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Friday, April 01, 2005

DFA's Social Security Radio Ad Runs in ABQ

Democracy for America's Social Security Ad Hits the Airwaves: Radio Ad Highlights Real Stories from Real Americans - Listen to the Ad: Click for mp3

BURLINGTON, VT - Starting today, Democracy for America (DFA) will air a radio ad titled, "Gina and Josephine" in three media markets -- Albuquerque, New Mexico (KABQ 1350AM, Air America) , San Diego, California and Seattle, Washington. It will air in all markets through next week.

"It's important for people to understand the positive impact Social Security has on the lives of millions of Americans -- and these stories, along with the thousands of others that we collected depict that," said Jim Dean, Chair of Democracy for America. "We must protect this vital system from the destruction of privatization."

The radio ad features true stories from real Americans whose lives have been changed by Social Security. These are just two of the thousands that Democracy for America collected over the past month from activists nationwide. The ad will be complemented by a grassroots action plan among DFA Meetup groups in each city. All the stories are available at Democracy for America's website .

"Gina and Josephine" Script

(BACKGROUND MUSIC) GINA: Hi, I'm Gina. My father died tragically when I was only 7 years old -- leaving my mother to raise me, my younger sister and brother on her own. If it weren't for our monthly Social Security checks for dependent care, my family would not have made it through. Because of Social Security, my sister and I have become productive members of society. I was even able to go to college.

(MUSIC ENDS) ANNOUNCER: Tell your story and learn how you can protect Social Security from privatization, visit: democracyforamerica.com.

(BACKGROUND MUSIC) JOSEPHINE: I am Josephine, one of thirteen siblings. My father was killed in a working accident when I was about eight. My mom died too when I was 12, so my older sister took care of us all. The monthly Social Security checks helped keep our family together. We were poor, but I never knew it - we always had food on the table, clothes on our backs, and blankets to keep us warm during cold nights. Please don't let the elected Republicans take Social Security away from our children. (MUSIC ENDS)

Democracy for America, which was founded by Governor Howard Dean in March 2004, is a political action committee dedicated to building a grassroots network of socially progressive and fiscally responsible activists and candidates running for all levels of office. Through the use of grassroots tactics, coalition building strategies, activist trainings and on-line support, DFA is giving ordinary people the power to reform their own political system.

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