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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Latest Poll: Dead Heat in Madrid-Wilson Race

Madrid (center) with supporters.

Great news in an announcement from the Patricia Madrid for Congress (NM-01) campaign. Despite weeks of sleazy negative advertising by Republican incumbent Heather Wilson, the latest polling results show the two locked in a statistical dead heat. The district-wide phone survey of 400 likely voters conducted by Lake Research Partners between August 17-20, 2006 shows Madrid at 44% and Wilson at 46% -- within the poll's margin of error.

It's a political rule of thumb that incumbent candidates are in deep trouble if their support is under 50%, as Wilson's is in this poll. No wonder the Wilson campaign is grasping at straws and using Rovian tactics to try and change the momentum away from a Madrid win. All the mojo is with Madrid, and it's apparent that likely voters are seeing through the deceptions that constitute the bulk of Wilson's campaign tactics so far.

Wilson's Job Approval Under 50%
Other results from the poll show more for Wilson to worry about. Only 47%  like the job Wilson's doing, with 50% registering a negative opinon. Meanwhile, 57% of independents, who just may determine the outcome of this race, said Wilson is doing "just a fair job" or a "poor job."

Bush Approval Ratings Also Poor
TeafortwoHeather Wilson's close association with President Bush can't be helping either. The CD1 survey showed that six of ten respondents, or 60%, aren't satisfied with the job Bush is doing. And with independent voters, two-thirds (or 67%) disapprove of Bush.  Such low job approval ratings for a president that Wilson has supported more than 90% of the time can't be creating any smiles at her campaign office.

Help Madrid Seal the Deal
Clearly, Wilson is being tarnished by her supportive relationship with the Bush administration and their misguided and failed agenda. The data show that the district's likely voters aren't buying Wilson's attempt to run away from Bush and claim she's a "moderate" and an "independent." They know better. And they seem ready to give Democrat Patricia Madrid a chance at representing the genuine concerns of New Mexico's first congressional district and working to solve the problems of ordinary people. Patricia Madrid can seal this deal, but she needs our help. You know what to do!

And if you're not yet registered to vote, do it now. To vote in the November 7th mid-term election, you must be registered at least 28 days before election day. The clock is ticking.

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Very encouraging with two months to go, but we all need to help keep the momentum going.

Posted by: VP | Aug 23, 2006 11:17:58 AM

Patsy should take a page ot of Ned Lamont's book, and tie Wilson tightly to Bush. I thik THE KISS did more for him than anything else. And let's make it as graphic as possible, Patsy. Will a creative artist lease step up?

Posted by: jeanne | Aug 23, 2006 11:45:15 AM

Jeanne, the Madrid campaign launched WashingtonWilsonWatch.com earlier this week - check it out. It does a great job exposing Wilson's ties to Bush.

Posted by: Washington Wilson Watch | Aug 23, 2006 11:55:01 AM


Posted by: meb | Aug 23, 2006 12:12:28 PM

I like the WashingtonWilsonWatch site but I think we need something visual and creative that appeals to people who don't use the internet. The "kiss" truck in the Lamont race was very effective in this way.

I wish the Madrid campaign would adopt some fresh and creative on the ground things like the kiss puppets.

Any ideas?

Posted by: Old Dem | Aug 23, 2006 1:50:57 PM

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