Local 4251.

In its endorsement, Deming Firefighters Local 4251 President Ken McFaul stated that, “It is the belief of this local union that Bill McCamley will address the needs of southern New Mexico and our country as his first priority and to the best of his abilities. As a Doña Ana County Commissioner, he established the County’s first paid firefighting staff. He is aware of the population growth of southern New Mexico and how it impacts essential emergency services and its citizens. Bill considers firefighters’ opinions important when discussing matters of home land security. Bill brings the hope of our future with his youth and ambition.”

“Bill McCamley is a stand-up Commissioner who has always been there when we’ve needed him,” said Louie Burke, a spokesman for the Las Cruces Firefighters. “The bottom line is that Bill has supported Las Cruces firefighters, and we support him.”

“Firefighters are public servants in the truest sense of the term,” said McCamley. “Their service to the public includes not only their time and their hard work, but their willingness to sacrifice their own lives for our public safety. That is the highest form of public service there is, and I am extremely honored to receive their support.”

As a County Commissioner, McCamley worked to establish the County’s first paid firefighting staff.

Within the last month, McCamley has been endorsed by:

  • The Las Cruces Sun-News
  • The Silver City Daily Press
  • The Roswell Daily Record
  • American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME)
  • Sierra Club
  • 2006 Democratic nominee Al Kissling
  • Democracy for America 

McCamley was previously endorsed by the New Mexico Building and Construction Trades Council. He has also been endorsed by numerous present and former Democratic officials in New Mexico’s Second District (see www.billmccamley.com for more information).

There's still time to give to McCamley's campaign and help him keep his ad on the air until primary day. Click here.

To see our previous coverage of the NM-02 Congressional race, visit our archive.

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Man, you guys are absolutely hypocritical!

"Some candidates depend on endorsements from insider politicos..."

Had McCalmley received the endorsement of Progressive Lt. Guv Diane Denish, Guv Richardson, etc. you guys would have run that as your cover story for weeks! Now since Teague received everyones common sense endorsement you are criticizing those same people as insider politicos!?

You guys also criticize (usually) "longtime" or career politicians and yet Heinrich, Wiviott or McCalmley don't run on a platform of only going and serving one or two terms! No, they would implant themselves there for as long as they live!
As a matter of fact, Heinrich has yet to have a job in his life other than City Councilor, which isn't even an actual job!

You guys also criticize (usually) politico families and yet the darling of the extreme left is Tom Udall who comes from a very, very political family!

I guess the only way to avoid criticism on this site is to be an anglo candidate or to pander to you guys by finding a homosexual in the family in order to seem to "understand" gay issues.

Look, I think that Lujan, Lujan-Grisham, & Teague have the best chance to win the General Election. They also have the best chance to spike turnout amongst the majority of registered Dems in order to win NM for the Presidency. They also better represent the demographic population of New Mexico - a Hispanic from up North, a Metro-moderate Woman for Central, & an anglo from down South.

However, a record low turnout is favors the Wiviott, Heinrich & McCalmley team. Progressive Anglo voters are amongst the most disciplined and most likely voters in New Mexico, especially in Democrat Party Primaries and if the majority of ordinary New Mexicans do not vote than that equals a win for the progressives.

However, if Wiviott wins this Primary, he will lose to Marco Gonzalez. If Heinrich wins the Primary, he will lose handily to Darren White. If McCalmley wins the Primary, he will lose to any of the 8 that are running in the Southern GOP. FACT, FACT, FACT!

Posted by: | May 30, 2008 6:33:36 AM

This site really is hypocritical. I only read it now for laughs.

If this site can't be close to fair for our primary, I don't know how we can expect for it to be fair at the Democratic Convention.

Hopefully someone at the DNC will come to their senses and pick a blogger who knows how to write fairly instead of sounding like a republican in her attack of our presumptive nominee for Congress in the 2nd District.

Posted by: Stephan | May 30, 2008 8:25:01 AM

My son is a Firefighter/EMT. His family is for Harry Teague.

Posted by: dnl | May 30, 2008 8:38:19 AM

To the anonymous commenter above. Teague didn't receive "everyone's" common sense endorsement. What he got was the backing of people with big oil money and two politicians in power in the governor's office who somehow believe that a guy who didn't graduate high school and can barely form a sentence that makes sense should be the candidate.

Teague is a go along to get along guy and that is just what Richardson and Denish like. They and their operatives have been twisting arms and making threats to get people to back Teague when not many want to do it. I have heard this directly from people in cd2. I can't remember any other time a sitting governor has endorsed candidates in a primary. Like someone said he must be scared Teague will lose.

You said "I guess the only way to avoid criticism on this site is to be an anglo candidate or to pander to you guys by finding a homosexual in the family in order to seem to "understand" gay issues"

Now you are revealing your bigotry. I read this site every day and it supports many candidates who are not Anglo. It consistently supports honest progressive candidates who want change not those who want to keep the dirty money game going whatever ethnic group they are in. It is you who are biased. Bringing up the gay issue shows that clearly.

And who do you mean by "you guys"? This blog is written by one woman with some guest columns added in.

Tom Udall and his family have a track record of honesty and integrity for decades. What I see is this site criticizes candidates who are connected to political clans that have been caught stealing and breaking the law. Good job!

Posted by: frp | May 30, 2008 10:16:14 AM

Ftrplt sez: Since the beginning Harry Teague has tried to buy his race against a terrific Bill McCamley. Teague is afraid of debating McCamley as he knows he will get his butt kicked. Do we need a Congressman who will vote for and when the oil lobbyist's tell him to.

Harry Teague just put another $80 K of his own money into his campaign. Does that sound like a guy who is ahead? Hiding behind the $1.1 Million Teague has donated to his own campaign shows how afraid he is of Bill McCamley and Bill’s honest take it to the people campaign. Mr. Teague has the audacity to call Mr. McCamley dishonest when he gives no examples not will he let anyone question him.

For anyone even thinking of voting for Mr. Teague, let me remind you that he will have to debate the Republican challenger and that person will easily defeat Mr. Harry Teague. It will be no contest.

For a candidate who has to attempt to buy the vote and is not capable or debating anyone, does any voter actually think he could do any good in Congress? His oil buddies will tell him how to vote and when. There is no personal fortitude in Mr. Harry Teague.

Bill is a fighter; Harry hides; which do you think is the best candidate for Congress. As a disabled, decorated Vietnam Fighter Pilot, I urge you to vote for Bill McCamley, a fighter for District Two.

Col Donald E. Jonker USAF Ret.

Posted by: Donald E. Jonker | May 30, 2008 11:43:14 AM

Personally, I could give a rat's ass about Teague's debate performance.
I want to know how he has earned his wealth. Without a degree? Perhaps he is a "problem solver" in the engineering sense but I think he is also a "problem solver" as he serves as a straw man for established power in the field of energy.
Energy interests are paramount but the status quo under Bush oil men must step back to submit to meaningful regulation. The old regime promoted the predators rather than the producers.
Yes, this country will have to develop alternative energies and resort to eating our own resources of gas, coal and oil. But these energy guys in charge now are bereft of integrity. They have raped the world and they are coming after the home folk.

Posted by: qofdisks | May 31, 2008 9:41:02 PM

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