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Friday, August 29, 2008

Tonight: Volunteer Kickoff for Jason Marks for PRC

Jason's new TV ad for general election

I meant to get this up earlier, but Denver got in the way. It's essential that we support Jason Mark's campaign for re-election to the PRC. He's qualiflied for public funding in this race so he doesn't need our monetary donations, but he needs as many volunteers as possible for voter outreach. Jason is up against Repub Tim Cummins this time -- and Cummins is backed by all the wrong people. If we want to keep Jason's ethical voice on the PRC, we need to get involved now:

You are invited to show your support for Jason Marks as he runs for Re-Election for the Public Regulation Commission District 1:

A Great Opportunity to Hear and See
"Your Consumer Watchdog!"
Public Regulation Commission, District 1

Volunteer Kick-Off
Join Jason Marks for refreshments after work!
Friday, August 29th at 5:30 - 7:30 PM
Home of Jason & Maxine Marks
4916 El Aguila Pl NW
(Near Wal-Mart shopping center, Coors & Ouray)

RSVP to antonio@jasonmarks.com or by calling 280-3223

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I hope DFNM will also highlight the race between Rick Lass and Jerome Block for District 3 commissioner.

Rick Lass is a Green who has been endorsed by many prominent Democrats, and is a positive, talented and absolutely viable candidate.
His opponent is a Democrat, yes, but he has no platform and seems to be relying on paternalism and straight party ticket voting to get ahead.
Will we have a repeat of an unknown candidate getting into a position of responsibility at the PRC by thumbing their nose at the democratic process of campaigning, answering questions, putting forth their views, debating issues?
You CAN vote straight party ticket and then go down and register your vote for Rick Lass -it's allowable and the best thing for our energy and insurance matters!

Posted by: Michal | Sep 10, 2008 5:34:06 PM

In the past 10 days DFNM has given Sarah Palin more free publicity than it has spent in reporting on this very important PRC election.
The PRC commissioners wield a certain level of responsibility.
Do Dems really feel they can trust this office to a second person who smacks democracy right in the face by refusing to answer questions as to their platform, campaign in public, debate their opponent?
Please! With your propensity to vote straight party ticket without realizing you can vote for another candidate below, we can forsee an entire PRC made up of candidates who have kept secret their reasons and influences for wanting this important and well rewarded office!

Posted by: Michal | Sep 20, 2008 11:49:29 PM

If you feel that way why not write a guest blog and email it to Barb? She can't cover everything.

Posted by: Old Dem | Sep 21, 2008 8:16:15 AM