Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sunday Bird Blogging: O-Ba-Ma! O-Bos-Co! O-Sun-Ny!

Bosco loves his bell toy, and Obama. The rubber chicken? Not so much.

Bosco the peach-faced lovebird has endorsed Obama for President. The other day we caught him chanting O-BAMA, O-BOSCO, O-BAMA, O-BOSCO to the neighborhood avians, promoting both himself and Barack. I guess he's secretly running for some elected office in Birdville. Could it be nest inspector? Toy marshal? We may never know. The bird world is usually mum on that kind of info. I've heard they're very wary about being intercepted by the (bird on a) wire tappers.

In the video above, Bosco seems more interested in pinching the feet off the rubber chicken than in giving a few love pecks to Obama. Don't let that fool you. He thinks the rubber chicken is a McCain supporter. And he's not pleased.


Sunny the sun conure also came out publicly for Obama in the avian media today. As you can see, he was very relaxed, even sleepy, at today's press conference. Well, he HAS worked long and hard for the grassroots group Squawking Parrots for Barawk, so I guess Sunny's entitled to take just a little break on a beautifully sunny Sunday in Albuquerque. No mercy for the humans though -- every second counts! What are YOU doing today and tomorrow and Tuesday to GOTV?

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Friday, October 31, 2008

Today: LA Mayor Villaraigosa at UNM; Countdown to Change Halloween Party at Kelly's

ObamahalloweenHALLOWEEN COUNTDOWN TO CHANGE PARTY AT KELLY'S TONIGHT WITH LA MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA: Tonight (Friday), 6-9 PM: Kelly's, 3222 Central, Nob Hill. Come party with us and the Mayor of Los Angeles before you head out for Halloween night! We know you have other parties to go to, but you can come stop by ours first! Food, music, drinks!! (Stickers and temporary tattoos!!) ALL AGES! More info at Facebook.

LOS ANGELES MAYOR ANTONIO VILLARAIGOSA AT UNIVERSITY OF NEW MEXICO: Campaign for Change table in front of the UNM Student Union. TODAY (Friday) at 3 PM! PLEASE JOIN US!! Come meet one of the nation's most respected and charismatic Mayors at UNM!

Matt Haney, Youth Vote Director,, 505-553-6860. Sign up to VOLUNTEER for the last four days!

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Saturday: Mayor Villaraigosa, Sen. Bingaman, Rep. Udall GOTV for Obama


LA Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, joined by Sen. Jeff Bingaman and Rep. Tom Udall, will kick-off canvassing efforts in Santa Fe, get out the vote in Albuquerque, and encourage local residents to cast their ballots on the last day of Early Vote.

Voters can find Early Vote locations and polling places by coming into any Campaign for Change office, visiting their county clerk’s office, going to or calling 1-877-NM-CHANGE.

Saturday, November 1st:

Santa Fe Campaign For Change Office
720 St. Michaels Drive, Suite 2L

Congress Heights Park (corner of Congress and Irving)

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Tix Available Today for Santa Fe Grassroots for Obama Election Night Party

Gaye Pollitt
Gaye Pollitt, driving force behind Santa Fe Grassroots for Obama

From Santa Fe Grassroots for Obama: BUY A TICKET TODAY for our election returns watch party! After we've all finished with our final election day tasks, Grassroots Santa Fe for Obama invites all Obama volunteers and family and friends you care to invite to join our election returns watch party.

THE EVENT: The RealBurger
2239 Old Pecos Trai, adjacent to Pecos Trail Inn
Tuesday, November 4, 7:00 PM
Hot buffet & salad bar, coffee & cake, free sodas
Cash bar, Two Big Screens
Plenty of free parking, Price per person: $15.00
SPACE LIMITED to 345 guests

TICKETS ON SALE NOW: Advance Ticket Sales only -- no tickets will be sold at the door. Keep checking this blog post for new times/locations. Cash only, please. You can buy tickets at the following locations on October 29-31:

Wednesday, 10/29
Outside of SAINT MICHAELS campaign office, 10 AM-Noon
Dust In the Wind, (131 E Palace Avenue), 10 AM-6 PM
Outside the new CERRILLOS ROAD campaign field office, (next to Sage Bakery/across from Hotel Santa Fe downtown), 3:30-5:00 PM

Thursday, 10/30
Dust In the Wind, (131 E Palace Avenue), 10 AM-6 PM
The RealBurger, (2239 Old Pecos Trail), 5:30-7:00 PM
Outside the ZAFARANO campaign office, 3:30-5 PM
Outside the new CERRILLOS ROAD campaign canvassing office, (next to Sage Bakery/across from Hotel Santa Fe downtown), 3:30-5:00 PM

Friday, 10/31
Outside of SAINT MICHAELS campaign office, 10 AM-Noon
Dust In the Wind, (131 E Palace Avenue), 10 AM-6 PM
The RealBurger, (2239 Old Pecos Trail), 5:30- 7:00 PM
Outside the new CERRILLOS ROAD campaign canvassing office, (next to Sage Bakery/across from Hotel Santa Fe), 3:30-5:00 PM

Note: Santa Fe for Obama has a Flickr account with lots of excellent photos from events in Santa Fe and elsewhere. The photo at top is credited to the group.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

10/29: Lt. Gov. Denish to Host Las Cruces Early Vote Rally & BBQ

Denish interviewed by KOB radio at Saturday's Obama rally

On Wednesday, October 29, Lt. Governor Diane Denish will host an Early Vote rally and barbeque at Johnson Park at 200 E. Picacho Avenue in Las Cruces from Noon to 1:00 PM. She will talk to supporters about Barack Obama's plan to strengthen the economy and support New Mexican families. She will also stress the importance of this year's election and encourage voters to take their lunch hour to vote early.

New Mexicans can take part in Early Vote now through this Saturday, November 1, at county clerk offices and satellite locations throughout the state. Voters can request to Vote By Mail from now until October 30th. New Mexicans can fill out a Vote By Mail application request or find their local Early Vote locations and hours by coming into any Campaign for Change office across the state, by visiting their county clerk's office or by visiting

Photo by M.E. Broderick.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

10/29: Women for Change Rally, National Hispanic Cultural Center

Lt. Gov. Diane Denish invites you to
WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 29, 2008, 5:30–7:00 PM
SALON ORTEGA, 1701 N. 4th St SW, ABQ
former New Mexico Attorney General
former New Mexico Secretary of Health
wife of Congressional candidate Martin Heinrich
Refreshments will be served

SPONSORS: Kathy Duffy, President, Democratic Women of New Mexico; Democratic Women of Bernalillo County; Democratic Party of Bernalillo County; Democratic Women of Sandoval County; Patricia L. Chavez, PLC Enterprises; Fast Signs on the Two; Janice Lucero-MVD; Kacey DeNoi; Pamelya Herndon; Nili Lange.

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Nili Lange 292-7365, Ana Canales 515-9662 or Patricia Chavez 275-7261.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

First Peek: Obama at Johnson Field in Albuquerque, Crowd of 45,000+


Click on photos for larger images

Our videos and photos from Saturday night's Barack Obama rally at Johnson Field at the University of New Mexico are still uploading, but I thought I'd post a few before I give in to fatigue. And you can check out more yourself at our Flickr album and our YouTube channel


It was a mind-boggling and electric rally, with every inch of the field packed with people -- from the podium on the West to the dorms near Girard on the East, and widening out North and South to the limits. According to the fire marshal, there were 35,000 people inside the fences and another 10,000-15,000 or so pressed up against some of the outer barricades (though some were toppled) and extending out to the streets. Literally, a sea of people in the high desert, to see Obama, and be with on another.

McCain: No maverick, a sidekick to Bush

Happy faces were everywhere, and they were of many hues, shapes, ages, orientations and ethnicities. All united for the cause of change and the leader who is promising to work for it, and for us. People were jazzed. People were "cautiously optimistic." People were exhilarated with the whisper, the hint of many victories in the air.


There were painted faces, stickers on the backs of bald heads, button-filled shirts and all kinds of signs everywhere. There was chanting and cheering and clapping. I have to say it -- there was hope in the air and on the faces and in the eyes of the old ones and the young ones and the ones in between.

Gov. Richardson pumps up the crowd

We heard encouraging words from Ben Lujan, Sr., Sen. Jeff Bingaman, Martin Heinrich, Tom Udall, Lt. Gov. Diane Denish and Gov. Bill Richardson. We got laughter and lightness from comedian George Lopez. We didn't get any mariachis, but I wish we had.


Everyone we heard and everyone we talked to in the crowd had one thing, above all, to say: don't stop working now -- work harder! We want and need to create a Democratic tsunami, a landslide, an unassailable margin of victory in every race up and down the ticket. Don't. Hold. Back.


And then it was time for Barack Obama -- all lanky and confident and hooked into the crowd and urging us to bring it on home, together. Bring it on home, together. O-BA-MA! Yes We Can! Si, Se Puede! Now, now, now is our time, at last. It's coming. It's near. It's only 10 days away. Vote early. Knock on doors. Make phone calls. Drag friends and family to the polling place. Use every ounce of energy to make it happen, to make sure it's big, to topple the old and bring in the new, to make a start fresh and full of positivity. To win.


Afterwards, the massive crowd spilled out onto Central, high and proud and zinging. Car horns beeping all up and down the street. People whooshing Obama signs all up and down the street. Cheering and smiling and waving and laughing and a zooming kind of energy like we'd just won the World Series, or the Super Bowl or it was midnight on New Year's Eve.

Central Avenue meep meep

And we were together in our revelry and ready to celebrate our way to the new time, the better time, the challenging but satisfying time to come. I mean it. It was over the top in the very best way, and there was joy and freedom careening down Central on a very special Saturday night at a very critical time in America. And we got to be a part of it. And we loved it.

P.S. Also see local blogs NM FBIHOP, the New Mexico Independent and this post at Lopsided Mom for more takes on the rally. The UNM Daily Lobo has a nice report with audio interviews and a slide show. There are also some good diaries on Daily Kos about the huge event here and here.

Oh, and look at this -- 100,000 at Obama's rally in Denver today!

Photos and videos by M.E. Broderick.

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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Countdown to Barack: Johnson Field, 2:00 PM Today

Mary Ellen checked out the scene at Johnson Field at about 2:00 PM today. The gates open at 7:00 PM tonight for the Barack Obama rally. Here's what it looked like before the masses descend:

The line

The front of the line

Traveling media tent and speakers hanging from mini-crane

Photos by M.E. Broderick. Click on images for larger versions. See all our political photos at Flickr.

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Tuesday: Michelle Obama Hosts Early Vote Rally in Las Vegas, NM

From the Campaign for Change: This Tuesday, October 28th, please join Michelle Obama in Las Vegas, where she will talk about Barack's vision for creating the kind of change we need.

Early Vote for Change Rally with Michelle Obama
Historic Old Town Plaza, Plaza Street, Las Vegas NM
Tuesday, October 28th
Doors Open: 11:00 AM, Program Begins: 12:15 PM

This event is free and open to the public. Tickets are not required; however, an RSVP is strongly encouraged. For security reasons do not bring bags or umbrellas. Please limit personal items. No signs or banners allowed.

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Helpful Maps, Info for Tonight's Johnson Field Obama Event; McCain Crowd Small at Spanish Village This Morning

Parking for the rally will be available to the public in lots M (near UNM Golf Course and the Law School), Q (near UNM Children's Campus) and T (southwest corner of Lomas and University), as well as at University Stadium. No shuttles will be available. Here's a UNM Parking Map.

We all know it -- it's gonna be a madhouse at Johnson Field in Albuquerque tonight for Barack Obama's rally. Mary Ellen stopped by the site today and said there were already about a hundred people lined up at 2:00 PM for an event where the gates don't open until 7:00 PM. My gut feeling is that more people will show up than can possibly fit on the huge field. I've heard people are coming from outside Albuquerque for the event, some from hundreds of miles away, with many bringing their kids for what they view as an historic event -- and perhaps the last chance to see the future President of the United States in person.

We don't know if Obama will win the election yet, but many people have a strong feeling he's on the road to victory, including me. We can't get complacent or overly optimistic, but it sure feels like the tide is finally turning our way, doesn't it?

So NM-01's Martin Heinrich will be speaking tonight, to the largest crowd he'll ever face as a Congressional candidate. Gov. Bill Richardson is also set to speak. Comedian George Lopez will entertain the crowd. I wouldn't be surprised to see Mayor Marty Chavez on the podium, as well as other candidates and office holders. If we don't have a mariachi band, I'll be shocked. Expect to hear some Stevie Wonder tunes on the PA. Expect to be wowed by everything, but especially by Obama's electrifying speech.

Today's McCain Crowd "Embarassingly Small" And the visit to the Spanish Village at Expo NM in Albuquerque this morning by Obama's rival in the presidential race? According to What's the Word with Peter St. Cyr, there was an embarrassingly small turnout, but McCain's campaign people didn't admit just how small. Only about 800 people showed up, according to Peter's Twitters, while McCain's people were claiming they gave away 3,500 tickets and that 1,500 were on hand.

Check Back Later
Mary Ellen and I will be in the press area tonight, and I know Matt of NM FBIHOP and Peter St. Cyr will be there too. Look for posts, photos, audio and video either late tonight or tomorrow morning, depending on how long it takes to get outta there. If we're lucky, we might even get some wi-fi access to shoot you some info from on the scene, although last time out in Espanola, only the traveling press had it.

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Scot Key Guest Blog: Tonight's Obama Shindig Isn't Just About Lousy Parking

This is a guest blog by Scot Key, who writes at local blog Burque Babble.

  • Obama in Albuquerque: Gates open at 7 p.m. for Barack Obama's rally at the University of New Mexico's Johnson Field. Tickets are not required, but an online RSVP at is "strongly encouraged" by the campaign. Comedian George Lopez and Gov. Bill Richardson will start things off.

  • Parking for the Obama rally tonight might be difficult, in part because of a symphony concert at nearby Popejoy Hall. UNM is urging Obama rally attendees to park in its T, M and Q lots or at University Stadium — though it is not offering shuttle service. The Obama campaign urged rally-goers to carpool or use public transportation.
    "McCain, Obama Focus on N.M.", Jeff Jones, Albuquerque Journal, 10/25/08

This certainly may be a case of faulty objectivity on my part, but given the wildly huge numbers forecasted for tonight's Obama shindig at UNM, don't you think the Journal is slightly underplaying this event? Outside of the above, and another brief mention of how much parking is going to suck for the blue hairs going to the Popejoy show tonight, that's it.

  • We're talking thousands and thousands of people, folks.
  • We're talking most probably at least two typical Lobo football crowds of folks engulfing the SE corner of the UNM campus.
  • We're talking George Lopez.
  • We're talking sizable numbers of folks milling up Central throughout Nob Hill.
  • We're talking about the outdoor seating at Kelly's being assimilated into the huge circle emanating from Johnson Field.
  • We're talking folks trying to decide whether to park at Marquette and Carlisle, or Silver and University.
  • We're talking about UNM parking lot Q, R and Z, and we have no idea what the Hell "parking lot Q" means.
  • We're talking Bill Richardson, even though nobody really cares about Bill Richardson at this point.
  • We're talking Saturday night at the cultural epicenter of our little town as the site of a combined Mardi Gras, Halloween carving party, political rally and mega-State Fair gone ballistic, people watching freak show.
  • And we're talking Obama, Barack Obama, who not only looks like the next President of the United States, but better bring his Franklin Delano Roosevelt A-Game from Day One starting January 20th or we're gonna be in even worse shape that the crazy bad condition our current condition is in.

We're talking about the Albuquerque version of a frickin' coronation here, and the above is all the Journal has to say about it?

Objectivity or no, tonight's show has to be about more than crappy parking.

P.S.: Hope to see some of you there (even me, anti-social dude, has about 457 different friends/acquaintances I'm scheduled to run into). Let's treat it as the first in a series of ecstatically happy Bush Administration, New Orleans Jazz Funeral shindigs. I'll bring the big bass drum, you bring an umbrella.

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Friday, October 24, 2008

10/24: Baracktoberfest! Yes We Carve! at North Valley Field Office (Or Carve Your Own)


From the Campaign for Change:
Baracktoberfest! Yes We Carve! (Early Voting Event) 
Join us at the North Valley Field Office this Friday night, October 24, from 6-9:00 PM to carve Barack O'Lanterns and drink the cider! Amidst the revelry and spiced autumn fun, we'll be traveling in groups to vote at the early voting site nearby. Bring your friends and don't miss out on this first annual Baracktoberfest. The North Valley Field Office is located at 6344 4th St NW, in Albuquerque, two blocks south of Osuna on 4th. RSVP here.

Acrawford For those who can't attend and/or who'd like to carve their own pumpkins, check out The site has Barack O'Lantern stencils to download, a contest where you can win an iPod Nano, photos of cool punkins and more. You can also organize a pumpkin carving event of your own at their Bring Your Own Pumpkin page. The Squashacity Of Hope!

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