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Friday, November 25, 2005


Once again, our house is observing Buy Nothing Day on this Friday after Thanksgiving when the entire consumer culture is out there fighting for "bargains." No fuss. No muss. No crowds. No stress. Less credit card debt.


Instead we're just hanging out with our parakeets, our lovebird and our new sun conure. Reading (me "The Kite Runner," Mary Ellen " Deception Point ").  Throwing a few chores into the mix. Planning on seeing a movie tonight -- maybe Walk the Line, Good Night, and Good Luck or North Country. Okay, buying movie tickets is technically buying something, but at least it doesn't entail visiting a Wal-Mart and the tickets aren't made in the Third World using slave labor. Ah, it feels so good! Are you with us?


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I wonder why the right-wing churches aren't warning people about greed in this run-up to their most holy holiday. Too busy preaching about gay people and pregnancy termination, two things never mentioned in the New Testament. What a spectacle of shopping addiction and the shopper so proud of their binging.

Posted by: IzzyL | Nov 26, 2005 10:08:03 AM

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