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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Early Voting Starts Today for NM's June Primary


The statewide NM primary is set for June 6th, but you can start voting early today at your county clerk's office. You can also request an absentee ballot by contacting your county clerk. They'll send you an application you need to complete and return, and then they'll send you the ballot.

Starting May 20th, you'll also be able to cast your ballot at additional satellite locations in many counties. Bernalillo County will have 12 of these early voting sites.

The Bernalillo County Clerk is Mary Herrera. Her office is located at One Civic Plaza, NW, 6th Floor, Albuquerque, NM 87102. Phone: (505) 768-4090. Fax: (505) 768-4631. Email: Clerk@bernco.gov

You can find the location of your county clerk's office here. You can also access general election and voting information at the Secretary of State's site. The League of Women Voters is another good source of voting and election information.

In order to vote in the primary, you need to be registered as a member of either the Democratic or Republican parties because New Mexico's primaries are "closed" to those not officially affiliated with a party. Today is the last day for voter registration, so head over to your county clerk's office if you want to vote in the primary and haven't yet registered.

You can check the Secretary of State's website for a list of the statewide candidates, as well as the district candidates who are primary candidates. Statewide candidates on the Democratic side:

U.S. Senator: Jeff Bingaman (unopposed)

Governor: Bill Richardson, plus Write-In Candidate: Anselmo A. Chavez

Lt. Governor: (unopposed)

Secretary of State: Stephanie Gonzales, Mary Herrera, Shirley Hooper, Letitia Montoya

State Treasurer: James B. Lewis (unopposed)

Attorney General: , Lemuel Martinez, Geno Zamora

Commissioner of Public Lands: Jim Baca, Ray Powell, Jr.

U.S. Representative (District 1): Patricia Madrid (unopposed)

U.S. Representative (District 2): Al Kissling (unopposed)

U.S. Representative (District 3): Tom Udall (unopposed)

Judges - Retention:
Justice of the Supreme Court: Edward L. Chavez
Judges of the Court of Appeals: Cynthia A. Fry, Lynn Pickard, Jim Wechsler

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I hope we get a good turnout in the primary but I won't hold my breath. I also hope Stephanie Gonzales beats Mary Herrera and the others. Stephanie is such a smart, honest, hard working woman, and nice too. She's got my vote.

Posted by: Josh | May 9, 2006 4:36:13 PM

"Stephanie is such a smart, honest, hard working woman, and nice too" So now that you have covered the least of considerations for a candidate, how about COMPETENCY, was she competent when she held that position previously? If everyone made COMPETENCY as issue # 1 when choosing to support a candidate, we might have better government. BTW I am not suggesting anything about Ms Gonzales, I am only pointing out that many voters choose to support candidates for wrong reasons and we can see what we get stuck with, just look at the WH for a perfect example of that.

Posted by: VP | May 10, 2006 9:34:08 AM

In my knowledge yes Gonzales was competent in the past, and I trust emphatically will be in the future.

Posted by: Mary Ellen | May 10, 2006 1:57:22 PM

VP: Competency is made up in large part of hard work, smarts and honesty in my opinion. That's how you learn. By working hard using your intellect and solving problems and with honest analysis. Given the DIS-honesty of a number of current officeholders here, I think honesty may be one of the most important requirements for candidates.

Come on. The Secretary of State's duties don't require knowledge of rocket science. What is needed is attention to detail, ease and honesty in working with others, and elbow grease.

In my estimation Gonzales is the best candidate in that I believe she is the most competent. Surely Mary Herrera has shown just the opposite in her time as County Clerk. Lazy, lacking brain power, dishonest and even disloyal to the voters. This is the person who defended electronic voting machines and testified against paper ballots because she said the switch would be too much work.

Posted by: Josh | May 10, 2006 2:37:57 PM


Posted by: PTL | May 12, 2006 12:31:17 AM

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