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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Unofficial Transcript of TV News Story on Heather Wilson Removing CFYD File About Her Husband

In the last day or so, Albuquerque's KOAT-7 News apparently had YouTube remove a video of their 1995 1996 investigative TV news report on Republican Rep. Heather Wilson (NM-01) due to "copyright infringement." At least, that's what YouTube says on its site at the link where the clip had been present for some time. In the TV news story, Wilson is caught lying to the camera about removing a file on her husband, Jay Hone, from the central filing system of the NM Children, Youth and Families Department (see posts below from earlier today).

Given KOAT's action, I can't include an actual video of the story here for those who haven't seen it. But what I can do is provide an unofficial transcript of the video, which was emailed to me this evening from someone who watched the video closely. You can make your own judgments about whether or not the story has relevance in the current election cycle, and if the story should be reexamined by local print or TV news media in light of current events:

Unofficial Transcript:
KOAT 7 Target 7 TV Report on Secretary Wilson, in 1995 1996

(Scene of the KOAT 7 newsroom, with anchors Diane Anderson and Nelson Martinez)

“Children Youth and Families Secretary Heather Wilson hastily calls a news conference to discredit a Target 7 report she had not even seen. But it’s a story you’ll see in just a moment.

"Good evening, I’m Nelson Martinez. And I’m Diane Anderson. Where is a sensitive case file relating to Wilson’s husband?

"Our Target 7 team has learned that it was moved, on orders of the Cabinet Secretary herself. And one Law Enforcement official calls the incident, ‘highly inappropriate’.”

Anderson, “Target 7 investigative reporter Larry Barker has the exclusive story that prompted Secretary Wilson to go on the offensive.”

(cut to reporter Larry Barker)

Barker, “One of Governor Johnson’s (R-NM) first appointments was Heather Wilson, to head up Children, Youth and Families. And one of Heather Wilson’s first acts was to have a confidential case file, on her husband, removed from the Department’s Central Records.

"Believed to be in the file is a March 1993 Albuquerque Police incident report containing potentially embarrasing allegations against Wilson’s husband, Jay Hone. (shows picture of the police report).

"Now charges were never pressed, but the allegation was referred to State Authorities for investigation by Children Youth and Familes, where the agency had a routine file on Jay Hone. Secretary Wilson took office on January 1st last year (1995). Target 7 has learned that just 3 days later, the Secretary ordered her husband’s file removed from the Department’s Central Records room here in Albuqueque and delivered to the Deparment’s attorney, in her Santa Fe office.”

“The action was documented on this index card copy (shows the card), the original of which is now apparently missing.  Also missing is a letter, showing the file’s current location (shows similar letter with overlay quote “…wrongfully removed”). Children, Youth and Families administrators suggest that the letter may have been, quote, wrongfully removed. The Jay Hone file was taken from the Children Youth and Families Albuquerque office, which puts this incident under the jurisdiction of District Attorney, Bob Schwartz."

(Cut to video of Barker’s interview with Bob Schwartz):

Barker, “If she removed this file, relating to her husband from the file room or wherever they keep files, to the office of the Secretary – is that appropriate?"

Schwartz, “It is absolutely inappropriate. At minimum, the Secretary has an obvious conflict of interest. And being a Cabinet Secretary, what she should have done, is gone to a court, under seal, and at least asked a court to authorize this kind of removal. Because obviously she is a little too close.”

Barker’s report continues – cut to Barker interrupting Wilson in a conference room ...

Barker, “Secretary Wilson refused to discuss this matter with me, so we caught up with her at Children Youth and Families’ Albuquerque office.

Barker interviews Wilson ...

Barker, “And this is, purports to be the card, referencing your husband, right?"

Wilson, “Yes.”

Barker, “OK. And there is a notation here, that the record was removed, by your order, on this date.”

Wilson gives him a blank look.

Barker, “Does that have any meaning for you, or not?”

Wilson, “I will assume, for the purposes, that this is some kind of a copy of a record of this Department. Now where we locate files, in this Department, is none of your business.”

Barker, “Well did you order, this ... a record ... removed?"

Wilson, “No.”

Barker, “So this is totally inaccurate?"

Wilson, “Yes."

Barker, “But confidential sources claim Secretary Wilson did indeed move her husband’s case file. And that’s not the only thing she removed. Watch closely. That’s OUR investigative file (Wilson walks off with Barker’s manilla file folder). That’s right, Secretary Wilson made off with OUR Target 7 file. Now we recovered our documents moments later. Meanwhile DA Schwartz says he will demand the Jay Hone file, be returned."

Schwartz again, “These records do not belong to Secretary Wilson. These records belong to the Department and they are under the strict regulation of the law. If this file is in Secretary Wilson’s desk, then she shouldn’t be behind this desk any more, she should resign.”

Barker, signing off, “The Department confirms the Hone files does exist, but they won’t say ... where it is. Larry Barker, for Target 7.”

(cut back to the KOAT-7 studio)

Diane Anderson, “When Secretary Wilson learned that KOAT 7 planned to run the story tonight, she summoned reporters to her Santa Fe office this afternoon.”

Nelson Martinez, “There, for the first time, she publicly acknowledged having her husband’s file moved.”

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Thanks to whoever put together the transcript. I missed seeing the video when you linked to it earlier this month. No question about it Wilson lied in front of the camera. What does this say about her character?

Posted by: G.R. | Oct 20, 2006 9:09:46 AM

What really has been buggig me for a while is that H/W has been running an anti-Patsy ad claiming Patsy is weak on sexual predators.

Incredible that H/W leaves her children home alone with a pervert. That she is one of 3 persons on a board overseeing the pages and allows a pervert near them. That the Rs know about Foley and let him head up the Missing/Abused Children committee.

That's what amazes me.

Posted by: bg | Oct 20, 2006 9:28:13 AM

I have an MP3 of the video and am planning to make a puppet threater recreation. I agree its an old story, and there isn't much too it, but given the cover ups and lack of oversight when it comes to Rep. Foley, Rep. Cunningham, Rep. Ney, Rep. Delay, Jack Abramoff, Karl Rove, Rep. Wilson has some splaining to do. Iraq is FUBAR. Afghanistan is FUBAR. The GOP is running a Terrorist Propaganda Video featuring UBL. Wilson is running a video showing the wrecked WTC! I'm mad as hell, especially at the corporate media. I talked to all three News Stations, the State Editor at the Journal Yesterday a few minutes after the story broke. They all sounded depressed and angry at these calls coming in. They have had this buried for 10 years. Given Wilson's vote to impeach Clinton for spillings Satan's Jism, and crying about how nasty Janet's Breast is, I say enough Hypocrisy. Don't ask don't tell. I say we start protesting the local media for the blackout about Iraq and Wilson?

Posted by: | Oct 20, 2006 9:32:03 AM

bg: That's what so horrible. They are such hypocrites. Perverts claiming others are perverts when it's really them. Chickenhawk cowards and AWOLers claiming decorated vets are what they are. Wilson acting so "sweet" and smiley when she's really living a corrupt lie in her family life and what she supports in Congress. Think of Bush claiming he's for democracy, freedom and liberty while he guts the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the writ of habeas corpus. They have some nerve.

Posted by: Lefty | Oct 20, 2006 10:35:48 AM

The police report is not all that was in the file. Jay Hone -- as a single man-- had a young male foster child in his home. When Jay and HWilson married in 1991 they lated adopted him. The are case files kept on all foster children. Jay Hone was also big in Boy Scouting. All together marks of a chicken-hawk.

Posted by: sam d dobermann | Oct 20, 2006 12:18:51 PM

Looks good Barb. Thanks.

Posted by: ABQtom | Oct 20, 2006 11:17:08 PM

And thanks to Tom for the transcript!

Posted by: barb | Oct 21, 2006 1:54:52 PM

Hmm The Sunday Journal says Leather Wilson and Jay Hone bonded over their love of Broadway Musicals! Allah Mode!

Posted by: | Oct 22, 2006 11:16:16 AM

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