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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

NM Senate Quits Special Session in a Tizzy, at Least for Now

Bottom line: the NM House can call the Senate back after three days, if they so choose. If not, it's all over. Kate Nash provides a day-long play-by-play and reports:

5:57 Sen. Linda Lopez just moved the Senate adjourn SINE DIE. It passed. But there is a challenge to the ruling, which was on a voice vote ... The vote was upheld. The Senate is out of here on a vote of 24-14 ... House committees have passed several bills, including the domestic partnership measure and the GRIP II road construction bill.

Oh, who cares about that, especially whether all our citizens have a semblance of parity under civil law? As the NM Repub Party news release puts it, in their typically sleazy, schoolyard style:

Special Session – Gov. Richardson’s “Domestic Partner” Agenda Spells Gay and Lesbian Votes in California: Gov. Richardson’s hastily called Special Session of the Legislature is a thinly disguised attempt to woo the votes of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals in the United States in his ambitions to run for president.

A “domestic partner” bill is one of the key issues the politicking governor has put on the agenda for the 2007 New Mexico Special Session. This piece of liberal legislation ensures that unmarried homosexual and heterosexual couples would receive the same rights as traditional married couples.

First off, if this domestic partner bill would give GLBT folks the same rights as legally married couples, I'll eat my 'Bush Is Over' teeshirt.  As has been well documented, legally married heterosexual couples receive a total of 1,138 FEDERAL benefits that neither state domestic partnerships nor state-provided same-sex marriages offer. All this domestic partnership law would do is provide the most basic of legal protections for partners and their families, whether straight or gay.

Secondly, is anyone else sick and tired of the Senators' whining and refusal to work? Think back to all the time spent on bolo tie, cowboy song and talapia farm bills and compare that to the time it would take to pass these bills of substance, some of which would significantly improve the lives of our citizens and the ethics of our goverment. In my opinion the Senate -- including many Democratic Senators -- are acting like rebellious children. Wah, I don't wanna work cuz the Guv. is running for president. Apparently it's all a game to them, just another ego-power struggle while the masses wait.

Of course it might help if Gov. Richardson would stay in town long enough to get this done. Surely he could miss a couple "fundraisers" at this early point in the presidential primary race, couldn't he? I mean if people like us were really important to him. More important than big donor cash.

I wish all of them would act their ages, get the business of the people completed without delay and quit the showboating, on all sides. Is that asking too much of those who are supposed to represent us?

PS: According to EQNM: By a vote of 6-2 HB4 (Domestic Partnerships) passed out of House Judiciary today and is now scheduled for a full floor vote of the House tomorrow Wednesday, March 21 at 2:00PM. If you can, please come to the Roundhouse to pack the gallery.

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Poor things are worn out, 60 days of wine, dine, and pocket lining, is very tiring. They can't be expected to have to stay in town to finish up on the "peoples business" after all, they went to the cocktail parties, the late night backroom gift gathering and wheeling and dealing secessions where soooo much was accomplished, like increasing their pensions, and getting the "bolo tie" named as the official State tie.

Posted by: VP | Mar 21, 2007 7:31:57 AM

Has the pension increase been signed into law?

Posted by: suz | Mar 21, 2007 9:41:05 AM

How disappointing to the very core. If this is all not proof of how rotten our Democracy has gotten. Hubris surrounds us.

Once again the elected officials play politics with the lives of the gays. All this bill would allow basically is for me to go claim my partner in the morque, or make determination for her life in near death horrible situations. It is far far from the sacred marriage. All of our state dems should be ashamed of playing with that basic right.

As an ageing lesbian it deeply pains me to see this blatant foolery being displayed by my Party. That is right - MY Party - the Democratic Party that used to stick up for the people - Really and Truly not any more....what a horrible shame.

They will take my hard work and money, but not a one of them really sticks up for my civil rights. Pitiful.

And Governor it seems like you could have stayed home and pushed this through and the other pieces you wanted to cover in the session. You could have stayed home for the first day of the beginning of this special session. Or how about all the days of the special session. You would stay home to steer the ship. But no, your own political aspirations outweigh the need to get important work done.

First things first. Clean up your own house, get your own house in order, the children are running amock, there is no leadership on any level of Government, national, state, local. None. And who suffers - we all do. Some more then others now.

Posted by: Mary Ellen | Mar 21, 2007 9:53:44 AM

Seems like its become a pissing contest between all the people who think they are bosses. Who is the biggest boss? Who has the largest genitals? With all the time wasted yesterday everything could have been voted on and done with. These aren't new issues to the Senators. They had hearings during the regular session. They needed no long time period to know what the bills were about. What is the problem?

The governor should have stayed in town. But that's no excuse for the senators to act like babies who need hand holding. I'd like to find one other state that has a democratic governor and both houses of the legislature ruled by democrats and have something like this happen. Grow up democratic senators! Would you rather be back in the days of Gary Johnson running the state?

ALL the bills being considered in the special session are based on traditional democratic values. Get on with it and approve them. Believe me if you don't there will be hell tp pay. Us regular people out here are sick of this. Its been democratic senators who have blocked or tried to block the bills that people want. Stop acting like selfish babies and vote according to the party platform and all the citizens up there working hard to get things done.

NO EXCUSE for refusing to pass the ethics and campaign reforms. NO EXCUSE for refusing to pass the domestic partnership bill. NO EXCUSE for holding up the road money.

You say these things arent important enough for a special session. Maybe not for you. But for the people they are. Get it? You represent the people and if you had to put off your expensive vacations too bad. We are sick of this.

Posted by: Coyote L. | Mar 21, 2007 11:13:25 AM

At least at the federal level some congressman are taking a lead on ethics reform and campaign finances. Sign up to be a citizen cosponsor to a bipartisan bill allowing for voluntary public financing of federal congressional campaigns. Here's the link:


This really needs to be done and the more people that sign up, the more likely it is that it will pass.

Posted by: | Mar 21, 2007 11:40:24 AM

Why don't I have more faith that something like what's suggested above has a chance in hell of working? Foxes. Guarding. Henhouse.

Posted by: Old Dem | Mar 21, 2007 1:18:25 PM

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