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Friday, March 07, 2008

Eric Griego & Tim Keller at Meetup Last Nite: How We Can Achieve Reforms

District 14 State Senate candidate Eric Griego speaks at DFA-DFNM Meetup

District 17 State Senate candidate Tim Keller addresses the group

In addition to a top-notch presentation on voter demographics and GOTV by Jennifer Ford of America Votes at last night's Albuquerque DFA-DFNM Meetup, the group heard from Eric Griego and Tim Keller. Eric and Tim are both passionate and engaging Dems who are challenging Dem incumbents in State Senate primary races set for June 3, 2008.

Eric Griego on the importance of electing Dems to the Legislature who will support a reform agenda

Both Griego and Keller stressed their strong commitment to needed reforms related to ethics, campaign finance, health care, education and a living wage. They explained how crucial it is for those who advocate change to band together and work hard to replace legislators more interested in protecting the status quo than reforming a broken system. Only grassroots action and determination can elect Democrats who will work on behalf of the people instead of the monied special interests. Whether or not we live in a given candidate's district, we can volunteer, make a small donation and help get the word out to support their campaigns. If they win, we'll all benefit -- not just constituents in their districts.

Griego on how we achieved public financing in Albuquerque and how he'll make ethics and campaign finance reform top priorities in the legislature

It seems clear that until we can get big money from big donors out of the election system, it will remain difficult to enact much-needed legislation on things like universal health care and a true living wage. Strong citizen support won't necessarily translate into the passage of popular measures unless we elect more Democrats who are willing to work hard to first get ethics and campaign finance reform signed into law.

If we consider ourselves to be grassroots activists, we must do more than read the blogs and go to meetings. To get people-powered candidates elected, we have to do our part. Do it now:

Visit the campaign websites of these two candidates to get actively involved in their races:

To see our previous coverage on 2008 New Mexico legislative races, visit our archive. Photos and video by M.E. Broderick. Sorry the video clips aren't of better quality. We need to get a real video camera!

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