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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Acoustic Musical Tour For Kucinich Debuts in Silver City This Friday

(Click on image for larger version.)

SPECIAL NOTE: There is a carload from Las Cruces organizing to attend ROCK THE HOPE in Silver City. If you live in Las Cruces and want to attend the concert, please send an e-mail ASAP to Rick Romero at romero85008@yahoo.com. ROCK THE HOPE WILL BE COMING TO ALBUQUERQUE IN JANUARY 2008. STAY TUNED FOR DETAILS!

Rick Romero, SW Kucinich Campaign, romero85008@yahoo.com, 602-515-9844

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Tecton Says 'Frack You': Denies Request to Withdraw Drilling Applications in Santa Fe County

On December 24, 2007, Forest Guardians, Drilling Santa Fe and Santa Fe Not Oil released the following statement:

Santa Fe, NM – Tecton Energy, a Houston, Texas based oil and gas company, has denied a request from various conservation groups and individuals to withdraw three applications for permits to drill in Santa Fe County that it recently submitted to the New Mexico Energy, Minerals and Natural Resources Department. On December 22nd three organizations—Forest Guardians, Drilling Santa Fe and Santa Fe Not Oil—and four individuals sent a letter to Tecton asking them to withdraw their applications. 

The letter was signed by the majority of participants in the Santa Fe County oil and gas ordinance working group that Commissioner Paul Campos convened for its first meeting on December 13th—the same day that Tecton submitted its three applications. The letter requested that Tecton Energy withdraw the applications because doing so would “demonstrate [Tecton’s] good faith participation in the County’s oil and gas working group.”  Further the letter said filing the applications on the same day that the working group convened “show(s) disrespect for the County Commissioners who are trying to responsibly gather relevant community and expert input to inform their decisions.”

In denying the request just two days after it was sent to them, Tecton asserted that it “has an obligation to [mineral] lessors to make a best-efforts attempt to develop the minerals. Filing applications with the State was a necessary step 1 in a multi-stage process required to pursue that goal.”

“Their denial of our request shows that Tecton couldn’t care less about what the people of Santa Fe County think about the real threat of oil and gas development,” said John Horning, Executive Director at Forest Guardians. “They’re putting their corporate profits above the will of the people of Santa Fe County who don’t want to see our landscape transformed into an industrial sacrifice zone,” Horning added.

The groups and individuals that attended the meeting convened by Commissioner Campos on December 13th believe that Tecton’s denial of the request to withdraw the drilling permits is another example of the company’s belief that Santa Fe County has no authority to regulate oil and gas development.

“Tecton’s submission of those permit applications on the same day that they met with us and the County is a symbolic denial of the county’s authority to regulate oil and gas,” said Johnny Micou, a leader of Drilling Santa Fe. “Tecton just keeps thumbing their nose at the majority of the citizens by steamrolling along with their development plans.”

Steve Sugarman, a Galisteo Basin resident and local environmental attorney, who has been a vocal opponent of Tecton’s development plans argues that it is the Commissioners and not just the citizens who should feel snubbed. “Tecton threw sand in the commissioners’ faces when it filed its applications for permits to drill on the morning that the working group first convened,” said Sugarman. “Tecton added insult to injury when it stated at the work group’s first meeting that it is not legally bound to abide by the terms of the County’s moratorium.  Clearly, Tecton has no respect for our Commissioners’ authority to regulate land use in the County.”

In light of Tecton’s denial, the groups and individuals that participated in the working group are re-evaluating their next steps. Regardless of the next steps the groups that sent the request to Tecton say they will be participating in Santa Fe county hearings in early January on the proposed ordinance as well as state Oil Conservation Division hearings in early February on the three applications for permit to drill that were the subject of the letter.

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DCCC Will Target at Least 40 Seats Including NM-01 and NM-02

According to a Roll Call interview with Chris Van Hollen, who heads the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC), the group plans to target at least 40 seats in 2008 that have been held by Republicans. Swing State Project has the list and it includes New Mexico's First and Second Congressional Districts. Quote:

Overall, the DCCC is targeting 40 Republican-held seats in 2008 — both open seats and those where the incumbent is running for re-election, Van Hollen confirmed. Van Hollen acknowledged that the DCCC’s continuing wide cash advantage over the National Republican Congressional Committee was a key factor in his decision to shift his focus to aiding Democratic challengers.

"We don’t have to spend all of our time worrying about what the Republican committee is going to be able to throw at our incumbents. There’s no doubt that allows us some flexibility," Van Hollen told Roll Call. "It has given us some room to maneuver. Definitely."

Last week, Al Gore sent out a message to Democrats urging them to donate to the DCCC's Year End Challenge, where contributions will be matched and doubled by Dem House members.

First District
In NM-01 in the Albuquerque area, where Repub Rep. Heather Wilson is giving up her seat to run for U.S. Senate, the current contenders are:

  • Democrats
    • Martin Heinrich, former Albuquerque City Councilor who's on a leave of absence from his job as Natural Resources Trustee with the State
    • Michelle Lujan Grisham, former Secretary of the New Mexico Public Health Department
  • Republicans

Second District
In NM-02 in the southern part of the state, here are the current candidates for the vacancy created by Republican Rep. Steve Pearce's entry into the U.S. Senate race:

  • Democrats
    • Bill McCamley, Dona Ana County Commissioner
    • Joseph Cervantes, State Representative
    • Al Kissling, retired Presbyterian minister
    • Harry Teague, former Lea County Commissioner
    • , retired teacher, current businessman
  • Republicans
    • Ed Tinsely, owner of K-Bob's Steakhouse restaurant-chain, rancher
    • Aubrey L. Dunn, Jr., retired banker, current rancher
    • Bob Cornelius, former Executive Director of the Bernalillo County Republican Party
    • Greg Sowards, owner of Las Cruces daycare centers

In order to get on a Party's June 3, 2008 Congressional primary ballot, a candidate must garner the votes of at least 20% of the delegates to the Party's pre-primary convention to be held this Spring.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2007



Christmas Eve in Albuquerque's North Valley




At our house:




Merry Everything to All!

(Hat tip to D.A. for the reindeer.)

(Click on images for larger versions. Photos by M.E. Broderick.)

Also see posts here and  here at Duke City Fix for more luminaria and lights photos. And for a couple of animated ruminations on Peace on Earth, check out this 1939 animation and the 1955 remake.

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Monday, December 24, 2007

Without Any Fear: Tidings of Comfort, Joy and Peace

Of course I had to put this up (again). Will we have a year during the rest of our lives when the U.S. is not at war or occupying someplace for our own gain, regardless of the ruination it causes ourselves and others? Probably the best we can do for now is pledge to live the next year WITHOUT ANY FEAR of the kind being planted so diligently in the public consciousness by the forces of eternal war and greed. It's a start.

Check out this blast from the past Christmas card from the Bush Family that captures the future Decider with cig in hand, smirk on face and no belt in loops. Hang onto the fact that 2008 will be Dubya's last year in office -- unless he declares martial law and attempts to become president for life, or something. Anything is possible, but I think the odds strongly favor positive energies starting to emerge again on our planet. That's one thing to be very grateful about as we move into the last week of 2007.

Have a Yuletide filled with light, hope, laughter and love.

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Guest Blog: Democrats, Walking the Walk, Supporting the Troops

Delivering the packages

This is a guest blog from Terry Riley and George Boersig, who worked hard on this project along with many other Democrats in Albuquerque: We so often hear politicians talk about supporting our troops. That is usually used to encourage us to not ask to bring our troops home and to encourage the next war. It would seem that truly supporting the troops would be doing something that reduces their risk of getting killed or injured. It also should mean providing all of the health and other care that they may need after they have served for us.

This Saturday, December 22, 2007, the Bernalillo County Democratic Party delivered clothes, toiletries, and food to the New Mexico Veterans Integration Center. The NMVIC is a housing, counseling, and job placement center for homeless veterans. This is not a government institution, though they do receive some government money. There are presently 69 male residents and three female residents. Members of the party gathered the items and brought them to the Bernalillo County Democratic Party third Thursday regular business meeting and then sorted items and boxed them so that we could wrap a variety of items in one box per individual. We collected more than enough for the residents so we were able to give the extra items such as underwear and towels for the NMVIC “general store” for later use.

Members of the US military branches believe in not leaving a soldier behind on the battlefield. The NMVIC believes in “Beyond the Battlefield”. Their hope is to provide needed help to any veteran. Our country needs to adapt the policy of leaving no soldier behind, active or veteran, no matter what his or her ailment or problem may be. We must act to fully fund our Veterans Administration so that the best care is available to everyone who served, no exceptions! This is Supporting Our Troops!

Sorting and filling the packages

Walk the walk. Vote for candidates who pledge to REALLY support our troops AND our veterans. Follow through, check on the people you voted for and make sure that they do vote to provide the needed services and care for ALL of our veterans. Help your elected officials keep their promises and replace ANY elected officials who do not do everything possible to Support Our Troops!

Now, after all of this we have an important request to make of everybody. The NMVIC has a serious budget shortfall and has asked for emergency appropriations from the state legislature. If you consider that New Mexico provided approximately $275,000 this last year for operations at the NMVIC and that New Mexico spent approximately $9,000,000 for monuments and memorials for those who served and for the campaigns they served in, it would seem a better choice to spend a lot of money on people who served – AND ARE IN NEED AND STILL ALIVE, than to spend on commemorations on those who have passed.

George with wrapped packages

Please contact your state legislators and ask them to commit to always spending more money on veterans who are alive than they spend on memorials. Just imagine how many veterans could be helped and how much care could be provided if we had multi-million dollar appropriations.

This is a guest blog by Terry Riley and George Boersig of Albuquerque. Guest blogs provide readers with an opportunity to express their views on relevant issues and may or many not reflect our views. If you'd like to submit a piece for consideration as a guest blog, contact me by clicking on the Email Me link on the upper left-hand corner of the page.

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KUNM 89.9FM Tonight @8PM: A New Mexican Christmas Tradition, Las Posadas

From Espejos de Aztlan:

Happy Holidays, from the Raices Collective! Check out KUNM 89.9FM tonight, Christmas Eve 2007, (Monday, December 24th), at 8:00 PM for a half-hour Christmas special of Espejos de Aztlan. Host Javier Benavidez will interview organizers of the Posadas tradition in the Barelas Neighborhood, a New Mexican practice of celebrating Christmas for 62 years now in the downtown neighborhood. Also, tune in again on Dec. 31st, 2007 at 8:00 PM for a New Year's Eve special of Espejos de Aztlan, including warm wishes from the many deejays of the Raices Collective and upbeat music to bring in the New Year.

Espejos de Aztlan has been on-air since 1979 and is part of the Raices Collective which conducts programming on news, culture and music from a Latino perspective on KUNM 89.9. Beginning in 2008, Espejos de Aztlan will begin airing at 7:00 PM on Monday evenings, immediately following "All Things Considered." For more information or to submit input about Espejos de Aztlan, please visit the "Raices" link at .

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Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mudspirit: Click to Earn Donations to Art Street & Albuquerque Healthcare for the Homeless

From https://www.mudhouseadvertising.com/artstreet/:

For every unique view this video draws between now and December 31st Mudhouse Advertising will donate $1 to

This contribution (up to $10,000) will be made on behalf of all those who have given our art a home.

We hope you'll join us in supporting this worthwhile cause by clicking on the donate link below and providing a matching contribution of any size. Even just $1 can make a difference.

(Hat tip to blogger Mario Burgos of Mudhouse Advertising)

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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Holidaze Music

You can listen to the entire playlist in order, play individual songs or create your own playlist. You can launch the standalone player to see more of the song titles. I tried to create a combo of corn, oddities and beauties from what they had available. Did I succeed?

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I've Donated, Have You? $275,000 and Counting

From CBS News:

In the past 24 hours, MoveOn, perhaps the most powerful liberal advocacy group in the country, has raised $275,000 for the United Services Organizations (USO) for calling cards for U.S. soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. The USO may be most associated with Bob Hope-type visits to troops overseas, but the non-partisan organization is clearly comfortable partnering with MoveOn if the cause helps soldiers stationed overseas during the holidays.

MoveOn.org emailed its 3.3 million members this week asking them to donate $15 for the USO's Operation Phone Home program, and the membership rapidly responded with the donations. MoveOn conducted a similar operation a few years ago around Christmas time when its members donated 16 million frequent flier miles to the troops.

Eli Pariser, the executive director of MoveOn.org's Civic Action program, says the group sees no inconsistency between its anti-war political message and its Christmas generosity for the troops.

"A lot of our members are veterans or military families, so the war affects them personally," Pariser said in a phone interview with Politico. "We wanted to do something that was very direct in terms of helping those in harms way. It's very clear for our members that you can support the troops and be against the war."

Give your $15 (or more) here for MoveOn's USO phone card project.

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