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Sunday, August 28, 2005

Sunday (Political) Bird Blogging

Bosco the peach-faced lovebird, being a loyal member of DFA-Democracy for New Mexico and a passionate progressive, is doing all he can to get Eric Griego elected as Mayor of Albuquerque:


Bosco is also a strong supporter of Marianne Dickinson, running for City Council in District 7, and he gets into being a progressive netroots activist. Here he's making a visit to Marianne's website to make a donation:


If a lovebird can be this active, think what YOU can do! Just some of Bosco's favorite campaign websites:

Eric Griego for Mayor

Marianne Dickinson for City Council, Dist. 7

Ike Benton for City Council, Dist. 3

Chris Catechis for City Council, Dist. 9

Albuquerque Living Wage Campaign

Common Cause Campaign for Open and Ethical Elections Code

(Click on photos for larger images.)

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