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Monday, December 31, 2007

By Midnight: Last Chance to Support Candidates in 2007

The final campaign fundraising quarter of 2007 ends tonight at Midnight. Good numbers at this point in the election cycle can create buzz, mojo and and edge for candidates, especially those who might not be getting the full-throttle praise routine from the conventional, politics as usual crowd. If you support a candidate who's an underdog of sorts, or who's a particular favorite of yours, now's the time to kick in a few more bucks to top off the year. Donate the cost of a couple of bottles of champagne and you won't have a headache in the morning.

Here are the candidates I'm personally supporting with donations as 2007 edges towards the New Year:

NM-01: Martin Heinrich
Heinrich's environmental credentials are impeccable. He's smart, reasonable, honest and a very hard worker. He fought for working people, ethics reform, and green innovations on the Albuquerque City Council and I know he'll do the same in Washington. He's been working his you know what off since he entered the race, and his common sense, progressive views are top of the line. Added bonus: if you donate between now and Midnight, you get a chance at a free dinner with Martin at Scalo (or a NM goodie package if you live outside the area or can't make it in person). Donate to the Heinrich campaign.

NM-02: Bill McCamley
If you heard Dona Ana County Commissioner McCamley speak at this Fall's Dem Party SCC meeting or at another gathering this year, you know what I mean about his energy, commitment to Democratic principles and enthusiasm. He's been driving the district for months, racking up thousands of miles on his car and gaining coverts wherever he goes. He's running a creative, truly grassroots campaign and has attracted more than $200,000 in donations so far, most of them small. His campaign office in Las Cruces opens next month. According to some of the powers that be, Democrats in the 2nd District are all supposed to fall in line and support old-line oilman Harry Teague now that Rep. Joe Cervantes is out of the race. Does that sound like a wise choice at a time when development issues and a critical transformation to a renewable energy economy are the hot topics?

NM-03: Don Wiviott
I strongly supported Wiviott's courageous jump into the U.S. Senate race when everyone else was afraid to confront incumbent Sen. Pete Domenici. When Rep. Tom Udall decided to run for Senate, Don bowed out and endorsed him because they share so many of the same values. They are a lot alike. Wiviott is now running for Congress in the Third District and I'm still supporting him as a candidate. His progressive positions are on the mark, he's a fighter through and through and he's passionately committed to the big changes we need to meet the unique challenges of this turbulent era. Donate to the Wiviott campaign. 

State Senate District 15: John Blair
I got to know Blair via Dem Party activities and he's definitely one of the good guys. He's going up against an incumbent Republican who pretends to be "moderate" but votes like she's owned by all the wrong campaign donors. We need a real Democrat in this seat and Blair is that in spades. This race is expected to be a long, fierce battle and Blair needs resources now to start things off with an edge. Donate to the Blair campaign.

Of course there are many other excellent Dem candidates who'll need our support in the coming year, but I believe these four will benefit most from a strong fundraising showing this quarter. If you agree with my choices, I hope you'll give a few bucks to each. If not, I hope you'll decide to contribute to your own slate of candidates who need it most right now. And I mean now.

To read our previous coverage on these races, visit our archives:

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Great choices. I'm gonna do my part. 2008 is gonna be something!

Posted by: I Vote | Dec 31, 2007 4:01:22 PM

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